Oh, my, Praise God, how timely was this title that dropped into my lap from the Internet just about the time I was going to start an article about the saga of Marion County Judge Vance Day’s time in the public eye, ethics investigations and suspension that spans several years and possible prison time all because initially he wouldn’t marry same sex couples which escalated into other more serious charges.  However, a jury selected and opening statements just hours away, the state’s case abruptly disintegrated.  Day faced two counts of illegal possession of a firearm and two counts of first-degree official misconduct for allegedly allowing Veteran NAVY SEAL Brian Shehan, who he initially helped in Veteran’s Court, to handle some of his family’s firearms.  Shehan’s felony DUI was later reduced to a misdemeanor and he refused to return to Oregon to testify.

Judge Julie Frantz dismissed the case without prejudice. “It feels good that their case collapsed because it was a house of cards the entire time,” Day told the Statesman Journal. They could have subpoenaed Shehan but these liberals who live in echo chambers in Oregon’s judicial system knew the jury would have probably found Day innocent had it gone to trial so they saved some taxpayer’s money, for once. Court records indicate the defense intended to have a doctor testify about how Shehan’s traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder from his military service may have affected his memory.


Judge Day was never approached by lesbians wearing hidden microphones to ask the Judge to marry them.  No, when the Supreme Court declared same sex marriage legal on June 26, 2015, to avoid possible persecution, Judge Day immediately decided to not marry anybody – heterosexual or homosexual and instructed his staff.   (IITimothy 3:11) Perhaps he foresaw how it could be possible for lesbians wearing hidden microphones to entrap bakers refusing to bake a wedding cake, or a photographer who refused to take wedding pictures, and the possibilities goes on.  For those businesses that become victims, it costs them dearly for defense and it is extremely lucrative for the homosexual community and lawyers who represent them.  (I Tim. 4:2) [Link]

Judge Vance Day had to initially sell his home to hire lawyers. I wrote about Judge Day’s persecution.  Vance is thankful for the outpouring from more than 20,000 people praying and donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to his legal battle and I thank my readers who may have donated. Vance is a Christian and surely recognized “all things are of God” and that Satan was behind this harassment.  (Titus v. 15) Prayers were answered and he has come out victorious. He added that his refusal to take a plea or resign quietly further enraged his opponents. [Link]  “It’s not in my nature to back down in front of bullies,” Day said.

He’s 57, a married father of three, still has an active license to practice law in Oregon so now he must start to rebuild his reputation and his livelihood after being appointed by DEMOCRAT John Kitzhaber to serve as position 5 Judge in Marion County, Oregon’s 3rd Judicial District in August 2011.  Compare Kitzhaber’s fall from grace in February 2015 to Judge Day’s persecution. [Link]  Day worked as a private practice attorney for 20 years and served as the chairman of the Oregon Republican Party from 2005 to 2009.


Day’s ethics case went before the Oregon Supreme Court in 2017. The Supreme Court ruled in March the commission had proven Day was guilty of six out of eight misconduct charges and ordered the Judge Day be suspended for three years. The court concluded that Day provided a conflicting, false account of his interaction with Shehan. The dropped charges provided some vindication for Day, but his attorneys said the judge was anticipating having his day in court to clear his name.  [Link]

“It is disappointing that it took nearly two years and an incredible waste of our public funds to reach this result,” attorneys Mike DeMuniz and Steven Sherlag  said. “Judge Day was looking forward to finally receiving a transparent public airing of the facts, which we believe would have led to an acquittal on all charges.” Are we suffering from ineptocracy? [Link]

As a side note, in 2012 the Oregon Supreme Court set up an office for the Talmud; however, former Oregon Governor Goldschmidt, Kitzhaber and Rep. Ron Wyden all took their oaths on the Talmud years earlier. To this day, Kitzhaber paid a small fine but no prosecution. Goldschmidt was caught up in a sex scandal which you might find of interest involving a 15 year old girl. [Link]


And another scandal may be brewing in Oregon about the Democrats again.  It seems Brad Avakian, the dude whose power went to his head when he was Oregon’s Bureau of Labor Commissioner and who seized Sweet Cakes by Melissa’s bank account and fined her $7,000 for refusing to bake a “wedding” cake for a couple lesbians has now targeted members of his own party.  The $7,000 fine soon escalated to nearly $137,000 included interest accrued for not paying the state on time. – a tidy sum for lesbians who may wear microphones.


Avakian is going after Oregon’s Senate President, Peter Courtney, House Speaker, Tina Kotek, the head of Legislative Counsel, Dexter Johnson and others for hiding sexual harassment perhaps for lack of Democrat support when he ran against GOP Dennis Richardson for Secretary of state.   He has literally launched his own investigation demanding that a judge now hold all of these officials in contempt plus fine them $1,000 per day for every day they have not responded – nine people have been subpoenaed by Avakian and it allegedly carries the weight of law. Every person has hired outside counsel.  An article in the Willamette Week, also on Oregon Watchdog.com, claims his investigation threatens to reveal the identity of the woman and Avakian has obtained a protective order to protect her privacy.


After the Supreme Court had ruled in favor of the Colorado cake baker, on June 13, 2018 a program on T.V. had a clip called, “What Would you do?   The program was set up as a bakery. When the owner refused to bake a cake for a lesbian couple, two young women walk out and took a couple with them. Emotions ran high. “They are just like the rest of us,” one said. (Romans 1:26, 27) A black customer said the baker was making a judgment and people deserve to be served.  These brainwashed public schooled folks listening to fake news on the mainstream media still missed the point.  THE BAKERS NEVER REFUSED SERVICE.  In all cases, they’d sold bakery goods to same sex couples before. The rubber met the road and their Christian principles were tested when they were asked to bake a “wedding” cake and they refused.


That was in June. In September 2018, The Wall Street Journal, June 22, 2018, P. A13 had an article by Bob Kuhn who reported Canada legalized same-sex marriage in 2005, amid many promises that traditional religious believers would be protected. Those promises have proved empty.   Earlier this month the Supreme Court of Canada told Trinity Western University, which he leads, that it could not open a law school.  Accrediting a school that upholds traditional Christian teachings on marriage could send the wrong message to Canadians who disagree with Trinity’s beliefs, Kuhn said.

This isn’t about the quality of our educational programs. Our researchers hold millions of dollars in  grants.  Many members of our faculty have been recognized as 3M Teaching fellows, Canada’s most prestigious award for excellence in educational leadership. We are consistently ranked one of the best Canadian universities for educational experience, according to the National Survey of Student Engagement.

Trinity simply is being punished for asking its faculty and students to observe traditional Christian teachings on marriage through a community covenant. In 2001 the high court ruled decisively that this policy did not disqualify the university from training public-school teachers. It seemed as if the ruling gave Trinity a secure place as one of the few private faith-based schools in Canada.


But that was then. In 2012 Trinity decided to open a law school. It would have been the only private one in Canada and the only one to offer a specialty in charity law. It was an arduous task from the beginning, says Kuhn. Three provincial law societies – similar to state bar associations in the US – said no in March 2014. Everyone agreed that Trinity’s program met all the requirements and would train competent lawyers. But law societies across the country held public meetings during which Trinity’s students and faculty were called bigots and worse.

The Law Society of Upper Canada, the nation’s oldest and largest, told the high court in Ottawa during oral arguments on Nov. 30, 2017, that accrediting any “distinctly religious” organization would violate the Canadian Charter, which is similar to the US Bill of Rights. It added that when the government licenses a private organization it adopts all its policies as its own. If these arguments had been accepted they would have spelled the end of Canada’s nonprofit sector. In their zeal to root out the supposed bigotry of traditional religious believers, these lawyers were prepared to dynamite Canada’s entire civil society.


Kuhn says thankfully the court passed over some of our opponents’ more extreme arguments. Instead, on June 15 it ruled that making Trinity’s faith-based community standards mandatory could harm the dignity of members of the LGBT law students was “concrete,” while the infringement on Trinity’s religious liberty from refusing to accredit its qualified law program was “minimal.” [Link]

We respectfully disagree with the court. As the British Columbia Court of Appeal put it when it ruled in favor of Trinity’s law school in November 2016, a “society  that does not admit and accommodate difference is not a free and democratic society, one in which its citizens are free to think, to disagree, to debate and to challenge accepted norms without fear of reprisal.”

Despite this blow, Trinity will stand firm in its belief (like Judge Day) which extend far beyond what the court ruled on. While all this controversy has swirled around us, said Kuhn, Trinity alumni have continued their remarkable record of service. Two graduates, Richard Taylor and Jeffery Komant, opened a school in Rwanda, and another established an organization to rescue child prostitutes in India. A group of Trinity alumni successfully lobbied Parliament to allow Yazidi refugees to enter Canada more quickly. Current Trinity students have founded a campus support network for survivors of sexual assault and raised money to sponsor a refugee family from Congo.

We are disappointed but we are not deterred, he said.  We will continue to be a biblically based, mission-driven university committed to provide everyone an excellent education – regardless of race, sexuality, gender orientation, or religion. We will continue to teach our students the importance of using their skills to serve others. And above all, we will continue to stand firm, and be what we have always been – a “distinctly Christian” community


Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive – making deception the law of the land. The Lord Jesus also prophesied that the period just before His return would be a time of unprecedented deception. (Matt. 24:24) Spiritual deception and seduction are running rampant. Unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand, you must know this is the case…the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine (2 Tim. 4:3) [Link]

We see thousands of well-dressed, well-fed primarily young men coming to our southern border to raise havoc within a few days.  While Pres. Trump is allegedly planning to meet them with U.S. military troops, I worry about United Nations “Peacekeepers”  known for killing those they are sent to protect.  In May 2016 Congress was threatening funding UN “Peace” troops. If U.N. “Peace-keeping” troops were on their way to the U.S., at least one U.S. Senator, Bob Corker (R-Tenn) would be on the first plane home to protect his family from the never-ending supply of rapists, predators and child molester among the UN’s disgraced military forces. [Link]  Please dear readers, pray like never before.  Ask Vance Day if he thinks prayer helps…

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