It was the year 1969 when a great American story in the form of Andrea Hawes began. She grew up in rural Thomson, GA firmly ensconced in a nurturing environment. She was born to teenage sweethearts Annette Lee and Vietnam veteran Joe Nathan Hawes. Thanks to the unfaltering mercy and love of God and the devotion of both her mother and grandparents, little Andrea blossomed into a vivacious teenager full of high expectations, an inquisitive nature and high intelligence and an abundance of wisdom.

There is a Biblical scripture that reads: the wise will hear and increase their learning, and the person of understanding will acquire wise counsel and the skill to steer his course wisely and lead others to the truth. In so many ways that describes the life and times of Andrea Hawes. From her early childhood, Andrea was blessed to have a mom who gave her a bedrock Biblical foundation. It proved to be a stabilizing rudder through her adventurous years of traveling throughout America and the world as a rock musician. I can assure you as one who used to be a huge fan of rock that, Andrea’s skills as a writer and performer are superb. Two of my favorite selections from her Midnight Ritual CD are Come Inside and Believe in Me.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the story of Andrea Hawes is about her transformation from free- wheeling young rocker princess who demonstrated for abortion or as she dubs it “murdering babies, into a patriotic happy warrior against the massive progressive onslaught against America. Ms. Hawes is now a fully armed walking, talking, writing war machine against the ravages of the 1960s inspired cultural war against our republic that has destabilized everything from the family to even some Christian denominations.

Her sterling book, Generation X! Millennials! Run! Escape from Aquarius accurately chronicles the devastating effects of promoting drugs, sex and rock and roll over God, family and country. A major turning point in Andrea’s life occurred on the bright sunny morning of September 11th 2001. On that fateful day, she was on her way to work in lower Manhattan in New York City when Saudi Arabian pilots were slamming jets into the twin towers of the world trade center.

In her most worthy book, Ms. Hawes pointed out how a relative she contacted concerning the tragedy expressed a bit of gladness over the gruesome attacks. Because of that and numerous other events, eventually Andrea came to the realization that the thinking processes of many Americans had been ruined. One of the main culprits was the free love hippie generation of the age of Aquarius, death to America and no common sense.

I personally regard Andrea Hawes’s book “Escape from Aquarius” a high quality informative read. Not only for Generation X and Millennials, but for all Americans. You can simply go to #Amazon for your copy. I have already read it twice and will be referring to Escape from Aquarius for some time to come. In ten chapters are the formulas for success in overcoming the scourge of the 1960s-cultural revelation or debacle. To put it bluntly, “Escape from Aquarius” is a blue print on how to pinpoint societal problems and a way to overcome them as well.

Most definitely, the Biblical scripture instructing parents to train up a child in the way that he should go and he will surely not depart is exhibited in the exiting life of Andrea. It was the Biblical teachings of her mom and the commonsense encouragement of her grandfather that were the anchors that prevented her from permanently going adrift during a time of involvement in the chaos of the leftist cultural revolution. In fact, those earlier teaching are the primary influences in her life to this very day.

Andrea Hawes easily deconstructs the evil designs of those who are hell bent on destroying America morally, mentally and spiritually. In her Book “Escape from Aquarius” and during her popular weekly talk show on Saturdays at 2:00 to 5:00 PM EST by the grace of God, she single handedly rescues the minds of those who have been misled in government schools and by progressive leaning entertainers. Andrea Hawes’s unique approach is not only informative, concise and engaging but her brand of witty humor will have you laughing at the utter failing folly of those on the leftist wrong side of history.

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