At the risk of a bit of self-promotion I ask whether or not Christians are supposed to roll over and take it. Is simply lying down and letting evil run roughshod over us a sign of holiness? Does “turn the other cheek” mean we are never to fight back?

The Bible teaches us to die to self, but it does not teach us to be a doormat. “Dying to self” means putting the Lord, and others, first.  It does not mean yielding authority to those who hate Christ. Dying to self actually means that the fear of physical death should not prevent a Christian from standing up and fighting.  You can’t kill a dead man. Following Christ means victory over physical death.

Why do Christians have it so wrong?  Christians should be the most courageous of all people.

Many of you who regularly read my commentaries often contact me and let me know how much you enjoy my gritty Gospel. Some don’t appreciate my “tone” quite as much, but despite the criticism I am determined to awaken Christians to Paul’s admonition that “to live is Christ but to die is gain.” What in the world are Christians so afraid of?

If my email inbox is any indication many of you are sick of the non-confrontational, nicer-than-Jesus message emanating from America’s pulpits. The loyal opposition to the Devil’s stratagems seems to be neither loyal, nor oppositional. The Salt has lost his savor.

For those of you who may not be aware, I host an internet podcast five days a week. It is a live, interactive program where we are training men, and some women, to grow some hair upon their chests. Those who join the show believe that Christian testosterone is a good thing. That is something that is sorely missing from the girlie men filling most of America’s pulpits.

If you are sick of milquetoast Christianity we invite you to join our Huddle. We have been doing the show for nearly three years and listeners are being challenged to a more active Christianity. Fighting evil is not a spectator sport and we challenge the listeners to “get in the game.”

What follows is a copy of some notes that Lowell, one of our “Huddle” members, shared with us following one of last week’s shows where we discussed the role of a Christian.

Huddle Notes/Study 2018/11/29

Fact/Scripture: God made the Earth
Fact/Scripture: Man was given the Earth and everything in it.
Fact/Scripture: Man chose his woman/following Satan and retained him as counselor, not God.

Therefore Man had then become allied with Satan in his rebellion against God

Fact/Scripture: Both were cast from God’s presence.

Research Did the Nephilim became a way for fallen angels to access earth physically/easily? Research Did these hybrids become new souls to build the Satanic army?


Fact/Scripture: Jesus takes Earth back, buys it back. As a man he reclaims it for/as God & Himself!!! Given: The Holy Spirit should then inoculate us vs. demons!!!!!

Probably Not all Nephilim DNA was destroyed….Goliath? Question Do their progeny become Satan’s army as well?

My conclusion; Posit: The Great Commission is prosecuting God’s renewed title to Earth through Jesus and his Saints. We are an insurgency until His return.

Fact/Scripture: The world is ours to reclaim by Jesus’ birth, execution, and resurrection. Jesus said: Behold woman, I have made all things anew! Jesus said: It is finished!

Assert/Repeat: Man alienated the title to Satan; God became man to reclaim it. Jesus said: He owns it all again. He has legal title again.

Fact/Scripture: God gave Earth to Adam who alienated the title by following Satan. He said so: Jesus/God as a man/God had the right to reclaim the heritage as both man and maker! But: Most of man is still complicit with Satan in rebellion against God. Therefore: Satan and his allies are TRESPASSERS now. Illegal immigrants,

Fact/Scripture: Jesus commanded us to OCCUPY UNTIL I COME!!!

Intent: Keep the base of operations safe, or expand it for the total reconquest when Outcome: Christ returns leading and to lead his army of Saints IN THIS WORLD to subdue Satan and his allies physically, not just spiritually.


Scripture John 8 Know the truth and the truth will set you free

Scripture John 3:16 Jesus came not to condemn the world, but that the world would be saved.

Scripture Ephesians Full armor, salvation, righteousness, gospel/peace, faith, TRUTH.

The Word is our sword and our offensive weapon. The Truth is the suspension belt on which the offensive and defensive array is carried…. The boots of peace provide the peace in knowing we are God’s own. The boots enable us to hold our ground by digging in when pushed, or move quickly and surely over rough ground in attack.

Comment: Boots of Gospel of peace appears to be misunderstood as pacifism preaching peace. Given Paul’s Roman citizenship and knowledge of a Legionary’s panoply Paul would know the Roman’s hob nailed boots protected the feet from both spear thrusts from above and broken ground below. When pushed, Legionary’s would dig in their toes and press/lean forward. In attack, they advanced protected from stones and dropped weapons.

Fact/Scripture: RESIST the Devil and he will flee from you!

Comment: THEY ARE COLLABORATORS – Quislings, Vichy French, Tories, Copperheads.
Comment: The Saints and the areas we influence/control God also controls.
Comment: We are the beachhead. It must be expanded, secured, enlarged, and no surrendered.
Comment: The areas controlled by the unsaved, those taking counsel of Satan still control theirs.
Comment: The frontier between the two is where we come into conflict and sparks should fly.

Conclusion: The Christ is God saying I am back. I am among you. I reclaim my Kingdom. Come home. Join me and conquer. Free the world from rebellion. Pull on your boots, gear up and bring PEACE to the Earth.

Are you sick and tired of weak-kneed Christianity?  We invite you to check out “The Huddle.”  It lasts an hour.  Check out the link below.  Both audio and video are available.  Full of testosterone.  It is free.

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God is looking for a Few Good Men.   Let’s drain the wimpy Christian swamp.

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