Slavery could not do it, the Ku Klux Klan could not do it, Jim Crow could not do it, Margaret Sanger could not do it, the Democrat Party could not do it, Redlining could not do it. Not allowing Black Americans into many business establishments could not do it. But the government school education system has set the American black community back one hundred years. We all know the horrors of slavery suffered by blacks in this country and the around the entire world. Slavery was an accepted practice the strong used against the weak since before Jesus walked the earth. The Jewish population suffered through centuries of slavery, as did Slovenians, the Armenians were brutalized and so on and so on. To this very day, black Africans are enslaved by the millions at the hands of both African and Arab Muslims. Ironically, blacks and their leftists/liberal comrades maintain a bitter attitude toward the United States due to the past American and world slave trade. But they are as mute as deaf donkeys when it comes to the subject of the current Islamic slave trade.

Despite the demented democrats of yesteryear, for example when Frederick Douglas experienced the raging wrath of his brutal democrat slave masters and overseers, Douglas sought to rise from the rubble of his meager existence.  Mr. Douglas never allowed himself to take on the mentality and evil actions taken against him as a way of life for himself.  That is why I find it disheartening to witness the actions of many black Americans who today murder other blacks at a much higher rate, than racist democrat KKK brutes of the past ever dreamt of.  Conservative activist Candice Owens recently stated “Margaret Sanger the founder of Planned Parenthood was an evil genius.  She said, she hopes to exterminate blacks like weeds” & so began “educating” us about choice”.  She is the author of voluntary genocide.  18 million black deaths later and liberals still defend her dream.  Sad!

In fact, black Americans are the one and only segment of the citizenry who are not growing and in some cities are literally shrinking in population size. Even illegal border crossers are reproducing at a much faster rate than black Americans.  That is a sad fact that speaks volumes, about the horrible state of affairs among black Americans.  Black Americans are for the most part convinced they are better off presenting themselves as victims who never receive their warped interpretation of justice.  In fact, the Congressional Black Caucus for years took annual treks to Cuba to learn how to disrupt the normal functions of society.  One of the methods commonly used is never being satisfied with solutions no matter how generous and effective they are.

That demented practice has spread to leftist female organizations, snowflake college students, unnatural sexual practitioners, the ACLU and anti-Christian bigots, just to name a few.

The unappealing practice of complaining is the majority of all communications uttered by a most democrat party/leftist ideology driven black Americans.  They complain about lack of opportunities in America.  Now that a record number of jobs and opportunities to open a small business, they complain about people who are wealthy and make a lot more money than they do.  The females complain about men, whether they are the near perfect guy or a loser.  The majority of Black Americans today would be a source of overwhelming disappointment to great Americans like Frederick Douglas, Lewis Latimer, General Benjamin O. Davis, Madam CJ Walker, etc.

Those great history makers were not governed by hate, nor did they allow the democrat party to convince them that they were less than everybody else and needed special handouts.  For instance, Frederick Douglas fought until the day he died against the insane practice of slavery and racism after the Civil War.  But never did he advocate for the promotion of practices or principles that would bring harm to the United States of America or the black population.  Today, so-called black leaders promote every evil idea ever formed in the evil minds of leftist white democrats.   1. No school choice for parents who want to secure a better education for their children 2.  Watered down education standards for blacks 3. Agitate on behalf of open borders 4. Disdain pro Americans like Col. Allen West, who promote policies and principles that are beneficial for all Americans   5.  Hate Israel 6. Rail against Free Market Economics   and so on and so on.

Most Black Americans are being left behind both figuratively and literally.  Black Americans had better wake up quick and get their heads out of the back end of the golden donkey. In addition, it is time for black Americans to stop being so bitter and complaining to high heaven.  If not, they will continue to self-destruct via broken families, broken lives and by carrying out Margaret Sangers’s vision of blacks killing their own young in massive numbers.  Don’t miss the Ron Edwards Experience talk show Fridays at 4:00 PM EDT, 1:00 PM PDT on AM 1180 KCKQ Reno, Nv and  I want to welcome WAAM AM 1600 Ann Arbor as the newest weekend radio home for The Edwards Notebook commentary.

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