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“And the LORD said unto me, A conspiracy is found among the men of Judah, and among the inhabitants of Jerusalem.” –Jeremiah 11:9

It is should be of interest to every American concerning the conspiracies that are taking place by our said representatives and agencies today.

These are working hand in glove with the mainstream media in undermining our God-given rights and have been allowed to do so now for decades.

Of course, we all remember the courageous people that told Americans 50 and 60 years ago the facts about the conspiracies; and yet, the mainstream media singled them out as theorists?

What is happening in America today, not a person, not even the mainstream media’s “useful idiots,” can deny the conspiracies taking place by throwing them out as just another theory.

What few realize is that the mainstream media has been uncovered over and over again attempting to cover for those who are responsible for the acts of treason and conspiracy.

Yes, the mainstream media is guilty of covering for conspirators by labeling anyone and everyone telling the truth as theorists.

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You will find in 2 Kings conspiracies were always within because that way they were more easily controlled (2 Kings 14:19, 15:15, 15:30, 17:4).

The best way to distract and divert the people from the guilty party was to throw contrived theories out to the masses that had no credibility only to further cause confusion and attempt to fatigue them into giving up their search for truth and justice (Isaiah 59:14).

We are now beyond speculation concerning conspiracies within this said government and its agencies, ie. mainstream media.

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To The Present

If you are desiring to understand precisely what is taking place in this country today before our very eyes with the facts laid out there, in less than 12 minutes combined, these two videos do just that.

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