There is a reader who claims actually to have seen a Democrat shaking his head over the latest campus riot, and heard him muttering about it not being a good thing for America. This is on a par with sighting “mokele-mbembe”, the dinosaur that’s said to live in the unexplored swamps around the Congo.

Ah—but let a single Republican give a single “journalist” a body slam—an alleged body slam that was hardly up to any standard Gorilla Monsoon would recognize—and the nooze media and late-night “comics” are all over it like dandruff, while Republicans search their souls and rack their consciences, asking themselves, “Are we becoming like them? What good does it do to win, if we can’t win unless we become like them?”

“Them” means Democrats, liberals, left-wing loons of all descriptions. You know: the dorks who can even politicize an ice cream cone. Yes—Ben & Jerry’s, soft-core Marxist ice cream merchants and all-around progressive shills, won’t sell their customers two scoops of the same flavor until Australia legalizes same-sex pseudomarriage.

“Becoming like them” would demand an awful lot of work. First and foremost, you have to have no life outside of your political agenda. That turns off normal people from the get-go. It’s what makes Political Correctness so revolting: you can never get away from it. Everything you see or hear, unless it’s lined up precisely with your ideology, and everyone you meet, is racist, sexist, contributing to Climate Change, homophobic, transphobic, a microaggression, stinking of White Privilege, Hetero-Privilege, hateful, deplorable, and on and on and on… Honestly, I don’t know how they stand it.

If you really want to be like them, truth, knowledge, logic, common sense and common decency—kiss ‘em all goodbye. Those are all just capitalist, racist, etc. tools for keeping The People down. Even as you despise most people for not bowing down to your enlightened leadership, everything you say and do, you declare, is for The People, not for yourself. This much hypocrisy is a strain upon one’s character.

Becoming like them will also require you to be in constant fellowship with individuals and groups who are just as miserable, irrational, angry, unhappy, and annoying as you are. Again, no one but a liberal can stand it. The only pleasure allowed is when you get your way, politically. True, there’s always fornication. But unless you’re already happy due to other factors, fornication won’t quite do the trick. It may even make you still more miserable.

And so, when one Republican running for Congress in Montana loses his cool with a noozie from a left-wing British newspaper because “the last guy that came in here, did the same thing”—whatever that “thing” may be, we can only imagine—it certainly does not mean that every non-liberal in America is in imminent danger of turning into the Wolf Man. It only means that a single individual, in the heat of a hard-fought political campaign which he was already winning handily when the incident occurred… just lost it.

We would have to lose a great deal more, before we ever became like them. We would have to lose our very souls, and probably our minds as well.

And I pray it’s just not in us, to become like them.

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