By Andrew C. Wallace

Just a few words.

The Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class has only one objective and that is the complete destruction of the United States of America. Without a viable America they can rule the world.

Biden, ‘THE USURPER” (Insurrectionist) HAS NO LEGITIMATE AUTHORITY  OF ANY KIND, he has only the power from the barrel of a gun.

He has ordered the firing of millions of employees if they don’t take the shot, which doesn’t work, and has dangerous side effects. Hospitals can’t afford to lose Medicare payments, so they fire their employees and can no longer take care of all the sick. Other employers are also firing their unvaccinated employees because they are controlled by the PSRRC.

When you add together the number of employees fired, and those that are paid with Fiat dollars not to work, you have a serious decline in production of goods and services. This results in serious inflation, shortages, decline in value of the fiat dollar, economic and stock market collapse, et al. all of which can occur overnight. This is pretty much the consensus of economists.

Biden,”THE USURPER” and his masters, the PSRRC and their Communist minions had working citizens fired depriving them of the ability to provide food, housing, and medical care to their families They have created an Army of millions who hate their guts and are armed to the teeth. The Communists overplayed their hand and should run, not walk to China.

This is a sad day for America

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