By Frosty Wooldridge

My friend, Zeb Bell, who hosts a weekly radio show about America’s dilemma as well as writes a daily column “Zeb at the Ranch”, , spoke about how stupid President Biden and Congress prove themselves.

Zeb Bell wrote, “There is a saying, “You can’t fix stupid”, and “We the People” of the United States are realizing how true that is with the Biden Administration. “You can’t fix stupid” by increasing severely high taxes on the wealthy or by condemning or lessening corporate business. Why?…DAH! The wealthy and corporations will leave our shores and create job opportunities and wealth-generation elsewhere! “You can’t fix stupid” by demanding and insulting Americans to get Covid vaccinations when an impious government allows 1000’s of illegal aliens to flood through our borders nightly and endanger our families because of non-vaccination. “You can’t fix stupid” when you have “leadership” say that by passing trillions of dollars of new debt – they can play God and control the thermostat and weather around the world! “You can’t fix stupid” when police give tickets to grocery store shoppers for NOT wearing masks, BUT, they allow worthless criminals to shoplift without any punishment!! Beyond any reasonable doubt…Joe Biden and his band of “sluggish dolts” are the reason for this saying “You can’t fix stupid”. I hope and pray that we can weather his storm of incompetency and still remain the greatest Country in the world…its gonna’ be tough!  Old sayings become old sayings from generation to generation because of their truthfulness and with this President “You can’t fix stupid.”

Joe Biden Proves Himself Either One Dumb President or Simply and Totally Out Of Touch With Reality

In the past nine months, over 1.4 million illegal refugees violated our borders and now reside in our country at a cost of upwards of $65 million per month of our taxpayer dollars. That’s on top of the 1,000,000 legal immigrants that entered our country this year. That’s on top of the 300,000 anchor babies and their mothers that subsist on our tax dollars.

Right now, in Del Rio, Texas, 14,000 illegal migrants have set up camp in our country in their desperate surge to escape their own countries’ poverty, misery, disease and overpopulation.  Distressingly, Biden allows them into our country, in fact, invited them into our country—without requirement for Covid 19 vaccinations, identity, skills, or terrorist ties.  And, he’s flying them to any city in America where Catholic and Lutheran Charities choose.  You don’t get a choice!  You get the illegal migrants whether you like it or not. They and their children will invade your schools and communities.

And now, thousands of Haitians clobber our shores with their endless line of children, illiteracy and poverty.  There’s no escaping what’s coming.  Whether it’s an Afghanistan terrorist or an anchor baby mother or drug dealer infecting your kids, you PAY, and PAY, and PAY.

Hear this: there is NO end of the line of refugees streaming into America. There is NO solving their dilemma. There is no way to cure anything for them.  But we will soon become victims of cultural decay, mass illiteracy—that will create endless ghettoes in America from which there is no escape.  What they fled; they will recreate in America. It’s that simply and THAT ugly.

Why Nothing We Do Will Save The World’s Refugees

How many refugees are in the world in 2021?

“Refugees in the world: 82.4 million forcibly displaced people worldwide in 2021: 26.4 million refugees, 48 million internally displaced, 4.1 million asylum seekers, 3.9 million Venezuelans. Finally, 83 million new babies born into the world, net gain, annually.” (Source:

Africa houses millions of people in refugee camps that are filthy, putrid, no sanitation, no food, no clean water, and no end of women either pregnant or holding babies on their hips.  Africa houses 1.4 billion people in 2021. The United Nations predicts that Africa will reach 2.1 billion people by 2050—a scant 29 years from now.

Each year the third world adds 83 million babies, net gain, that it cannot feed or sustain, year after year after year.  Yes, they starve, suffer and live in abject misery.

Question for you dear fellow American: can we save the world by importing 20 million a year?  How about 50 million? What about 100 million, ANNUALLY?

Would you agree that we stand desperately in DEEP trouble?  How about up to our eyeballs in turmoil with a man like Biden and/or the incompetents who talked him into open borders.

If this invasion continues, (Article IV, Section 4 of the US Constitution defines this incursion as an invasion.), how much longer do you think we will last?  I suggest you watch the videos below to show you graphically what I am writing about in this column. It’s your future and your children who will be existing in a living nightmare. Can we change it?  Yes, but it will require your actions to make an enormous public outcry to your senators, House members and the president…along with all the media outlets like CNN, FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, NPR and PBS. Engage all your networks on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. I cannot do it by myself.  I need your help.  If you remain silent, your kids don’t stand a chance in the coming years.

Is anyone in America thinking about these questions?  Are we not galloping into America’s twilight years?

If you would like a free electronic copy of this book, please email me with your email address and I will send it to you.  Every American with children or any American who will live in this country in 2050, needs to understand what they face.

Published March 2021: America’s Overpopulation Predicament: Blindsiding Future Generations by Frosty Wooldridge, available on Amazon, and/or phone 1 888 519 5121.

As to what these videos report, do you want your children to face this kind of a future?  If you don’t, it’s time to speak up across this great country of ours.

This video graphically and dramatically illustrates America’s immigration-population crisis as well as the world’s. I wrote it and narrated it. Tim Walters of Cleveland, Ohio directed and produced. Please forward it to all your friends, networks and beyond. Place it on FB, Twitter, Linkedin, Parler, Tick-Tok, Curiosity, and more.  Just click the link below to see the video.

Immigration, Overpopulation, Resources, Civilization by Frosty Wooldridge

This video will scare the daylights out of every American as to what’s coming to our country, US Citizenship Act 2021 by Joe Biden.

Share these videos all over America:

“In a five minute astoundingly simple yet brilliant video, Immigration, Poverty, and Gum Balls”, Roy Beck, director of www.numbersusa.ORG, graphically illustrates the impact of overpopulation.  Take five minutes to see for yourself:

Immigration by the numbers—off the chart” by Roy Beck

This 10-minute demonstration shows Americans the results of unending mass immigration on the quality of life and sustainability for future generations: in a few words, “Mind boggling!”

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