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At present the progress of the Trump agenda looks very favorable. If it can avoid, or defeat a dizzying array of trade agreements, treaties really, that we are faced with which are threatening the very survival of the United States, the Constitution, and the liberty of the American people, that will be real progress.

These include, but are not limited to NAFTA, TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership), TTIP (the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), TISA (Trade In Services Agreement), and more. Any one of these Agreements has the potential of ending American independence.

Several thousand concerned American Patriots, aid from various organizations and minor media, and our president, all of them successfully stopped the TPP for now.  Much of the credit goes to President Trump. Had he not stepped up to the plate and rejected it, I have no doubt that it could have been ratified had it come to a vote. As we well know, many top members of the House and Senate have no qualms about destroying our independence, our liberty, and our property.  Had we lost, this would have translated into total destruction of life in America as we’ve known it, and we would end up only existing. This is unacceptable!

According to Frederick Bastiat, in “The Law,” Life, Liberty, and Property are the three basic requirements of freedom and our lives, and the preservation of any one of them is completely dependent upon the preservation of the other two.

When President Trump was campaigning for president, he made statements many times to many different crowds of people telling them how disastrous the Trade Agreement NAFTA is, and that he was going to pull out of it.

However, he was advised by those who had a different agenda to stay in it, and renegotiate it for a better deal.  According to the narrative, a better deal economically.

As far as I know nothing was ever said about renegotiating to safe-guard our Constitution, our laws that protect our life, liberty and property, or our overall sovereignty, i.e., independence. No! Of course not, for this is the very thing which will be targeted in the renegotiated version.

So, pursuant to this objective, by those with a different agenda from that of President Trump, enter stage left Mr. Robert E Lighthizer, a twenty-year veteran of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) as our trade negotiator.  He was appointed to this position by our president, no doubt upon the advice of those who advised him not to pull out of NAFTA, but to renegotiate it.

At this point we can begin to see where all this is headed. We know that this whole so-called “free trade” scheme was concocted by the globalist forces promoting the agenda for world government as a means to incrementally extract from individual nations their sovereignty.  Then they would be joined with other nations to form entities to later be combined into a world entity of all the separate nations.

Once again – an appeal to President Trump:

Mr. President, Tell Me This:

Why would you choose to stay in this traitorous organization, after so bitterly denouncing it while campaigning for the office of President? Could it be that you just don’t know about NAFTA and its goals? Do you not realize that all this plays into the agenda of the Council on Foreign Relations to incrementally bring to fruition their goal of total world government?

The part of the plan that NAFTA is to play involves using the agreement to gradually combine all of North and South America into one regional entity. Then, when all separate nations are successfully combined into the regional entity of their area, they will be combined into one global entity, i.e., one world body.

Since Mr. Lighthizer is a member of the (CFR), in fact a veteran member of twenty years, we can expect him to apply his energies, as well as his expertise in constructing the renegotiated version.  He will do it semantically, so as to not disclose the CFR agenda – the bringing to fruition – the globalists’ one world government.

We all had hopes that President Trump’s pulling out of the TPP was a precursor to what lay ahead relative to all of the so-called trade deals. However, he has surrounded himself, either knowingly, or otherwise, with those whose agendas are the complete antithesis of his own. Therefore, once again, the CFR emerges.

No doubt upon being advised by those with globalist agendas, he appoints Robert E. Lighthizer, as our trade negotiator. This was a big disappointment. Mr. Lighthizer has been involved in representing foreign countries against the United States in trade issues. Another red flag is Wilbur Ross, Trump’s Secretary of Commerce.  Others have stated that the TPP should be the foundation on which NAFTA should be renegotiated.

This poses a very important question… What does this reveal about Mr. Ross, our Secretary of Commerce, as well as all those others that have stated that the TPP should be the foundation on which NAFTA should be renegotiated?

It could be that our president and others of like mind, might possible be misinformed or completely uninformed about the dangers lurking in the context of the TPP draft. Yet, I consider the prospect of this to be highly unlikely. But even if this should be the case, they are still guilty, for they have the responsibility to know what all is involved in what they are promoting.

That is only one possibility, another one is that they are completely aware of the provisions lurking in the text of the TPP and they have no aversion to them. In fact, if they have no aversion to these provisions, they are most likely in agreement. So, that being said, we can conclude that Mr. Ross, while not being a member of the CFR, could very well be connected to it. Therefore, he’d be in agreement with open borders and unlimited immigration. He could also be in agreement that all provisions of the TPP agreement are not to be disclosed for at least four years after it is ratified and goes into effect. In addition, he most likely would be agreeable that other provisions could be added in the future if needed.

Unfortunately, there are those who believe we have to have trade, and there is nothing wrong with that…if it’s only about trade and not about surrendering our liberties and our lives to an international entity.  But for the mind-set that chooses trade over independence and liberty, there is no word to convey the depth, the breadth, indeed the complete totality of my contempt, scorn, and revulsion. I have concluded, that anyone succumbing to such a state of mind is very close to being turned over, by God, to a reprobate mind.

We must make people understand that these are not trade deals in the classic sense; they are not as much about jobs and business, as they are about destroying our independence and what that means to our future.  Debating these agreements as to whether they are “good deals” for trade is to fall into a trap and ignore the larger implications of losing our sovereignty!

We can beat this if we put our minds and wills to the task. None of us will be able to do anything great in this regard, but there are many of us who can do a little which will result in the cumulative amount that will bring about a positive effect. So, let’s just do it!

One suggestion is that if you agree with this article; get it to as many people as possible. Also send it to your elected officials. I intend to send it to the President.

And finally – just think about the consequences if we don’t fight this threat of our American sovereignty.  NAFTA should never have passed, it was a destructive lie from its very inception.

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