Since 1973 the United States of America has allowed the legal murder of probably well over 90 million unborn babies.  Most reports estimate between 56 to 70 million American deaths due to abortion.  But when states like New York and California that do not report their abortion totals are factored in, I would venture to say that it is closer to 90 to 100 million unborn babies that have been murdered.  What a horrible stain on the republic that was founded upon the worthy principles of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  I believe the Founding Fathers (including the more liberal Alexander Hamilton) would be appalled and up in arms over the societal practice of murdering members of our own American population, who have done no harm.

I can only imagine how many unborn babies were abruptly wiped out through forced abortions in China.  My guess is one billion or more over many decades.  One thing that rings true is that one thing either leads to or opens the door to another.  I believe the attitude or spirit of death has become a big influence in society.  That is a direct result of the legalization of murdering unborn babies, which contributed to the growing disregard toward the blessing of life.

Once people get used to something they often transition to or add on more drastic and in some cases more insidious activities.  In the case of children being legally murdered throughout America and far beyond it is truly going downhill.  It was recently revealed that three children were murdered by their parents due to illness in the nation of Belgium.   In 2014, Belgium King Phillippe signed a bill into law that allows children to be euthanized.   I remember the mild international groaning about that horrible decision.  The American Academy of Pediatrics correctly claimed that the bill would make children “expendable”.

“Children could be legally euthanized if they were in great pain” a subjective notion to stake someone’s life on and if there was no treatment.  Even more hideous is that children in Belgium do not have to be terminally ill to be killed.  To add even more insult to injury, the bill to kill children was vigorously supported by Belgium politicians because children were already being murdered legally.  What a sick slippery slope for a society to embark upon.

Since the deviant decision to allow Belgian children to be euthanized three children have been killed.  In 2016 the first child was murdered for suffering from an undisclosed “incurable illness”.  Two more were terminated in 2017.  Their ages and description of their illness have been withheld.  A further illustration of the slippery slope reveals that in addition to euthanizing children, deaths from assisted suicide have risen steadily each year since its legalization 16 years ago.

According to Live action reporter Cassy Fiano-Chesser the number of euthanasia cases has nearly doubled over the last four years, from 232 to 444.  According to Belgian law, people who undergo euthanasia must either be terminally ill or in “unbearable” pain, which is very, very subjective.  It is the subjective criterion that allows abuse to run rampant.  People have been euthanized for blindness, anorexia, for suffering from depression, even for being transgender.  Those abuses are rarely prosecuted.

The chairman of Belgium’s Federal Control and Evaluation Committee on Euthanasia is none other than Wim Distelmans.  He is a notorious Belgian doctor who will seemingly euthanize anyone, anytime, for any reason.  Distelmans is the doctor who euthanized twin brothers who were going blind.  As if Distelman’s glorification of death wasn’t horrible enough, he also took a tour of about 70 people to Auschwitz, the demonic Nazi camp, for an instructional tour on euthanasia.  Distelmans called “inspiring”, and the concentration camp was said to be the perfect place to reflect on what “death with dignity” means.

One thing for sure, the darkness that is abortion is a door opener to the slippery slope downward into greater depths of death, tyranny and injustice for all.  “We the People” must slam the brakes on this evil before it leads to an end to our great republic as we should know her to be.  Thus, abortion must be aborted to stop the slippery slope in our own republic.  May God bless America with Providential guidance and wisdom and may America take advantage of both before it is too late.  You can also be blessed via The Ron Edwards Experience talk show Fridays at 1:00 PM PT, 2:00 PM MT 3:00 PM CT and 4:00 PM ET on KCKQ AM 1180 Reno, Nv. and everywhere else on, SHRmedia and Sundays at 12:00 AM CT on TalkAmericaRadio. Also, The Edwards Notebook radio commentary Blows away the Myths and reveals the Truth during the growing Captain’s America Third Watch talk show weekends nationwide on 80 radio stations emanating from flagship station WGUL AM 860 The Answer and

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