Dr. Laurie Roth

Law suits are flying, affidavits of election crimes are building up and it is clear voter fraud was everywhere, certainly seen throughout the swing states.  The lying arrogance of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and their media whores, only reveal self-delusion and hallucinogenic syndrome.

Attorney David Evans is just one of the attorneys who volunteered to observe and be a poll watcher for Trump in Detroit. While there he saw massive fraud on several levels. He found dozens of Republican poll watchers denied entrance to a very large vote counting room.  He reported suspiciously dressed police surrounding this room, all in different uniforms and without proper ID.  They were armed and intimidating to the poll watchers wanting in to do their jobs.

Evans also said that most conservative poll watchers were kept outside in the parking lot and given many bogus reasons for them being kept outside.  There was already cardboard covering most of the windows.

In one ballot counting room there was only one DEM ballot counter and no one else there to watch at all. He also saw in the middle of the night what looked like a bunch of college kids surrounding one of the only conservative poll watchers in the large room and intimidating him.

After approaching the ‘mystery police’ and anyone pretending to be in charge, some of the conservative poll watchers and challengers were allowed into one small area that was behind a tall counter so they couldn’t see anything.  It was all a game and the endless ballot counters continued to count mystery ballots.

Soon, with all the need lawsuits filed by Trump and evidence mounting against the election process, justice will be served and Trump will be shown to be the lawfully elected President.

Sidney Powell, one of Trump’s top attorneys has stated already that there were over 450,000 illegal votes, peppering through all the swing states.  These were already known days ago and they are right in the middle of diving deep and discovering even more criminal planning and fraud by the DEMS in this election.

We have heard of numerous, mystery computer glitches.  Retired Lt. General Michael McInerney put the light on these glitches when he recently exposed the Hammer and Score Card program, developed at the NSA, then shifted to the CIA. Obama and Joe Biden 2012, added an application, which created a massive computer program that could steal votes on computers during certain parts of the election counting process.

McInerney reported that Obama and Biden used ‘Score Card’ to secure Florida in 2012, Bernie Sanders lost to Joe Biden in the Democrat primaries also because of Score Card.  He has stated that no doubt the many computer glitches reported in this presidential election were exposing ‘Score Card’ stealing votes for Biden.

Trump has already clearly won this Presidential election and justice must prevail.  A stolen election is not the American way and cannot stand.  Joe Biden will be partying alone on his basement very soon.

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