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In the late 1990s and early 2000s, multiple states began working to implement amendments to their state Constitutions to protect the sanctity of traditional marriage, that of one man and one woman, united in holy matrimony.  I, along with many Christians were firmly on board with these measures, knowing that the foundation of a strong society DEPENDED on the natural family structure to survive and thrive… indeed “traditional” marriage was the “norm” for thousands of years.  Homosexual relationships were rare, but we could see what was coming…. though we had NO idea just how INSANE things would eventually become.

I admit, I DID think a Constitutional amendment was a bit of “overkill” at the time.  Certainly, I believed,  we would NEVER see the day when sodomite so-called “marriage” was “legalized,” much less accepted as the norm, much less celebrated and pushed like a steam-roller over all of American culture.  Certainly, I thought, there would NEVER come a day when people were not only encouraged, but FORCED, by “rule of law” to celebrate and PARTICIPATE in such an abomination.

In all, 31 states passed Constitutional amendments, securing, (we thought), traditional one-man/one-woman marriage.  Wisconsin was one of them.  After a long, hard battle, in 2006, a referendum was approved by nearly 60% of the voters during the November general election.

The sodomites were not happy.  They stepped up their counter attack, funded by a coalition of “Progressive” donors, including groups like “Fair Wisconsin,” “Good for Wisconsin,” the “ACLU,” “Attorneys Against the Ban,” and notably, even a group called “Catholic Families’ Basic Rights.”  They lobbied hard and used intimidation and shaming tactics to push their agenda forward — and though they were definitely a very small minority, they were VERY well organized and VERY united in their cause — and VERY well funded.

As if “on cue,” Barack Hussein Obama, who, in 2008 (election time incidentally) stated, “I believe marriage is between a man and a woman.  I am not in favor of gay marriage,”  made a stunning announcement on ABC news.  The date was May 9, 2012. (Again, ELECTION time, … incidentally) —  Obama declared his personal SUPPORT for “gay marriage,” stating “I’ve been going through an evolution on this issue.”  You see, over the previous four years of his occupation of our White House, he had been working fervently to “fundamentally change America,” and he was confident now that he had succeeded, to a great extent, especially on this issue.  It was now “safe” for him to come out of the closet.  Especially, I believe, because his re-election had already been “ordained.”

And then on June 6, 2014, Wisconsin’s Marriage Amendment was overturned by ONE woman, District Court Judge Barbara Crabb… the same Barbara Crabb that supported the ban on the National Day of Prayer and ending the housing allowance for Clergy.  Her history of judicial rulings hostile to Christianity is well known and perversely “impressive.”

Sodomite activists continued to seek out similar activisit judges sympathetic to their “cause,” and one by one, all the state Constitutional amendments were eventually challenged — until the issue went to the Supreme Court, where on June 26, 2015, by a 5-4 vote, the highest court in the land issued an OPINION — that all state Constitutional amendments were “unconstitutional” — and same-sex, so-called “Marriage” would now become the perceived “law of the land.”  (I would be remiss, if I did not offer a 5th grade Civics class lesson here.  It’s pretty basic:  COURTS DO NOT MAKE LAWS, therefore this decision, just like the demonic Roe v Wade boondoggle, is a farce — but a farce that nearly EVERYONE has just blindly accepted, out of ignorace and submission to the Almighty State.)

Christians were naturally appalled and disheartened, but the pulpits all across this land remained largely silent and there was little to no pushback from church leaders.  Nor was the topic even really spoken of from the pulpits.  One pastor I know devoted a TOTAL of 15 SECONDS to the issue.  His ENTIRE statement was (and I quote): “Regarding the decision by the Supreme Court this last Friday (he didn’t even mention WHAT the decision was), I just want to say, ‘we don’t agree with that.’”  And that was that.  Sadly, “that was that” for just about EVERY pastor, church leader and so-called “church” all across this country.

The result?  Today, according to Pew Research, 66% of Protestants and 61% of Catholics now support same-sex so-called “marriage.”  These are professing “Bible-believing “CHRISTIANS,” folks.  What’s more, entire denominations are now considered “accepting and affirming” of sodomite relationships and same-sex “marriage….” to the point of ordaining open and practicing homosexuals as “Pastors.”  Not only are these denominations NOT teaching their people the truth of what God’s Word says about fornication and homosex, they’re actually embracing all this — and teaching their “sheep” to embrace and celebrate it as well.

In the secular culture, we’ve seen Christian-owned businesses: photographers, florists, bakers, wedding venues — even privately owned restaurants —and many others — heavily persecuted and prosecuted for their strongly-held Christian convictions when it comes to the sanctity of God-honoring marriage and family.  Many have lost their businesses, their livelihoods, their homes, their life-savings and retirement — forced to hand it all over to the sodomites (and their ATTORNEYS) who have targeted them for persecution.  They’ve worked out a system where they target a well-known Christian-owned company, (usually a small, family-owned business unable to financially defend themselves), file a frivolous lawsuit against the owners, connect with an activist LGBTQP+ attorney and then seek out a sympathetic activist judge… and the Christian is fed to the proverbial “lions” as the “rainbow” crowd celebrates yet another victory.

I have said for years that this has all been just a stepping-stone to the REAL agenda of the LGBTQP+ agenda… and the NEXT “stone” to be stepped on is that of the “P” in “LGBTQP+” — pedophilia… our children.  We have all seen the outrageous examples.  Young children being indoctrinated with sexual perversion, too sickening to mention here, in public schools, preschools, even “churches.”  This so-called “curriculum,” by the way, is often that provided by Planned Parenthood.  And now we have the incomprehensible phenomenon of “Drag Queen Story Time” taking place in public libraries.  Parents take  their young children to these “story times,” to watch a man, dressed as a perverted “woman” read a story about a sodomite relationship, dance and gyrate suggestively, teach the young boys how to put on makeup, wigs and female undergarments, teach them that it’s ok for a boy to feel and act like a girl, and vice versa, and even for these sexual predators to hold little children on their laps, kiss, hug and fondle them.  And ALL of this is being PROTECTED by local police.

The public, by and large, doesn’t care enough to oppose these events.  Only a very TINY minority of dedicated CHRISTIANS will turn out to oppose them — and then THEY are treated as the criminals by the police, and as “haters” by the community — and all that Christian “hatred” is HYPED in the media — for simply going to try to protect the innocence of the most innocent among us, our little kids.  Public libraries used to be institutions of LEARNING.  But THIS is what our kids are learning there now.

Need more evidence of this evil?  Presidential candidate Joe Biden announced recently that if elected, his number one priority will be to enforce the Anti-Christian LGBTQP+ “Equality Act,” purposely designed to silence and persecute Christians even more.  Another democratic presidential hopeful is South Bend, Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg, who IDENTIFIES as the “WIFE” of his sodomite “partner.”  And this man is being taken very seriously by the public now — after giving his male “husband” a passionate kiss on stage when he announced his candidacy.

Also, after a three year campaign called “Free the Nipple,” feminists in Fort Collins, Colorado have now won a “victory,” as the city council there has voted to allow women — and girls as young as 11 years old — to go topless in public.  The focus of this is clearly on the young girls — more indoctrination and sexualization of our children; more opportunities for sexual deviants to prey on our kids.  Then, of course, there is “Desmond is Amazing,” the 12-year-old “drag queen,” who performs and dances in homosexual night clubs for money, and his so-called “parents” are cheering him on — along with throngs of sodomites and Leftists on the many national TV programs he has appeared on.  If this is not blatant child abuse and pedophilia, I don’t know what you’d call it.

Lifesite News reported recently that a 14-year-old girl has suddenly decided she is really a BOY — a decision she made after being encouraged to “transition” by the public school she attends in suburban Chicago.  This report states that the National Education Association has now PARTNERED with the LGBTQP+ “Human Rights Campaign” and other groups to produce materials advocating automatic affirmation of identities, name changes and pronouns for gender-confused school children, regardless of parents’ concerns.

In Montreal, Canada, the new city swimming pool facilities will be doing away with gender-specific changing rooms and showers.  They’re calling it “social progress.”  Elizabeth Johnston, also known as the Activist Mommy has recently reported that, in the United Kingdom, the push for LGBT-dominated curriculum in the public school system is not just pushing “acceptance” of this death-style any longer, but rather complete domination and conversion.  “They aren’t looking to teach children to be ‘accepting’ so as to create some peaceful future generation of nonjudgmental people, but rather to completely indoctrinate, brainwash and transform ALL children into the next generation of gender-ambiguous, free-loving, God-denying, LGBT-identifying people,” she said.

In a recent interview, Dr. Elly Barnes, an LGBT activist and founder of “Educate and Celebrate” has now blatantly declared the true goal of the LGBT indoctrination in the schools.   In a video interview for the Gay Star News, Barnes stated their goal is to (quote) “Completely smash heteronormativitiy.”

And according to the UK’s Daily Mail, children as young as six years old are now receiving instruction on how and why to touch or stimulate their own genitals, as part of classes that will become mandatory in hundreds of primary schools in the UK.

A “Straight Pride Parade” was recently held in Boston, home of Emerson College.  College president Lee Pelton compared the parade organizers to “white nationalists,” and described the parade as “motivated by ignorance, fear and hate.”  He also called the parade — meant to be a celebration of traditional one-man/one-woman MARRIAGE — a “perversion.”

In other news, toy maker Mattell recently announced it’s new line of “gender-fluid” dolls, known as “Creatable World” dolls, due out on store shelves in time for Christmas.  Meanwhile, as deluded “parents” are encouraging their children to embrace their gender confusion, they’re also pumping them full of opposite-sex hormones, in an effort to help them “transition” to the opposite sex.  But LifeSite News recently reported that the UK National Health Service is investigating these drugs, which have now been linked to more than 6,000 deaths of young people.

And in Tennessee, a 5-year-old autistic boy was recently branded a “sex offender” and a “SEXUAL PREDATOR” after hugging a classmate and kissing another on the cheek.  Meanwhile, school teachers and college professors are among the first to be FORCED to use the “proper pronouns” for gender-confused students.  “He” and “She” are no longer allowed.  Now we must use the words “Ze,” “Zir,” and “They.”  Failure to do so has caused more than one teacher to lose their job, and their pension.

If you have any doubt as to the overall goals and agenda of the LGBTQP+ militants, consider this:  you will NEVER see a “Drag Queen Story Time” take place at your local nursing home or assisted living center for the elderly.  You’ll never see rainbows and “pride” celebrations there.  But WHEREVER CHILDREN ARE PRESENT, this agenda is being pressed and MANDATED around the world.

They’re coming for our kids, folks.  The sodomites are GROOMING and RECRUITING YOUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN into a deadly delusion, and they’re not even trying to hide that fact anymore.  I could say much more, but time does not allow.  I WILL say, that Jesus LOVES the little children.  Scripture tells us their angels have constant access to God the Father Himself, and Jesus said, “But whosoever shall offend one of these little ones which believe in Me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”

The wrath of God is coming to those who harm little children and use them for unspeakable, filthy purposes.  DO NOT BELIEVE the lies that this is all about teaching “diversity” or “love.”  It’s about adult perverts getting the “legal right” to sexually abuse kids with impunity.  And just like the “homosexual marriage” thing, we never thought it would come to this.  So I ask you:  are you “fed up” yet?  Have you HAD IT with this nonsense?  The light of GOD’S TRUTH is the only thing that can ever dispel the darkness of the lies and delusion of the enemy.  How long, O Lord, will we continue to hide our lights under a bushel?  God, help us!

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