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Have you ever seen a country devolving, degrading and/or disintegrating right in front of your own eyes?  One took at Canada would shock most Americans to see their major cities like Vancouver being taken over by the Chinese immigrants, and Toronto and Montreal no longer Canadian—but something ugly and foreign.  One look at all of Europe shows their leaders bending over backwards to destroy their cultures, languages and quality of life—-all by the hand of importing third world refugees by the millions.

Ironically those same refuges degrade, devolve and desecrate everything European.  If you bring them out of the sh*tholes of Africa and the Middle East, they will, and they ARE destroying Europe.  Read, The Strange Death of Europe by Douglas Murray.  It not only sickens you; it connects the dots on how it’s being done to America and Canada by their-our own leaders.

Well, look around America as to the same path, same systematic immigration patterns being forced upon America.  If the current legal, illegal and refugee numbers remain for another 30 years—we don’t stand a chance of surviving as a viable civilization.  We won’t survive it as to the sheer numbers projected at 110 million more added people, net gain, to our country.  We won’t survive as to water shortages, energy exhaustion and depleted resources.  We won’t survive as to quality of life and/or standard of living.  If you think we will, or any member of Congress thinks we will survive, you and they are out of your cotton-picking minds.

I just read the book, Blip by Christopher Clugston, one of the most brilliant minds in America as to resources.  He point-blank shows you exactly how America will completely collapse by 2050 on our current course because we won’t possess the resources to sustain our bloviated population at 440 million people.

What more must be done in 2020 to save us from our fate?

Ninth,  we need to track down all visa overstays and deport them, and any members of their families.  We’ve got thousands of Nigerians, Ethiopians, Sudanese, Middle Easterners, Chinese, Indians, Brazilians and SO many more illegally violating our country.  Enforce US Code I, Section 1324 to get rid of them.

Tenth, pass Term Limits for all of Congress.  Maximum of 10 year’s service and mandatory retirement, and go back to making a living on your own not taxpayers backs.  We cannot afford to continue the incredible corruption and criminality of our Congressional leaders such as Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer, Maxine Waters, Hank Johnson, John Lewis, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Diane Feinstein and the list runs long on both sides of the aisle.  We must mandate a Convention of the States by Article 5 of the Constitution: Term Limits, Balanced Budget and Mandatory Border Security.

Eleventh, no amnesty for the estimated 23 to 25 million illegal aliens.  No DACA. Engage our laws to take away their ability as to jobs, housing and transportation. We don’t have to deport them as they will wind up leaving on their own dime when they cannot continue to use our jobs, welfare and schools for their illegal purposes.

Twelfth, NO MORE refugees!  Stop all immigration. We cannot save the world, but we can and are destroying our country, culture, language and way of life.  Those countries add 83 million, net gain, new babies annually, therefore nothing we can do will save them, but continued immigration will destroy us.

Thirteen, outlaw and prosecute over 500 U.S. sanctuary city mayors and city councils for breaking our laws as to illegal aliens being allowed to flourish and thrive illegally in those cities. It’s wrong, it’s illegal, and it’s against everything for which our U.S. Constitution mandates for a country of laws.

Fourteen,  student visas must be slashed by 99 percent.  We don’t need to educate all those foreign students and then, have them remain in our country.  Let’s enjoy American cities with Americans, not the rest of the world taking up residence in our cities.

Fifteen, trust-bust Monsanto, Bayer and Dow Chemical for poisoning our entire food chain and promoting GMO’s that poison our bodies. Break their financial strangle-hold on our corrupt Congress.

Sixteen, mandate that the United States vacates the United Nations.  It’s useless, it’s powerless, it’s done nothing for world peace and we, the American taxpayers refuse to continue funding that corrupt body of  vacant egotists from 196 countries around the world.

Sixteen and a half, we must take all 700 bases out of 80 countries and bring them back home. We don’t need to rule the world with our military and bases. We have enough problems to solve back here.

(One point: in the first part of my “Quotes by our Leaders” column last week, January 9, 2020, I mistakenly said that Sam Rayburn gave the speech accusing Teddy Kennedy of having an affair on his yacht.  The correct person who made the statement: Howell Heflin of Alabama. I hope you all got a chuckle out of that column. More to come!)

Seventeen, this past weekend, Sandi and I watched an incredible movie on what’s happening to America as to free speech.  Adam Corolla, a liberal with no college degree, and Dennis Prager, a conservative with a college degree—and both radio talk jocks with over two billion I-Pod downloads last year, made a documentary on “No Safe Spaces”.  In it, they showed how college kids are shutting down free speech and they shout down and commit horrific violence for anyone with opposing views.

That’s the beginning of fascism, dictatorships and authoritarian government.  The single most important amendment in our Constitution is the right to free speech. It may be messy, and some may not like it when it doesn’t go their way, but we MUST allow everyone to express their minds in America.  They must be able to speak their minds on radio, print, TV and any other medium.

In the end, hopefully, reason prevails.  If not, we become another Communist China or Saudi Arabia or any other dictatorial construct.  Prager and Corolla point it out that we must guard, treasure and fight for free speech.  I stand with both men and every woman who stands for free speech in America.

Again, Mark Twain said, “Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress…ah, but I repeat myself.”  That’s the reason for Term Limits in Congress!

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