Looking back on the wonder years of my childhood growing up in Cleveland, because of my father I learned quite a few life lessons before his untimely death when I was only twelve years of age.  Among the many points Dad made sure he drove home was to never start trouble with people and try to avoid trouble if others start it.  But if there is no way to avoid it do not run, but stop it.   For the most part, Dad’s meaningful advice served me very well.

In later years while attending City College in New York City, I enrolled in Thai Chi classes.  One of the best indicators of the quality of your sensei is their approach to encountering trouble.  When he stated “the more proficient you are in Thai Chi, the more you hope to avoid physical confrontations, if possible.”  When sensei said that, I knew I had arrived at the right class.  While observing the political situation throughout the republic, I am somewhat dismayed.  My displeasure is not centered around the different ideological battles.  In a society where liberty and freedom of expression are paramount, there will be openly expressed differences of opinion.

Unfortunately, after a multi decade government school mission of indoctrinating American students against the principles of personal responsibilities, liberties and freedom of speech, we are witnessing gangs of Cloward-Piven-Alynski strategy goons wreaking globalist havoc against the right to speak your mind.  When I view the American landscape, I am reminded of an old saying, if you move your feet, you lose your seat.  The American church moral authority has been replaced by humanist/globalist amoral leftist activist groups and government brutes.

The founding fathers understood, that for “We the People” to remain free, we must maintain a high degree of morality, particularly when it comes to self governance.   In a society of decency and morality, people recognize the right of others to say what they want and live according to the values they believe in, so long they do not infringe on the rights of others, like the leftists of today seek to do.  Of course, you should be free to express your beliefs to anyone, but they are equally free to choose not to listen.

But once true morality is ushered out of society, it is replaced by immorality which snakes in through many ways including Antifa styled fascism, a growing political persuasion of the day among the ill informed.  The majority of the founders of this republic  relied upon a firm belief in God and His instruction on morality enumerated in the Bible.  It was a firm belief in the word of God that gave life to the concept of your right to live for your own sake, not the government’s unconstitutional dictates.

The Founding Fathers and many others understood that for America to be great, her people had to be good.  Those that oppose liberty also recognize that premise and worked to rid the United States

The Founding Fathers and many others understood that for America to be great, her people must at least strive to be good.  Those that oppose true liberty also recognize that premise and worked to rid the United States of her Judeo/Christian moral conscience so that liberty can be replaced by tyrannical fascism.  In fact, one of the main proponents of fascism today and since it’s founding is the democrat party.  Democrat party politicians and members have a long history of destroying freedom for others.  In the past, democrats utilized the Ku Klux Klan to plunder the rights of black Americans and spew hatred toward Jews.  Today, Antifa gumps are the democrat party choice of brutalizing those who desire liberty, want to protect our borders and preserve our sovereignty.

Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, Chuckie Schumer, John Conyers and Margaret Sanger award winner Hillary Clinton and most democrats do not desire a great America of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.  They long to lord over us through globalism and are attempting to literally destroy the stable traditional family concept.  They are also on a maniac mission to rid society of positive American history and Judeo/Christian ethics.

For a long time, those of us on the right, meaning constitutionalists, patriotic Christians, Conservatives. etc. have gone out of our way to work things out with leftists.  That is the case, even though they seek to destroy liberty, prosperity, wipe out Christianity, the Constitution, Bill of rights and more.  But the time has come that we can no longer avoid the trouble of seriously dealing with those who are seeking the eradication of our exceptional nation.

Just as the founding fathers sought Providential guidance and protection, I believe we must do the same.  The time to officially end compromising with the leftists ATIFA types who want to turn America into another Venezuela is over.  We have already crippled our republic by giving in to leftist demands.  Our military has been demoralized, the economy slowed down, education dumbed down, even biblical teachings watered down.

It is great to avoid trouble if you can.  But since we cannot hide from it, it must ultimately be defeated.  PG time is over. It is do or die time for the republic.  “We the People” can either choose life or death for America. I would that we choose life.  God bless you, God bless America and may America bless God.  Be blessed by a page from The Edwards NoteBook as I Blow Away the Myths and Reveal the Truth weekdays at 7:29 AM on AM 1180 KCKQ during AM News and www.americamatters.us.  Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10:15 AM on MoneyTalk with Melanie via SHR media and high plains talk radio and Saturdays on the weekend Captain’s America show nationwide on over 56 radio stations emanating from flagship station WGUL AM 860 The Answer and am860theanswer.com

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