by Lee Duigon

Are you an extremist?

Have you been “exposed to extremist content” online?

Do you know someone who’s at risk of becoming an “extremist”?

Facebook wants to know!

Facebook has been issuing “warnings” about extremists and extremism. Oh, not that they’ve bothered to define it! Where would be the fun in that? Besides which, it was only a “test.” (Sorry for all the quotation marks, but we do need them here. We are quoting pure blather.) We are not sure what it’s a test for.

Has somebody got a little list somewhere—a list of “extremists” and potential extremists? Persons who are guilty of… “hate”? Who need to be kept track of? And the very least, who need to be canceled out of social media? Who gets to see that list? Is it somebody in the government who can send goons to knock on the extremists’ doors?

Well, they have to know who doesn’t love Big Brother, don’t they? Meanwhile, I think I have a pretty good idea of whom they would consider an extremist.

Some Christian florist who doesn’t want to be involved in a “gay wedding.” For religious reasons (there’s that pesky First Amendment—but never mind).

Someone who’s opposed to open borders.

Biggited Haters who don’t want their kids taught Critical Race Theory.

Someone who thinks there really are only two genders, male and female. Imagine daring to think that! Time to set up re-education camps.

Right-to-Lifers. Don’t they know that aborting babies is the key to Women’s Health?

Persons who think the military should be more concerned about Red China than a handful of hillbillies with a pickup truck.

You get the idea: anyone who isn’t Far Left Crazy. Anyone who isn’t them. Perish the thought that any definition of “extremist” should include the Mostly Peaceful Protesters from Antifa and BLM! No, no, a thousand times no. An “extremist” is a parent who goes to a local school board meeting to object to his or her children being taught that white people are evil.

Let’s come right out and say it: This is war. Leftids want to take America down and “fundamentally transform” it into God knows what. I’m guessing a socialist hell-hole, a la Venezuela or Cuba, with themselves at the top of the pyramid, forever. The rest of us are to be enslaved.

Western leftids are the only people in the world who don’t know that socialism has never been anything but an unmitigated disaster. The few who don’t know that, don’t care.

If we don’t want that done to us, we have to stop it. No more reaching across the aisle: all we ever get for that is a double handful of trash. No more sitting at home on Election Day because The Righteous Candidate never showed up. This is war—against a ruthless enemy who must be utterly defeated. And we might start by pulling Christian children out of anti-Christian public schools. Unless, of course, you really want your kids being taught racial fear and hatred, gender fluidity, and neo-Marxism. Kill the teachers’ unions, and radical leftism dies.

We can’t ignore this anymore. For as long as the Democrat Party remains viable, America cannot be safe—because they are out to take us down.

I guess that’s what Facebook means by extremism.

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