The Oregon legislature has been adjourned since June 30th but already Oregon’s Marxist Governor Kate Brown has the belief the Oregon Constitution should be changed. She said, “The disappointing, depressive thing about the Republican walkout (which conservatives now call the Magnificent 11) is it brought the legislation branch to a halt.” For me, she says” it is a subversion of the Democratic process and a halt to the legislative branch.” [YouTube Video]  I see it as salvation. We are a Constitutional Republican Form of Government on the Territory of Oregon. There are no statehood documents. But we surely are not a DEMOCRACY.

So, she says the Constitutional Quorum Protection of the Rights of the Minority (Republicans) to be kept safe from being trampled on by the subversive tyrannical majority (Democrats), to her, that’s a subversion to the Demographic process and a typical response from someone who no longer has a conscience or recognizes that our “rights” are given by God. [Link]


These narcissistic Marxists with personality disorders exist for themselves for one thing only –CONTROL and POWER.  Brandon Smith in his BIG GOVERNEMNT-UNNECESSARY EVIL SHOULD BE ABABOLISHED article says, “If we would closely examine the birth of every iron-fisted OLIGARCHY  throughout history, they would find a cyclical pattern of centralization, the removal of checks and balances, the removal of legitimate public involvement in the political process, a dependent and infantilized citizenry, and the rise of a ‘bureaucratic class’ which regards itself as superior and born to lead and these are all the steps that have taken place within our Western societies today.” [Link] Read the 1936 Soviet Constitution, Chapter X and you’ll find it is aligned with the Democrat Marxist platform. They flipped Oregon into State of Oregon in 1910.

Unfortunately, about 98% of the masses tend to view big government as an inevitable part of life, as a natural extension of culture. About 3% rarely, if ever, ask what tangible purpose it serves? The lies and manipulations of big government are designed to satiate our basest fantasies so if the Color of Law Corporate Governance is built upon deceit and misrepresentation, proves it serves no tangible purpose that elevates and enriches the public at large. [YouTube Video]

And, of course, this all revolves around the two-party political system. The Marxist Democrats introduce unconstitutional legislation and eventually they’ll pull Republicans along who really are not familiar with the Constitution as they should be (their oath is meaningless to them) which Charlotte Iserbyt describes as the Devil’s Seven-Prong Fork Prong Two and Hegele’s dialectic moving persons toward predetermined goals and objectives.

However, on the other hand, those who value freedom regardless of risk or pain, and those who value slavery in a desperate bid to avoid risk and pain end up feeding the machines of war, despair and tyranny which brings me once again to what is happening in Oregon since Ron Vrooman has discovered we are not a Constitutional Republic state.


And, of course, this all began when an Arizona rancher by the name of Robert LaVoy Finicum, who had no history of white supremacy, bigotry or a member of any hate groups, (which the fake media labeled him) father of 11 and not even a traffic ticket, dared to join Western ranchers in Harney County, Oregon in 2016 who were being harassed by the Federal Government’s Unconstitutional Environmental Agencies unrelenting grip on these ranchers. Because of government’s overreach, it wound up with two families in a standoff with the Federal Government at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and LaVoy Finicum, with his hands in the air, later being ambushed in a rural area 30 miles from Burns by the Harney County sheriff and state law enforcement resources upon direction of Oregon’s Governor Kate Brown who later rushed a bill through the Legislature exonerating the state police for murdering LaVoy. With the laws of the land in mind, there is no proof Oregon is a state. There is proof Oregon is a Territory circa 1857 to 1859. The BLM, FBI, CIA have no standing.


But what added insult to injury according to a 5/19/2014 New American magazine, the issues that caused the standoff between the federal BLM and a Nevada rancher were clouded by DELIBERATE MISINFORMATION FROM GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS AND THE MEDIA. Domestic terrorists was what U.S. SENATE MAJORITY LEADER HARRY REID referred to the hundreds of supporters who had come to Bunkerville, Nevada, to stand with the besieged ranch family of Cliven and Carol Bundy against the FEDERAL BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT (BLM). Is that the Harry Reid of Uranium 1 infamy? While most critics of the Bundys and their supporters have veered short of the verbal excesses of Nevada’s senior senator, they have nonetheless showered the 67-year old rancher and his adherents with venom and ridicule. “Welfare rancher,” “deadbeat,” “crackpot,” “redneck teabagger,” “fools,” “fanatics,” “ wackos” – those were some of the more printable epithets. Elias Isquith at delivers the typical “liberal” analysis, describing Bundy as “wingnut rancher” and his allies as “anti-government extremists.” Over at the Huffington Post, college student Brian Jecunas was given column space to pontificate that Bundy is a “dangerous knave” and a “selfish radical.” “Hopefully,” Jecunas wrote, “Bundy and his followers will end up where criminals belong – a cramped prison cell. After reading this, We, the people of Oregon Territory deny what Harry Reid said.


In a January 20, 2016 Governor Brown had harsh words for the federal government’s handling of a 19-day occupation at the Malheur National Wildfire Refuge – calling the response too slow and saying it’s left neighbors in Harney County lacking as tensions worsen.  She put the ongoing expenses at $100,000 a week, with even more money spent during the first week of the standoff. “The situation is absolutely intolerable and it must be resolved immediately,” she said as she continued to press her case with the White House and FBI and also was seeking federal reimbursements. She confirmed Federal authorities had asked her office and other local officials to say as little as possible about the occupation to keep from adding any fuel to the occupiers’ rhetorical fire. But that didn’t stop her from speaking out all the same.  Simultaneously, Obama signed an executive Order. A two-hour search proved there never were  Reserves like was advertised on the Internet. No lady sold 15,000 acres to the Feds. No land was ever registered in any of three counties to the Feds using any name.


Later, LaVoy’s widow filed a “wrongful death suit” against the State or Oregon and Governor Kate Brown, as a defendant, in Federal Court as culpable in the murder of Finicum. It was during that time of the murder and the incarceration of rancher Bundy, et al that Ron Vrooman at age 80 appeared on the scene after reading my article and asked me to be his journalist. [Link] He said he was a Private Attorney General filed papers and with the help of several other patriots organized the Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly Article 1; Common Law Grand Jury advocated by Supreme Court Justice, Antoine Scalia’s majority opinion in United States vs. Williams 504 1992.


Ron began notifying Oregon legislators, the Judiciary and other Executives and the 36 county Sheriffs, being the most important public officials.  They are all first being asked to self-correct our bogus government since Republican Governor Frank W. Benson on November 8, 1910 Amended Article VII of our Oregon Constitutional  Republican Form of Government without one vote being counted in any county. This changed our Constitutional Government into a CORPORATE GOVERNANCE DEMOCRACY which ultimately becomes an OLIGARCHY and has brought us to where we are today.


In order to make a private Common Law Grand Jury work, one has to have a Republican Constitutional  Sheriff to initiate a service of the Private Grand Jury findings so each County Sheriff must get out from under the Corporate status described so well in an article by a Colorado lady named Marilyn Barnewall  (82). Ron hoped the sheriffs would either quit or self correct. In the meantime, Marilyn has another great article stating that 5G is a bigger hot button than she thought.

My first job was in a Corporate Attorney’s office and bored silly, so I am somewhat familiar with the corporate legalize. The second job was with a criminal attorney with an interesting clientele in Portland, Oregon and thanks to Supreme Court Justice Antoine Scalia’s majority opinion regarding Common Law Grand Juries Citizen Jural Assemblies, and at age 83, I’m learning a new language with the Action Committee from Oregon Statewide Jural  Assembly.


I have to chuckle how my first free lance paid job as a teenager reporting on happenings in my little town of 100 in Eastern Washington to a bigger neighboring newspaper, has turned into what seemed bizarre at first but may end up a credible story exposing this whole corrupt “democratic/satanic system” we’ve been fed since 1910 if these elected officials cannot provide the original statehood documents circa 1859, upon which they took an oath, therefore makes them unqualified to govern, says Ron.

And this has all happened without a college degree in journalism. Apprenticeships pay you to learn. Beware young folks of those phony expensive degrees with Communist professors like Bill Ayers at the University of Illinois at Chicago who endorsed the book entitled: QUEERING ELEMENTARY EDUCATION which explains why the month of June is now dedicated to the queers.  The 9/17/2018 New American magazine said Communist terrorist, Bill Ayers, whose murderous terror group, working with Castro’s intelligence services, murdered American police, bombed the Capitol and the State Department and made plans to re-educate and exterminate millions of American with help from foreign communist dictators. He later admitted he was guilty as hell but was still free. Go Figure…


A July 4th communication from Ron to me said: Our battle between good (that’s us) and evil (that’s the State of Oregon, FBI, BLM, DOJ and a whole lot more including some individuals) started by Kam and Ron about 19 or so months ago. Then we added the Founders: Roger, Ray, Ross, Belinda, Kam and Ron and filled out Oregon Assembly documents in accordance with Amendment 1 and with Article 1, Section 1. We are beneficiaries of the United States of America’s Constitution circa 1859 and until someone comes up with the lawful statehood documents, Article 1, Section 1 is in charge of our territory. We created our Action Committee: Ray, Roger, Ross, Richard, Ron, Belinda, Laura and Joshua and Ron, Ray and Kam then met with the Washington County Sheriff.

He said their next step was to obtain our Constitutional Republican Form of Government. We, the people at large, are party to our State Constitution On Oregon.  Our state is party to the Union of the several states.  The United States of America’s Constitution circa 1859, we are beneficiaries. That is the contract along with Oregon’s Constitution circa 1859 and Congressional and Presidential documents and those from the several states – the statehood documents that the Salem/Kate Brown OLIGARCHY cannot present. The National Archives, Library of Congress, USA DOJ, EO (Executive Office) FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) and others cannot find Oregon’s statehood documents. That leaves us at last, the allegedly lawful document, Oregon’s Territorial Constitution circa 1857.


Ron goes on to say the National Association of American Sovereigns, (NAAS) of which the Oregon State Jural Assembly is a member, rule America, have notified Governor Kate Brown, Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, and I’m assuming by his mention of a Dennis, he meant Secretary of State Dennis Richardson before his death and replaced by Bev Clarno. They have also notified 28 Senators, 36 county Sheriffs by name in their State of Oregon capacity and provost marshals, yatayata. They are corporate governances with their corporation cancelled.  They have no statehood documents to prove their right to govern.  However, he goes on to say to them, ‘LET’S SUPPOSE YOU SELF-CORRECT, ADMIT THE ERROR AND SEEK TO OPERATE WITHIN YOUR OATH,  ALL THE EVIDENCE AVAILABLE STATES THAT FROM THAT TIME ON THEY WILLHAVE REDEEMED THEMSELVES.  BUT WITHOUT THAT ADMITTION, THEY FAIL AGAIN!!” The State of Oregon is a construct of the lawful state Oregon, which failed. No contract. A do over. That process has started by the Oregon State Jural Assembly.

Along the way they found that The Mark O. Hatfield Federal Building is not on federal land as Constitutionally required, as are Forts, Ports, Armory and Buildings. They hold Color of Law trials in that Hatfield building – not an Article III court. Every trial of an actual body, mind, spirit, man or woman is repugnant to our first law of the land. They do evil in that building.

Ron says Article VII amended in the alleged Oregon Constitution is bogus placed in the Constitution by the Senate and the House. The Attorney General, Secretary of State and Governor have known this for years, which makes misprision of felony.

The Senate was served on May 30 and cured on 21 June with in default. The Senate Republicans abandoned Salem/Kate Brown OLIGARCHY.

A few days before the Oregon Legislature adjourned and while the GOP senators were still absent, we saw the Timber Unity protesters come to the State Capitol in Salem by the droves blocking traffic and I-5 in both directions saw log trucks, tractors and other farm equipment heading to Salem which also caught the eye of the White House. On the same day the (OSJA) Oregon State Jural Assembly filed their Declaration declaring there is no lawful State or State of Oregon. Ron admits he has already been warned by the DOJ, FBI, Deputy DA, cops and sheriffs and passed that along to the Jural Assembly – Miles, Cox, Bundy, Dew and many more whistle blowers welcome!!!


I am known as one of the people, ron vrooman the common man, private; Ronald Charles Vrooman in cursive on my birth certificate and as trustee to the Private Membership Association RONALD CHARLES VROOMAN, THE STRAW MAN; also known as Ronald Charles Vrooman Private Attorney General by the United States Congress 42 U.S.C. 1988 and U.S.C 1510 and 18 U.S.C. 1512 and to be known as “one of the People” also “qualified Criminal Investigator” and “Federal Witness” and by affidavit without rebuttal.  Status identified and without rebuttal in the City of Beaverton public record, Beaverton Municipal Court and the Untied State Federal District Court Portland, Oregon. US Navy veteran discharged. The flesh, blood and soul, body-mind-spirit, a man, on Oregon an Oregonian, a Continuous traveler, a non-US citizen, born August 14, 1938, Reno, Nevada, with two ancestors, a father and son direct blood-line, that fought for New York in our Revolution.  My mother’s father born Stockwell-Gonzalez 1876 New Mexico.  General delivery Beaverton Oregon 97005. Phone 503-893-0893.

In closing, I’ll add that I’ve only corresponded with Ron on the Internet and never met him personally but we, along with a few other brave folks, seem to have been given from the Lord some Founding Father’s DNA which allows us to become addicted to love of our country and liberty which we’ve been losing these last two generations and he approves of everything I write.  Ron makes no apology for being a pain in the butt at times and signs his correspondence: Sincerely good ole, laughable, lovable, sweet, easy going, everybody loves him charismatic, Ron but reminds these elected officials, THEY LOST WHEN THEY MURDERED LaVOY and reminds folks to wear a neon vest whenever we leave home and continue to seek our Constitutional Republican Form of Government.  Mark Twain said in the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man and brave, hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.  Yes, folks, we have become enslaved because we don’t pay attention. Pleasure is more important than keeping an eye on our corrupt leaders. [YouTube Video].

While Pope Francis calls for the end to SOVEREIGNTY and for GLOBAL GOVERNMENT, there seems to be an uneasiness all over the world with oppressive governments.  In June European Union elections were held and the headline in the June 17, 2019 New American asked: Is Brexit the BegInning of the EU’s Demise? Once again, it’s all about SOVEREIGNTY WHICH IS ALSO THE GOAL OF RON’S OREGON STATEWIDE JURAL ASSEMBLY, A MEMBER OF THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY and 21.8 million government cronies in all those unconstitutional government agencies who control and regulate our lives are protected by the legal doctrine known as “sovereign immunity” and we can’t expect a good outcome if we sue one. [Link]

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