By Servando Gonzalez

February 16, 2022

Part One: Communism in America

Currently, warmongers of both factions of the Repucratic Party are doing what they do best: pushing for another war. Actually, they have strong reasons for. Despite the strong support they gave to terrorists worldwide, the World on Terror did not end with a bang, but with a whimper, because the would-be terrorists did not terrorize enough.

Currently, its substitute, the War on the Virus, frantically waged against viruses nobody has seen, isolated, much less proven their existence, is losing steam. Surprisingly, a group of Canadian truckers is coming to rescue us from totalitarianism in the Land of the Free, the Home of the Brave. This explains why both Repucrats and the globalist conspirators who control and bankroll them are very nervous and doing their best to push us into another war to keep us terrorized.

But this time, believe it or not, these madmen are seemingly toying with the idea of starting the ultimate war, a nuclear war. Perhaps they see it as the right tool to reach their goal of killing no less than 85 percent of the population on this planet.

And, surprise! Apparently some “conservative” Republicans love Communism so much that they want to restore it in Russia —which some of them are still calling the Soviet Union. This explains why these anti-Russia “conservative” Republicans such as Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Ben Shapiro and Glenn Beck, just to mention the most notorious, are calling real American patriots such as Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham and Steve Bannon, traitors, allegedly because they are soft on Putin and Communism. But this is a typical case of the pot calling the kettle black, because since the beginning of the past century the United States of America has been a full-fledged Communist country, and none of the dyed-in-the-wool “conservative” Republicans has fought against it.

Yes, you read that right, Communism is as American as Apple Pie and, if you still ignore this easily verifiable fact, it is because you are either a brainwashed sheep or don’t know what Communism is all about.

In The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx wrote that in order to call a country Communist it must have certain characteristics. Cardinal among these are a central bank owned by international bankers, a heavy progressive or graduated income tax designed so the very rich pay no taxes, a state-controlled system of public education whose true role is brainwashing students about he marvels of Communism and other nasty things. All these measures were implemented a long time ago in this country, and currently the globalist conspirators who control this country are working hard on implementing the rest of the measures Communist love: abolition of religion, abolition of the family as a basic social unit and elimination of private property.[1]

Moreover, contrary to the most extended belief, Communism is actually the creation of demented leftists, but of the most reactionary right. It is actually a false flag operation concocted by international bankers and oil magnates to better exploit the working masses.

Moses Mordecai Marx Levy, a.k.a. Karl Marx, published his Communist Manifesto in 1848. But the Manifesto borrowed so heavily from Clinton Roosevelt’s book The Science of Government Founded on Natural Law, published in 1841, which Marx found at the Reading Room of the British Museum, that it was close to a plagiarism. Dr. Emanuel M. Josephson, one of the few authors who has studied the subject in detail, titled his book on Clinton Roosevelt Roosevelt’s Communist Manifesto.[2] Josephson was absolutely right. Both Roosevelt’s Science and Marx’s Manifesto agree on the prerequisites for the implementation of the new communist society.

According to some sources, the Communist League in London commissioned Marx to write the Communist Manifesto. The League, formerly known as the League of the Just (or the League of Just Men), was an offshoot of the Parisian Outlaws League (which evolved from the Jacobin movement). The League was made up of rich and powerful men from different countries that had conspired to create much of the turmoil that engulfed Europe in 1848 —very similar to the turmoil we are experiencing these days created by the globalist conspirators.

It seems, however, that it was not by chance that Marx found Roosevelt’s book. In 1849, both Clinton Roosevelt and Horace Greeley, owner of the New York Tribune, the country’s first national newspaper, provided funds for the Communist League in London to pay for the publication of Marx’s Communist Manifesto. Moreover, Greeley put Marx on his newspapers’ payroll.

The fact that Communism is actually the creation of international bankers explains why the Rockefellers were always in love with Stalin, Mao, Castro and every other communist and fascist dictator in the world. It may also explain why Obama and now Biden are pushing America in the way of communo-fascism with the support of Wall Street bankers and mega corporations.

But only brainwashed Americans who still see the present situation as a political battle between conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats have a reason to be surprised, because there is nothing to be surprised about. Obama and Biden are just the logical culmination of a process that began a long time ago, in the early 1900s. Its secret goal was turning the American Republic, and eventually the world, into a communo-fascist totalitarian dictatorship under the control of a few international bankers. This new global dictatorship is what the conspirators euphemistically call the New World Order.

If some Americans are concerned because Biden and the “progressive” liberals are going the communist way, it is because they have been brainwashed in the public schools to believe they live in a Democracy under a capitalist economic system. The reality, however, it is quite different. Actually, the United States of America has been a communist country since 1913, when “Colonel” Edward Mandell House, following ideas taken from Roosevelt’s Science of Government and Marx’s Communist Manifesto ordered his puppet Woodrow Wilson to create the Federal Reserve System and the Internal Revenue System (originally named the Bureau of Internal Revenue).

Another premise Marx mentioned for the creation of a Communist state is the creation of a system of public schools to better brainwash the new generation. Well, as early as 1902, John D. Rockefeller and other conspirators created the General Education Board as a precursor of the Department of Education.

Once they got control over the Department of Education, the globalist conspirators began using it to brainwash students into accepting their globalist agenda. In 1945 “educator” John Dewey, founder of the Progressive Education Association, called for the establishment of a “genuine world order,” in which national sovereignty would be subordinate to world authority. In 1976 the Rockefeller-controlled and financed National Education Association (NEA), published a program entitled, “A Declaration of Interdependence: Education for a Global Community.” The document states NEA’s educational plan for the world:

“We are committed to the idea of Education for Global Community. You are invited to help turn the commitment into action by mobilizing world education for development of a world commitment into action by mobilizing world education.”

This excellent brainwashing job disingenuously called “public education” has been carried out for many long years by our Communist system of government education. The excellent results are obvious for everybody to see: American childrens are in the lowest levels in reading, history, geography and math. This explains why teachers get salary increases almost every year.

Granted, I’m not sure if Vladimir Putin is as honest and pure as most of our American politicians, big business leaders and high rank military officers. What is evident is that, contrary to our leaders, Putin does not hate his country, he seemingly is a devoted Christian and, even more important, he doesn’t want Russia to become part of the globalist conspirator’s beloved New World Order. That’s the true reason why the globalist conspirators hate him so much.

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  1. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, The Communist Manifesto (New York: Penguin, 1983), pp. 104-105. According to some sources, Marx was not only a plagiarist, but also a Satanist. See Richmond Wurmbrand, Was Karl Marx a Satanist? (Glendale, CA: Diane Books, 1976). Had Marx been alive today, he would be pleased about the advance of Satanism in this former God-fearing Republic. See, Servando Gonzalez, Coronavirus for Dunces (Hayward, CA: El Gato Tuerto, 2020), pp. 99, 167.
  2. See Emmanuel Josephson, Roosevelt’s Communist Manifesto (New York: Chedney Press, 1955). Some people believe that both Clinton Roosevelt’s Science and Karl Marx’s Manifesto were plagiarized from yet an earlier eighteenth century collection of writings by Adam Weishaupt, and that Roosevelt simply picked up the torch and passed it on to Marx, but that’s another story.
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