Nothing has done more damage to America, and continues to do harm, than what we laughingly call our public education system.

A reader sent me a little book that has alarmed me: “Sex, School, and Politics: The Building of the ‘Village’ in the Name of the Children” by Donna Hearn, published in 1997 by the Constitutional Coalition, St. Louis. Mrs. Hearn was an official of the U.S. Dept. of Education under President Reagan; and what I learned from her book is that the problem is even worse than I ever dared to think.

Let me focus in on just one incident discussed in the book. It was a proposal presented at the 1997 National Governors Assn. Winter Meeting. Like all such schemes by “educators,” it was based on the premise that there is “no adequate parenting” in America and that all of society must be totally remodeled by self-anointed Experts.

The speaker was not a governor but a Hollywood movie director, Rob Reiner, best known for his portrayal of “Meat-Head” in “All in the Family.” Reiner’s still kicking around, currently inhabiting a dream world in which liberals undo Donald Trump’s election and install Hillary Clinton as president. But in 1997 he had an even bigger dream.

What this country needs, he told the governors, was Expert intervention, from birth to the age of three, in the life of every single American, along with “supervision” of every family by other Experts, to ensure that each child receives only the kind of care that will guarantee proper “development.” Reiner predicted that once Americans see what a great plan this is, they’ll clamor for it. “They are going to ask for it,” he said. “And then, we as policy makers—“ We? Who made him a policy maker?—“can say okay… these are the programs we can lay out for you… I think there will be eventually a critical mass. It is just a matter of time.”

Yessiree, they’re gonna take charge of every child’s brain, and every family. Chimed in the governor of Nevada, “[W]e can create consistent, predictable, nurturing, structured experiences that build in a healthy foundation or we can have inconsistent, unpredictable, chaotic, and terrifying experiences—“ these used to be called Life—“which build in a disorganized non apathetic brain.”

Reiner then played, if you’ll pardon the expression, his trump card. A Scientist. An Expert. The Scientist trotted out two brains, one of a criminal and one of a healthy individual. I am sure I saw this, the last time I watched “Young Frankenstein.” Anyhow, with all this Expert intervention, we were going to get a full crop of beautiful healthy brains, not these crummy brains with cracks in them—ugh! It must have been sort of like a 1950s TV commercial for mouthwash, “You can see the difference between our brand and Brand X!”

The vastness of the bureaucracy that would have to be created for such an undertaking, and the vastness of the cost, quite take one’s breath away. Which is probably why this howler never got off the ground.

That was twenty years ago: just a little glimpse of the chain our betters imagined themselves forging for us. As Marley’s ghost might say, “And you have labored on it ever since. It is a ponderous chain!” Since then we’ve been hit with “gender coaches” for our kids in kindergarten, extra credit to our college students for taking part in riots, “comprehensive sex education,” and a host of other innovations whose inanity is only matched by their inherent wickedness.

If you’ve already read R.J. Rushdoony’s “The Messianic Character of American Education”, in which the creators and developers of public education testify against themselves in their own words, you already know what they’ve always been shooting for: a docile, totally indoctrinated public, easily managed by the Experts, with unfettered sex thrown in as an opiate. The vision is statist to the core. It always has been, always will be. I don’t like to imagine the field day these people would be having, had Hillary Clinton been elected president.

Until such time as our country’s education system can be scrapped and then rebuilt from scratch according to Christian moral principles and American tradition, it’s very hard to justify leaving any of our children stranded in it.

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