By Ron Edwards

As the United States of America continues to grapple with the coronavirus situation, there are those who proclaim that times are oh so tough.  True, there is a lockdown with restaurants, stores, churches, etc. closed to gatherings. As a result, the economy has been dramatically reduced and even some idiots are proclaiming America’s doom.  I personally think those are leftists hoping that Americans forget the real coronavirus cause for the economic downturn, blame President Trump and vote to put a leftist democrat in office.  They are also hoping Hell unleashes a powerful evil fury that will prevent the return of the House into conservative republican hands.  Oh sure, there were those toilet paper shortage battles in stores and parking lots.  Let us examine some real tough times.

There is an old saying that goes,“when the times get tough, the tough get going”.  That does not mean they get up and go away.  But rather, they stay and strategize against those trying to bring about destruction.  Democrats have literally been playing destructive political games at the expense of increasing numbers of Americans suffering from the coronavirus, losing jobs and closing businesses.  The goal of democrats is to always make matters worse in order to break the spirit and will of the American people.  They under the demonic leadership of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the unladylike squad. Like democrats throughout our nation’s history, they are about the business of destroying liberty and making life in general more miserable.  No greater proof of that fact exists than in the once golden state of California.  It is where the image of beaches, rodeo Drive, Lumbar street, beautiful cities like San Diego and San Francisco have been replaced. Due to an ongoing democrat party inspired takedown of what was one of the best places to ever live, the reality of California is now anything but golden.

Yes, we are truly existing in tough times.  But what disturbs me most is that much of what we are witnessing today was very avoidable.  Take the ongoing problems that were helped to be made worse by the democratically controlled congress.  I firmly believe, that if congressional democrats cared about the interests of our republic, we would now have an almost completed slinking across the border.  Today’s tough times are being exacerbated by democrats like New Jersey governor Phil Murphy responded to the coronavirus crisis by forcing churches, gun shops and other businesses to close while murderous abortion clinics, marijuana stores are given the green light to stay open, because they were dubbed essential.

Yes, again my fellow Americans, we are living in tough times.  Many democrat office holders have expressed concern about possible civil unrest, riots and a general breakdown of society. But it is their policies are what makes such predictions very likely to come true, which again will continue the worsening impact of leftist democrats.

But democrats are doing what they have been and continue to be allowed to by legions of misguided Americans.Many are now too stupid to understand what policies and principles help make a better society and improve life in general.  That alone can lead to situations that could quickly make today’s tough times look like the good old days by comparison.  There is an old saying “90 percent of the problems we go through are either directly or indirectly caused by ourselves”.  That rings true for our republic today.  The democrats and RINOs have not just suddenly begun their evil mission to literally destroy the United States. For example, voters have watched Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters for decades oversee the utter ruination of their respective communities by purposely only enacting policies that are destructive and lead to “Tough Times”.  Sometimes many voters remind me of a short story about an old blood hound.  The blood hound walked out on the porch and laid down on a nail.  The owner of he home and a neighbor were sitting on the porch.  The neighbor was a bit concerned about the blood hound and asked, when or if the dog would move off the nail? The owner responded with a resounding, when it hurts.

Many voters remind me of that old hound dog.  They recognize the tough times, but they continue to vote the same dumb way.  So that begs the question, when will it hurt enough for voters to get off of the figurative nail of the democrats and RINOs who have been hurting this republic for decades? Hopefully real soon, if not we will be hurled into a period of food shortages and economic depression. That is what democrats and a few RINOs want in order to defeat President Trump.  Because they understand that many Americans would not be bright enough to throw them out even though they are the cause of most of our national tragedies.  It is my prayer that voters will miraculously see the truth regarding the upcoming elections and vote accordingly.  If not, our best days may be permanently behind us.  God bless you God bless America and may America bless God.

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