I actually had to sue the state agency just to get access to its files that by law are supposed to be a matter of public record. When I went to the Arkansas State Police Headquarters key documents had disappeared.  —Kelly Duda – Producer of Factor 8 documentary

This I know. Without the governor’s (Bill Clinton) support and protection, this disease-ridden system would have been shut down by 1982.  —Mike Galster, author of Blood Trail

In early 1999, a group of Canadian hemophiliacs infected with HIV and hepatitis C descended on Washington DC.  They wanted an inquiry into why the United States, particularly the Food and Drug Administration, allowed the export of tainted prison plasma from Arkansas and Louisiana to Canada in the 1980s.  At the time, Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas, and the FDA had already ruled that prison plasma was too unsafe to be used for the manufacture of blood products inside the USA.

Clinton Scandals

The Clinton scandals are numerous, from Whitewater to Uranium One. Vince Foster’s death, Travelgate, Troopergate, Filegate, Cattle Futures, Paula Jones, Jennifer Flowers, Monika Lewinsky, Chinagate, Pardongate, Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation, Humagate, Anthony Weiner, Haiti, and Hillary’s likely treason via her private email server are just a few.

Then there’s all the strange deaths surrounding this pair that are referred to as the “Clinton body count,” but perhaps the most heinous and lethal actions were those allowed by Governor Bill Clinton in Arkansas prisons.

Arkansas Prison Plasma Program

Rarely do you hear about the horrific Arkansas prison plasma program that led from the Arkansas Governor’s mansion to the White House.  The whole story is in a fast-paced thriller written as fiction to protect the author. Michael Sullivan’s book, Blood Trail is the true story of the Arkansas prison tainted blood scandal that has infected thousands of Canadians with either hepatitis C or AIDS through blood transfusions.  Michael Galster, writing under the pen name Michael Sullivan, was a prosthetic/orthotic practitioner in Arkansas.

For more than two decades, the Arkansas prison system sold blood plasma from inmates infected with viral hepatitis and AIDS.  Blood from prisons was 69 times more contaminated than that of the general population of donors. Thousands of unwitting victims died as a result from receiving transfusions from a product called Factor 8 made from this blood. Factor 8 is a clotting protein to stop or prevent bleeding in people with hemophilia.

Governor Bill Clinton and HMA

Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas when the Canadian blood supply was contaminated in the mid-80s.  He was familiar with the operations of the now defunct Health Management Associates (HMA).  They were the Arkansas firm that was given a contract by Clinton’s state administration to provide medical care to prisoners.

In the process, HMA was also permitted by the state to collect prisoners’ blood and sell it elsewhere.  The Governor was a friend of HMA president Leonard Dunn, a political ally, who boasted of the friendship in 1986 to Arkansas police who conducted a probe of the allegations HMA was providing poor medical care to inmates.  He was appointed by Clinton to sit on the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission and served as finance chair of Clinton’s 1990 gubernatorial campaign. Later that same year, Dunn purchased the infamous Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan from Clinton’s business partner James McDougal (Whitewater).

In the early 80s, U.S. companies that fractionate blood products (separating the various components of blood plasma) had stopped buying prison blood because it was widely known that since many prisoners practiced unsafe sex or were intravenous drug users, they posed a high risk of carrying the AIDS virus.

However, HMA found a willing buyer in Continental Pharma, a Montreal blood broker, which in turn sold the plasma to Toronto based blood fractionator Connaught Laboratories.  Connaught apparently did not realize the plasma had come from inmates.

The details of HMA’s links to Clinton were reported after copies of internal reports were obtained from the Arkansas State Police dating back to the mid-80s.

Vince Foster and HMA

According to author Michael Galster, a prosthetics specialist who worked at the Cummings Unit at the time, HMA hired Vince Foster, then with the Rose Law firm, to help squash the investigation into an incident involving a botched operation in which an HMA doctor unnecessarily amputated a prisoner’s leg at the hip.

Galster says that Foster approached him with an offer to build the prisoner an artificial leg in the hope that it would prevent the prisoner from moving forward with a legal claim against the company.

“The purpose of his being there was to convince me to take this, smooth it over and everybody would be happy,” said Galster. “I refused him. He said, ‘I understand your predicament. But this could make it difficult for you to get a future state contract.’”  Foster was right, Galster was fired.

Although Galster refused to go along, Foster seems to have accomplished his task. The state’s internal investigation of HMA cleared the company of any wrongdoing. An independent review by a California firm found that HMA’s work in the prisons was extremely deficient. The report cited more than 40 contract violations and was replete with instances of negligent care of patients and its handling of the blood center.

While working at the White House, Linda Tripp, the former assistant to both Vincent Foster and Bernard Nussbaum, said she received a phone call from someone who mentioned the “tainted blood issue.” The phone call came just after Foster’s mysterious death. The phrase meant nothing to Tripp, until she tried to find out more.  Just days before his death, Vince Foster was concerned about “tainted blood.”

Inmates Paid for Selling Their Blood

At the Cummins Unit of the Arkansas penal system during the 1980s, while President Clinton was still governor, inmates would regularly cross the prison hospital’s threshold to give blood, knowing they’d receive $7 a pint. HMA not only made money from providing medical care to prisoners, but it also started a profitable side venture: blood mining. HMA sold the blood on the international plasma market for $50 a pint, splitting 50 percent of the proceeds with the Arkansas Department of Corrections.

Since Arkansas is one of the few states that does not pay prisoners for their labor, inmates were willing and frequent donors at the so-called “blood clinic.”  Hundreds of prisoners sold as much as two pints a week to HMA. The blood was then sold to pharmaceutical companies, such as Bayer and Baxter International, blood banks such as the Red Cross, and so-called blood fractionizers, which transformed the blood into medicines for hemophiliacs.

Prisoners lined up to give their blood and administrators then sold the blood to brokers, who in turn shipped it to other states, and to Japan, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Canada and even Scotland. Despite repeated warnings from the FDA, Arkansas kept its prison plasma program running until 1994, when it became the very last state to cease selling its prisoners’ plasma.

The Prime Buyer of HMA Blood

The prime buyer of HMA’s tainted blood, largely drawn from prisoners in the Cummins Unit in Grady, Arkansas, was a notorious Canadian firm, called Continental Pharma Cryosan Ltd. who had a shady reputation in the medical industry. Cryosan had been nabbed importing blood taken from Russian cadavers and relabeling it as from Swedish volunteers. The company also marketed blood taken from Haitian slums.

Cryosan passed the tainted Arkansas prison blood on to the Canadian Red Cross and European and Asian companies. The blood was recalled in 1983 after the contamination was discovered by the FDA, but less than one-sixth of the blood was recovered. In Canada alone more than 7,000 people have died from receiving contaminated blood, many of them hemophiliacs. More than 4,000 of these died of AIDS. Another 60,000 people in Canada contracted various forms of hepatitis between 1980 and 1990.  Some of it has been traced back to the Cummins prison in Arkansas, one of the few sources of bad blood during this period.

Governor Clinton turned a blind eye.  He sat on his hands despite evidence of severe mismanagement in his prison system and its medical operations.

The Blood Scandal is Still Dripping

Several former prisoners at Cummings charged that they contracted hepatitis and AIDS from the blood program because of the failure to test for diseases such as hepatitis and syphilis, bad record-keeping, falsification of records, and drawing blood from multiple patients with the same needle.

Much of the blame for the problem was placed on another Clinton pal, Art Lockhart, who was the head of the Arkansas Department of Corrections, yet Clinton didn’t believe the allegations were serious enough to ask Lockhart to resign.  Link

Factor 8 Documentary

Kelly Duda produced the documentary film about the Arkansas Prison Blood Scandal in which Clinton cronies knowingly sold HIV and HEP-C tainted blood collected from prisoners to Canadian pharma companies including Bayer, which was ultimately culpable for lawsuits when hemophiliac children were infected and died as a direct result.  Although it was an award-winning film, Duda was sued, robbed, and intimidated.

“It may sound sensational, but I assure you it’s true. In the process of making Factor 8, I received strange phone calls, I was followed, my house was broken into, my tires slashed, and sensitive information – including my personal notes – mysteriously disappeared from my computer. I also had a gun pointed at the back of my head, there was a murder, and a key inmate informant was whisked out of state and put into isolation.” Kelly Duda, Producer of the suppressed film, Factor 8.

Families are still grieving. Victims are still dying. The documentary also revealed for the first time how senior figures in the prison system doctored prisoners’ medical records to make it look like they were not carrying the deadly diseases.

The program stayed in operation until Bill Clinton moved to Washington. It was finally shut down in 1993 by his successor, Jim “Guy” Tucker (Whitewater).

Yet while the rest of the world looks to America for answers, the story remains largely untold, and the 92-minute documentary has been totally scrubbed from the web. This is all that remains.


When Clinton left the Arkansas Governor’s mansion, the “tainted blood” records apparently went with him.  For the full timeline, see Clinton and the Killer Blood.

The Clinton blood scandal is just one of many, but one of the deadliest.  Will anyone ever be held accountable?  It’s highly doubtful.

I asked Kenny Wayne, retired Special Agent in Charge, North Texas and Oklahoma for DHS-US ICE, if we’d ever see charges brought against the Clintons, Hillary especially.  Kenny is a former ATF and US Customs Special Agent and was a Combat Consulting Investigator/Contractor for Army Special Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2006-2012.

His informed opinion is based on his experience, observation and personal analysis.

I have said all along that no one will ever be charged in the HRC email/server/national Security/Russia Collusion/Domestic Electronic Surveillance crimes that have been committed…for two major reasons.

  1.  Obama’s willful participation in all of this…his obvious knowledge of HRC (he knowingly communicated classified info via HRC’s non- “State.gov” email system and then his public denial of knowledge) and DNC misdeeds, his administration’s illegal misuse of NSA and FISA authorities for political purpose.  To ever pursue objectively and genuinely these criminal cases would put Obama directly in the bullseye and would affirmatively sully the first black President. The “social engineering warriors” of the elitist permanent bureaucracy can’t abide that. Remember that the senior-most levels of all major fed agencies don’t work for the public any longer. They work for themselves and for the continuation, enrichment and power of their agencies.
  2. If a true investigation and the clearly justified prosecution of HRC were allowed to go forward, all the Beltway elites would be at risk because they know HRC has the dirt on damn near everyone. From Obama on down; career politicians, global leaders, AG’s, past Presidents, probably Trump himself, foreign govts…etc. These types all operate on a theory of “Mutually assured political/power-base destruction.”  Everyone knows that HRC is the consummate shrew and that if she were to be assertively “flushed down the drain” she and Bill would pull everyone down with them.

So, no, I’m confident nothing will ever happen. Everything is interconnected. HRC and Obama are at risk over their illegal gun-running ops in Libya (through a Brit front company) that exploded into Benghazi. The Potential revelation of which is why no military response to the Consulate attack ever came, which links to HRC’s private email server, which links to her not wanting to be on record with retained government email systems, which links to the international money laundering organization that is the Clinton Foundation, and on and on. The woven web of corruption and lies and crimes to cover other crimes blankets the Beltway Cartels.

It’s so broken and crooked in the DC Fed Govt (Bureaucracy & Congress) that I doubt it can ever be fixed.  Only a genuine political revolution would have any impact. The conspirators always cover for each other, it’s “you owe me, I owe you” etc. and on and on it goes.

The Rule of Law obviously does not affect globalist elites, not even when there are thousands of deaths of innocents.

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