America is the land of freedom of speech and protest when individuals or groups feel slighted. There have always been groups marching in the streets, declaring, even screaming out their rights – Civil rights era -Women’s Right to vote – Land Owners being abused by FEDS -Gun rights -Gay rights – Women’s rights – Too much regulation – Forced Health Care control – Over Reach with Taxation…on and on the protests and statements go. This is great and protests must be heard.

This time, Activist Group – Black Lives Matter was in their usual, loud, ‘down with all cops’ ‘down with White people’ – take them all out protest. This time though 5 cops just doing their jobs were murdered and 6 more are injured and are fighting to stay alive. Snipers were very prepared and organized as they started picking off police officers. Editor of Judi McLeod uncovered the horrific details of this case before the blood even dried.

My gut threatens to hurl as I contemplate the alleged involvement of activists, even Pastors in mass murder and promoted genocide of cops and white people. The sound bite of reason for this murderous protest was the recent killings of 2 black guys in Minnesota and Louisiana at the hands of Police. These cases are being investigated already but apparently, the law is bad and assassinations are better.

We have seen protests turn to crimes assaults and robberies after the Grand Jury in Ferguson cleared Police Officer Darren Wilson after being charged in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown. Apparently Black Lives Matter and their type of racist, criminal minded group doesn’t care about the law, or the fact that the Grand Jury and investigators in Ferguson case had 3 African-Americans on the Jury reviewing all the evidence.

No one is saying that occasionally there isn’t a bad cop, a racist or sell out. When you find one and a case emerges, you create pressure, you investigate, fire or charge the officer if needed. Most times when there is a bad cop that process happens. Police Departments don’t pretend things just didn’t happen. If nothing happens after all the facts have been legally reviewed, we can protest. We don’t murder, maim and steal.

In all fairness, there are a small number of lawbreakers, racists and corrupt persons who are Pastors, Politicians, Teachers, and celebrities. Cooruption isn’t attached to one color or group and it sure ain’t new. Murdering people because of it is…and is sadly becoming less new.

Protests and Movements linked with murder lose their voice

Just like with decades of non-stop attacks and murder sprees at the hands of radical Islam, the masses don’t trust and fear violence from Islam more and more. As many go peacefully each week to their Mosques, the loud and violent activists who often represent them plan and implement mass murders. Their original message is lost to all.

Black Lives Matters is now implicated in a mass murder of cops in Dallas and injuries of many others (The plan and desire was to kill many more). Only time will tell who is all guilty of what. Just like with Hillary, no doubt once they ‘lawyer up and figure out the sound bite theatre’ they will detach themselves from any of the snipers and those committing crimes…but again, the original message is lost to all. Any potential and real statement of the protest has been replaced with a litany of murders, injuries, robberies, racism and stark evil. I can’t hear their voice anymore since their eroding stature has been now reduced to the size of a small Barbie Doll who screams.

It is time as a nation to lift up our Police and laws that are in place to protect us of all color and persuasion. I hear the Black Lives Matters doll screaming out obscenities and more lies. They sound like a dying Bee caught in a jar on the porch.

© 2016 Dr. Laurie Roth – All Rights Reserved

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