By Lex Greene

November 5, 2021

The exporting of manufacturing to foreign (slave) labor countries by democrats nearly put all U.S. manufacturing and labor unions out of business years ago. The only thing that kept them alive until now is public sector (government employee) labor unions, as the U.S. federal government grew to become the single largest employer in the USA, again thanks to democrat politicians and their bankrupting of our nation.

The federal government employs more than nine-million workers today, more than four-times the number of the single largest private sector employer, Walmart, which is non-union. When private sector unions were nearly eliminated by foreign slave labor, public sector unions took their place, even though it’s unconstitutional to allow collective labor bargaining against taxpayers in “public servant” positions.

But now unions face their greatest challenge of all, as they find themselves caught in a crushing vice between dues paying members and their federally enslaved employer contracts over fake “medical mandates.”

It’s no secret that no one on earth has the right or legal authority to “force vaccinate anyone.” That’s why there is no such “mandate” from Obama’s puppet regime in D.C. (Biden/Harris) and there is no such law from the democrat controlled Congress either. These so-called “mandates” are mere policy announcements, a mass-media hoax, with no constitutional force of law behind them whatsoever.

However, because governmental bodies (public servants) have no such mandate authority, democrat politicians have placed a gun to the head of every private employer in the USA, “forcing” their medical tyranny on employees via their employers.

The problem for labor unions is this…

Labor unions represent their dues paying members, not the companies they negotiate contracts with, or the government that propped them up until now.

At this moment, no labor union in the country is representing their dues paying members. Instead, they are standing idle as their members are threatened, coerced, bribed, and forced into unlawful tyrannical medical “mandates” that only exist at the boards of these major corporations. There are no government mandates, just corporate policies.

As a skyrocketing number of union workers in every economic sector are forced out of their jobs for declining to take fatal jabs fraudulently labeled “vaccines,” the labor unions are doing nothing at all to protect their members. Instead, some are engaged in the vaccine fraud with the Obama regime in D.C., while others pretend to “negotiate” for their members, on a matter that is 100% “non-negotiable.”

It begs the question, who represents the workers? Why is anyone paying union dues to any go-along to get-along leftist union in bed with leftist democrats, as they destroy people’s lives and enslave an entire nation under fraudulent medical tyranny?

Since workers are left to fend for themselves, why do they need a labor union at all? What are the union dues for, if the union isn’t going to protect members from tyrannical bosses, or the government holding a gun to their heads?

This is happening in every labor union in the USA today, because they have all been beholden to democrat politicians for decades, rather than beholden to their members. As of today, none of the U.S. unions are stopping employers from threatening or firing employees for simply deciding what will and will not be injected into their bodies, under the fraudulent label of a “vaccine,” more accurately labeled “bioweapons for mass depopulation.”

The unions have been propping up the Democrat Party for decades, in return, the democrats have been propping up the unions, even while destroying all U.S. manufacturing. Today, the biggest unions in the country are government employee unions, including teachers, and service workers unions, such as restaurant workers, airline employees, and nurses.

Teachers are on the verge of being fired by parents, along with all school boards. All major corporations are being coerced by Biden to fire “unvaxxed” employees, just like the U.S. Military. Soon, there won’t be any union jobs or union employees and that means, no labor unions either.

If ever there was a time in history for labor unions to earn their dues, it’s right now, as millions of Americans are losing their jobs for simply refusing to allow anyone to inject them with anything, against their will.

Unions are going to live or die by what they do next… If they refuse or fail to protect their members, then there is no purpose in a union at all.

Unless ALL Americans stand together against this right now, there won’t even be a USA by Christmas!

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