By Lex Greene

July 30, 2022

Only politicians and those who love them, can stare into the face of crippling inflation, an idle supply chain, and two quarters of retracting economic conditions and deny the obvious. The USA (and world) is headed into an economic depression that will dwarf the Great Depression between 1929-1939, almost a hundred years ago.

The “new math” brought to the USA via global Marxist accounting systems in k-12 education, makes it possible to calculate skyrocketing inflationary prices up 40-150% as only a 10% inflation rate. Only “economic experts” know how to make the average onlooker feel good about horrific news. Putting lipstick on a pig is what makes one an “expert” these days. Nothing is about reality…it’s just about controlling public perceptions, like having the band continue to play on the Titanic, so that guests didn’t realize the ship was sinking.

According to official reports, consumer prices rose 7.9% in Biden’s first year in office, and another 8.9% since. That’s a total of 16.8% over the past 18-months. (But it’s just a 10% inflation rate?)

But when we go to the gas pumps, or grocery store, or see our latest utility bill, prices are actually up anywhere between 40-150% across the board. DC’s use of “new math” and “baseline accounting” developed by the “economic experts” conceals the reality that in the end, a depression nears, the likes of which will make The Great Depression almost a hundred years ago look like a day at the park.

Despite the fact that many Americans now have to choose between gas in their car or food on their table, the Biden administration continues to paint more and more lipstick on this pig, hoping DC math will ease your very real pain with false perceptions, as we head into an election cycle poised for a record RED WAVE.

The true depth of our catastrophic problem remains largely invisible to the public, thanks to falsified accounting reports and a complicit news media that has worked around the clock to keep everyone in the dark on a whole host of issues.

During the Great Depression of 1929-1939, it was all too visible to everyone, as an estimated 25% of Citizens stood in bread lines to feed their families. Prior to democrats COVID19 plandemic, approximately 40% of Americans were already receiving some form of federal assistance to make ends meet.

But after their first plandemic, this number skyrocketed to almost 70% of Americans receiving federal assistance, via multiple methods of “vote buying,” recently relabeled “stimulus” programs. Because the bread lines are no longer in the street, few know how many are standing in those digital world bread lines today.

The only thing these programs “stimulated” was increased public government dependency, skyrocketing national debt, massive inflation, fear of the future, and dictatorial federal tyranny in an endless stream of Biden “executive orders” which are not laws, according to the Constitution…

  • An endless stream of plandemics, Covid, Marburg, Monkeypox, Climate Change, War, etc.
  • Overt policies designed to strip every American of their fundamental Natural Rights
  • Intentional dumbing-down of generations via government indoctrination curriculums
  • Igniting endless social divisions over politics, race, religion, gender, health, science, individual economic standing, and every method of division they can muster
  • Destroying the traditional family
  • Force injecting DNA-altering bioweapons into every human being
  • Destroying the world reserve currency, the U.S. Dollar
  • Destroying our food supply, and altering natural foods with government altered foods designed to destroy the human body over time
  • Mass foreign invasion on our southern border, spread into cities everywhere
  • Unbridled drug and human trafficking designed to drug up an already dumbed down electorate

These things and many more, have caused every socio-economic illness in the USA today. They are also causing what promises to be the greatest economic disaster the USA and world has ever faced, maybe even the total global collapse of society as we have ever known it.

But economic depressions can be easily avoided or repaired by simply replacing devastating economic policies with known economic free-market solutions that made the USA the greatest nation on earth years ago.

The economic depression thrust upon Americans by global tyrants in control of today’s Democrat Party and all democrat (RINO) powerbrokers, threatens the very foundations of American freedom, justice, liberty, and any hope for a bright future. But it can all be changed in an instant…

Much worse is the other great depression Biden and his corrupt cohorts have dumped on every American in the past 18-months…mental depression.

In “The Age of Distracti-pression” – even the hardcore leftist New York Times sounds the alarm on a massive increase of prescription anti-depression medications as a direct result of the COVID plandemic.

“The pandemic’s true toll on mental health won’t be known for a long time, but data from the past two years indicates a rise — some of it sharp…” (NYT Source)

It isn’t actually the virus itself that caused record rates of depression…but rather the oppressive and downright tyrannical government forced and coerced COVID management protocols. It’s what the federal government has done since January 2020, that has cost millions of American lives, trillions in American tax dollars, and ignited a firestorm of mass-depression across the country. This is the cause for pretty much every mass-shooting, BLM and ANTIFA riot, and daily increases in violence in almost every major U.S. city.

They have literally destroyed employment everywhere, closing the doors of thousands of small and medium size businesses, obliterating the U.S. Military, gutting U.S. Healthcare, and preventing employment opportunities for millions by refusing to hire anyone who isn’t vaxxed.

With each passing day, democrat politicians (and their RINO friends) in DC, states, and cities across the country, have continued to brutally abuse every single American Citizen, by every means available to them. Combined, they have created a perfect storm that threatens the very existence of the USA.

The federal government has essentially beaten the American people like a red-headed stepchild until a majority of Americans now behave like battered women in every aspect of their lives. They have created a spineless go-along to get-along society that may no longer be capable of freedom.

Solving the economic crises they have inflicted upon the USA is doable, with much wiser economic policies. But solving the mass mental and emotional damage done in just the past 18-months will not be nearly as easy.

When our younger generations look into the future today, they can’t see any future for themselves. Only the minority who mistakenly think government is the solution to every personal problem, think things are headed in the right direction. According to recent polling data, that’s only about 15% of the U.S. population now, with 85% saying Biden has forced the country into the wrong direction.

The longer it takes for so-called “leaders” to STOP Biden and move our country in the right direction, the more damage will be done, and rates of mental depression will rocket into orbit.

Desperation in the average Citizen is starting to show up in the streets already. Desperate people, who are otherwise peaceful and law-abiding, will do desperate things once survival of the fittest becomes the new law of the land, following the highly visible consequences of anti-American Biden regime policies.

You can reverse the economic impact of horrific economic policies. But no one knows how to turn a dumbed-down, drugged up, beleaguered, depressed, and totally demoralized society into a peaceful and productive free society ever again. Throughout all recorded history, freedom once lost, has never been regained.

ACTION is the only thing that can defeat depression and change the course of history. INACTION dooms everyone!

Every REAL American must have a single common goal at this point, to immediately regain control of our rogue government, local, state, and federal. Numerous things must be done to accomplish this goal. But every minute and penny spent on anything else at this point, is a total waste of precious time and resources.

It’s much easier to defend freedom, than to try to regain it once lost. Are you hearing me here?

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