As you read this, national “Bring Your Bible to School Day” is in progress ( Sponsored by Focus on the Family, with legal backup provided by Alliance Defending Freedom, the campaign encourages children and teenages to bring their Bibles to school and share God’s word with others.

Meanwhile, a public school in Portland, Oregon, a grade school for children five to 10 years old, has approved an After School Satan Club. School officials said they had to do it because the school already has a Bible club so there has to be a Satan club, too, blah-blah. I wonder if Portland will have a “Bring Your Pitchfork to School Day.” [By the way, There was no outcry from local churches, they remained silent.]

Why does a legal foundation have to be on standby, if kids are bringing Bibles to school?

Because it’ll probably be needed. Earlier this year, the idiots running a California school sicked the sheriff on a 7-year-old boy who was… well, sharing Bible verses. This shocking act of religious hegemony (Oops—have I just invented a new thing for liberals to protest?) had to be put down!

But by now, after the child’s parents got Liberty Counsel to have a word with them, the school officials have completely reversed their position and said but of course, no problem, the boy can always share Bible verses with his classmates… now that that little “misunderstanding” has been cleared up. Translation: “Now that we realize we can be sued from here to eternity for that hysterical overreaction of ours, we take it back, we take it back! No hard feelings, folks!”

These news stories show us what our public schools are and where they’re headed. The Satanists claim there’s “a massive interest,” nationwide, in their after-school clubs, fueled by parents who are “concerned” about Christian “encroachment” in what ought to be a God-free zone. We are at liberty to disbelieve anything alleged by nitwits who profess to worship an entity whose a.k.a. is “the father of lies.”

The Satan clubs, so they say, will encourage the kiddies to cling—bitterly?—to “science and rational thought” as the only answers to life’s questions. Common Core already teaches that only “science” is true, and everything else is only someone’s opinion—a brilliant recipe for breeding up moral imbeciles. Somehow “science” has gotten bound up with atheism, devil-worship, and moral nihilism. It seems kind of strange the scientists don’t object to that.

So we wonder how many public school students will challenge the education establishment—which has so very many times, and with absolute clarity, demonstrated an active hostility to the Christian faith—and bring their Bibles to school with them today. We wonder how many Constitution-illiterate educators will call in the police, and how many cops—apparently with an awful lot of time on their hands—will come when they’re called: because kids with Bibles are such a dreadful threat.

Much good would be done if law enforcement agencies would go back to treating the wasting of police time as a chargeable offense. It used to be a misdemeanor.

If a local police department has the time and manpower to squander on frivolous complaints by giddy schoolmarms against children who have somehow outraged their fragile sensibilities, then that police department has more money and more manpower than is good for it. Instead of hauling children off to the cop shop, they ought to be running in teachers and principals who think it’s a crime to say or do anything that falls short of 100 percent conformity to their bizarre and God-hating worldview. Bust a few of them for wasting police time, and the effect on the others would be wonderful.

Unless you just can’t stand to see liberals cry.

For the time being, let’s wait and see what this year’s Bring Your Bible to School Day can accomplish. It had 155,000 participants last time, Focus on the Family says. If there are two or three times as many this year, that’ll be something to build on.

It’s got to bring in more kids than can be lured into the After School Satan Clubs.

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