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Like a brand-spanking shiny new dime, 2020 offers America’s leaders a chance to correct a lot of wrongs against her citizens. Let’s review the most important items our U.S. Congress and this president need to solve.

First of all, we need to withdraw ALL our troops and bases out of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and all other places in Africa and the Middle East. They don’t want us there. Iraq passed a resolution for us to vacate their country. We’ve wasted tens of thousands of our young men’s and women’s lives in the past 19 years. We’ve killed countless thousands of people in their own countries. We’ve wasted $6 trillion that could have been spent in America for Americans.  Since 2001, we accomplished absolutely nothing to maintain our own safety or theirs.

Whether it’s the Taliban or insurgents or Al Qaeda—they are a bunch of mostly drug-addicted goat herders or sand rats in their own countries.  Just leave them alone, let them be and get the hell out of their regions.  The U.S. Military Industrial Complex created this entire war-hoax funded by the American taxpayers’ wallet.

Let all those crazy, violence-prone religious nut-bags and their violent cultures have at it in their own countries. Let them figure it out or not. Just pay them for their oil and let them kill each other or create peace as they understand it.  Not one more U.S. soldier needs to lose her or her life, or limbs in that most insane part of the world.

Second, stop all immigration into the USA for 20 years.  We need to get our house in order before we add the projected 30 million more immigrants by 2030.  We need to stop importing incompatible and violent religions that carry no respect for women’s rights, animal rights, free choice of dress, free choice of religion and freedom to choose one’s spouse.  We all know that religion and what it does to degrade anyone it touches.

We do not need any more immigrants coming from countries that add 83 million more people, net gain, annually.  We’re being inundated by their cultures, their languages, their religions and their world views.  They aren’t Americans and they don’t want to be Americans.  They’re here for the free ride. Or, to change us to be like them.  Help them in their own countries, because, in the end, if they won’t practice birth control, no amount of immigration will save them as they add three billion more of themselves in the next 30 years.  It’s absolutely insane to let them turn our country into what they created and fled in their countries.

Stop all illegal immigration by enforcing existing laws: US Code 8, Section 1324–it’s illegal to employ, transport or house anyone illegally in our country. Fine of $2,000 per illegal and up to 5 years in jail.  Arrest employers, prosecute and jail them.  Take all benefits such as schooling, medical care, food stamps and housing away from illegal aliens and their children.  Once they have no standing or means to stay in this country, they may leave on their own dime.

Along with their sobering overpopulation levels, we do not want to add the projected 140 million more people to our country in 30 years to reach 440 million people. It’s simply national suicide if we continue on this path.

Vote a bill onto the 14th Amendment to stop the 300,000 women who birth their babies illegally on our soil annually and claim birthright citizenship.  It’s a travesty against our citizens to pay for those babies, their mothers and their education K-12.  We’re tired of it.

Third, we MUST create an educational system to educate our ghettos where 7 out of 10 children arrive without fathers.   Our elite educators need to create educational systems such as separate boys and girls schools, mandatory discipline protocols, highly paid teachers and nutritional care.

As robots become more dominate in the work force, we need to create jobs for low intellectual horsepower kids that may be redundant, yet pay a living wage.  One note: all smart phones must be checked at the door before kids come into the school building.

We must move students into vocational tech schools such as electrical, plumbing, woodshop, carpentry, cooking, mechanics, transportation and the like.

Fourth, we need a complete nutritional-exercise overhaul of food offerings in our food stores, fast food joints, our schools and our lives.  Let’s face it.  Seven out of ten Americans face being fat to grossly obese.  We need to mandate all the junk food places like Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Little Caesar’s, White Castle and others to stop selling the crap food they sell to unknowing buyers.  And, mandate healthy, nutritional choices for all customers.  It starts in the schools where healthy meals must be offered and not the sugary, caffeinated, chemicalized junk they receive in the lunch lines across this country.

We need to offer exercise classes as a regular and normal part of every citizen’s daily routine.  Swimming pools with classes, bicycle riding classes, Zumba classes, yoga classes, weightlifting, track, tennis, racquetball and just about every athletic activity possible for our young citizens in the making.

Fifth, we must move farmers away from Monsanto-Bayer-Dow Chemical’s poisoning our foods with sprays on the tops of crops or injected into the ground where they grow, or those God-forsaken GMO foods that contaminate and poison the entire natural world—along with us when we eat those Frankenstein foods.  We need to mandate organic farming, organic foods and return to natural pest control with the correct combinations of flowers and crop rotations.

Sixth, stop all foreign aid to countries that do not like us, nor does that aid reach the poor people of their countries.  Foreign aid: taking money from the poor people of a rich nation and giving it to the rich people of a poor nation.  It does NOTHING to improve those people in those countries.

Seventh, we need to move away from fossil fuels and toward any and every alternative energy: wave, river, geothermal, wind, water and anything natural.

Eighth, we need to take our $23 trillion debt and start reducing it before it reduces us to complete economic meltdown.

Yes, we face dozens of other challenges.  Write me and let me know what other ideas I can submit into the public viewing.

Happy New Year 2020 and God help us to make through this year in one piece.

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