I speak of “better angels” to guide you to find what is in your heart that challenges your conscience to do what’s right.

Our children and our country are at risk. I was torn by Abraham Lincoln’s words as I read his Inaugural Address, March 4, 1861, as civil war was drawing near.

President Lincoln stated,  “We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and hearthstone all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.” (Emp.added.)

If parents could only see and feel a different kind of war encroaching upon their children; perhaps they would act. I am hoping your “better angel” will be touched by this request to save our children.

Our national campaign, Child Abuse in the Classroom: A Legal Challenge to ESSA, is asking all of our friends for their help. We must contact President Trump. Our campaign is growing in numbers and advisors as we continue to blast the education system that has gone awry. Please register to receive more information as we plot a trajectory to change the system. If you haven’t joined, Join Now.

Our plan is to Repeal ESSA, and Restore FERPA.

Parents have been locked out of the federal education system when Congress passed legislation that has taken away local control of our schools, controls how our teachers teach, and requires that our children become guinea pigs in experimental research. We have formed an Action Plan that targets precisely what we can do to stop the abuse.

Recently a group called USPIE released a plan endorsing Rep. Massie’s (R-KY) bill HR 899. The USPIE plan also incorporated parts of our action plan. However, USPIE relayed an entirely different message…dismantle the US Department of Education. That message is NOT focused on the urgent call to save our children now. Many people have jumped on the bandwagon to abolish the US DOE because it sounds good. Because ESSA legislation passed Congress, Every Student Succeeds Act is the power behind the revolting psychological techniques and interventions codified in law. Abolishing the US DOE will have no meaning or correct the situation that we find in our classrooms today.

An extreme amount of effort will go into this drawn-out plan of dismantling the DOE giving parents hope but using-up their energies thinking that Common Core will be abolished and the bad, bad DOE will be put in its grave. All is right with the world. Wrong! Congress passed the ESSA legislation which must be changed by Congress.

There is absolutely no hope to extinguish the wrongs perpetrated on our children because Congress passed legislation that solidified a government plan to control education, your school, your teachers, and your children. Everyday, everyday our children are harmed by ESSA and the harm to our children will continue because of Congress. They should be our target to make change happen. They are our elected officials. The DOE are faceless mannequins that hammer out the regulations however the LAW is written.

Please let me refresh your memory of an article that I had written in March, 2017, to rebuff the Rep. Massie (R-KY) bill, HR 899, prior to USPIE latching onto to his bill that plays into the hands of streamlining education into Health and Human Services or the Department of Labor.  Do not fall for this plan. Please read,

The Education Boomerang Theory.” (Source:)

I suspect that HR 1510 or HR 610 is the legislation waiting in the wings that will be used to totally destroy education as we know it by shifting program management to HHS, the Department of Labor, and/or establishing federal vouchers that have ESSA fingers all over it. We have already seen great strides by states to contract with outside providers to implement social, emotional, and behavioral/mental health using Medicaid and case management for all families. This mental health agenda requires all American children to have the slate wiped clean to prepare for global communion. This agenda is playing out in every classroom of America as I write this article.

Dismantling the DOE will not stop the ESSA psychological interventions that were codified into law. The invasion of privacy and behavioral intervention techniques are coded and logged into a national massive data warehouse called the Common Core of Data. Social, emotional, and behavioral data on your child’s personality is being collected. Strict behavioral techniques monitor your child in the classroom, in the cafeteria, on the playground, with screening of normal children for behavioral disorders. CHILD FIND means flagged data and continual punishments that recycle your kid through a series of interventions creating artificial stress and depression. Over time, these conditioning techniques take their toll. What is the future of your child when that child turns into an adult who would have a “mental health disability” coded on their permanent record? Many undesirable issues come to mind including the right of the 2nd Amendment, pursuing a career, or licensing criteria.

The Family Education Rights in Privacy Act, FERPA, must be restored to stop the data-mining of our children. Abolishing the US DOE will not touch the data-mining and the written agreements of third party contractors or providers who have access to our kids and the personally identifiable information, PII, which includes the collected behavioral data. The Obama Executive Order 12866 weakened FERPA while exponentially expanding the state longitudinal data systems. This PII is re-disclosed without your informed written consent. The IES, an official clone of the National Center for Education Statistics, collects psychometric dossiers on our kids that can lead to oppression and decisions that cannot be corrected in the future. It has been noted that these psychological dossiers will become the US Census.

I am appealing to the “better angel” of each and everyone who is touched by this letter to go the President’s website now. Our request is simple and straightforward. We are requesting a meeting with President Trump.  Please help in this endeavor.  

Go to this website: https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact

Click on: Message Type

Enter: Contact the President.

Fill in Your information.

Go to the box that says: What would you like to say:

Please Copy and Paste this Message to President Trump as structured below. There is limited allowable space and we have formatted this to fit the requirements:

If we could meet with you, Mr. President, our story explains the mystery of how our highly funded American system of education has failed its children.

Our national campaign to Repeal ESSA and Restore FERPA identifies why our children are being dumbed down and used as a commodity in today’s high tech industry. There are no protections in the classroom. Parents need your help.

Our documentation exposes how regulations changed FERPA, under a former Obama EO, exposing our children’s Personally Identifiable Information, PII, to 3rd party contractors, jeopardizing their privacy opening a Pandora’s box of abuse. The ESSA law codified techniques and interventions that are vastly beyond the scope of education and put American children in danger.

Key issues are listed:

Data Tracking  and Data Trafficking – collecting and sharing Personally Identifiable Information

Treatment, interventions, psychological abuse – Mandates personal data collected on attitudes, values, beliefs and dispositions

Privacy violations

Violations of the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA) – Violations under Title I school wide through the use of psychiatric, psychological examination, assessments, evaluation, or testing

Civil Rights violations – Interventions, treatment, and re-education of attitudes, values, and dispositions are profound violations of the 1st and 4th Amendments

Public law 103-33, General Education Provisions Act, Sec. 438 – Federal government is supervising and directing curriculum creating a “model national curriculum” and a national test.

Malpractice and Maltreatment of Children and Babies by Teachers and Preschool Caregivers – Teachers/preschool caregivers, (exceeding their professional certification), are required to screen, evaluate, perform anecdotal behavioral assessments, conditioning, and implement psychological remediation of the child’s attitudes, values, beliefs and dispositions.

We would like the opportunity to discuss these issues with you. Others supporting ESSA are using our children as a commodity. They have a financial interest.

Our motive is simple, please protect our children. The future of education in America will depend on your insistence that education means what it should. Parents feel betrayed and have no recourse to address these issues.  We appeal to the “better angels of our nature” that this wrong will become right. Please contact our national leadership.

Click on SUBMIT. You are done.

I am appealing to parents and citizens to try and help correct massive problems in the education system. Our children are in danger. Please email, tweet, and post this message to all of your friends and contacts. We CAN make a difference.

Anita Hoge

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