We need peace.  There’s a time for war.   A time for peace.  Children of God make peace.

I spent the afternoon recently with my three granddaughters.  My wife Paulie and I made peace.  Unfortunately, I was mindful of adult responsibilities the whole time we were making peace … being children of God.

A paradox in Christianity is the exaltation of childlikeness juxtaposed with the call to be mature, responsible and valiant people.  Somehow God works in the chemistry of family life.  It happens over years of hard love, choosing God over all else.  A small group of souls binds together into a family.

It won’t happen without peace making and war making.  The father brings war.  Mom nurtures.  Dad must always be aware of rules.  He must create law in the home.  Everyone needs to know that war could break out if the law isn’t followed.  Mom assists in the enforcement.  Dad is the enforcer.

Our nation is bereft of a father.  And every nation needs Him.

Donald Trump is a poor substitute.  He rose to power due to the absence of fathers in the society.  This deal-making immoral businessman, who knows his own mind, holds power because America abandoned the heavenly father decades ago.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m glad Donald Trump is President instead of Hillary Clinton.

Our fake political system reduces our choice for supreme leader to two choices.  In the last election we were forced to choose between Jezebel and Ahab.  All things considered we’re better off with Ahab, but we’re fooling ourselves if we imagine Donald Trump is made of the same stuff as King David.  Trump is buying us time, and that’s about all.

He rules a relatively young nation, a bold experiment in republican government.

America imagined a future where Christianity would be nurtured exclusively in the private and personal spaces of the society.  We wrote a constitution and laws that make only a weak and veiled reference to God.  We thought we could make peace without naming Him.  We’ve made the high places of our society God-free zones.  Our laws and constitution are all now interpreted and enforced to keep Jesus Christ out, and make room for Allah … and any other deity that a citizen chooses to follow.  The name of our Christian God, Jesus Christ, doesn’t appear in our founding documents.

We imagine in vain that religious (moral, even) diversity will bring unity … that it will make peace.  Children know this won’t work.  Yes … they push against rules.  There isn’t, however, a woman on the planet who isn’t thankful that her parents made peace in her childhood home.  And those who suffered through a chaotic childhood of fatherlessness know it.  They may choose not to admit their pain and sorrow … especially in this demon-led popular/immoral culture … but they feel their loss.  They know it.

The pottage of LGBTism and genderbending is the rotten fruit of this denial.  Politics isn’t going to lead us to peace.  Our crisis is spiritual.  Peacemaking will return to America and the West when we repent of our sins.  Peace will return when we turn our hearts and minds toward children instead of dogs.  You’ll know the healing has started when the grocery store dogfood isle shortens, and the baby aisle lengthens.  May we all aspire to being peacemakers who are called children of God today!

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