In his science-fiction/fantasy novel, “That Hideous Strength,” C.S. Lewis imagined a post-World War II Britain dominated, and that’s putting it mildly, by a scientific consortium empowered by the government. Written in 1943, the book portrays the kind of Britain you’d expect to see if the Third Reich had won the war.

The plan is to govern the country from now on by strictly “scientific” principles—no more will Christianity, tradition, or history have any part to play. It will all be Science, with a capital “S”, leading to Utopia with a capital “U”. Clad in the most agreeable language you could wish for, no one in his right mind, no one but the totally deprived “anti-Science” dunderheads, could reasonably object to it.

Honk if this is starting to sound familiar. “Climate Change,” anyone?

What the scientists, bureaucrats, cut-throat politicians and media magnates running the show fail to understand, and don’t even suspect, is that the ultimate aim of their enterprise is to extinguish life on earth—to Cleanse The Planet of that messy, dirty, erratic, rather silly stuff called “life.” They don’t realize it, but they’re all working for Satan: and his intent is to stage the ultimate rebellion against God by un-creating God’s creation.

Now, pause for a minute and ask yourself what all these have in common: abortion; doctor-assisted suicide and legalized euthanasia; turning boys into fake “girls” and girls into fake “boys”; devoting a whole month to praising homosexuality and elevating it into a positive good; devoting a whole political party to the praise of socialism; and proposing to abolish, for all practical purposes, the nation’s borders. What do all these have in common, besides being publicly espoused projects of the Democrat Party?

Here are a few hints. Death. Psychological and spiritual confusion. Societal chaos necessitating stricter and stricter measures by the state. Rapid expansion of the government. Economic collapse. What—you don’t accept that last one? Go ahead, try erasing the borders, and plugging in the Green New Deal while you’re at it, and see what happens to prosperity. Only thing is, if they do get a chance to try it, the damage will be so extensive that it may never be repaired.

These people don’t know they’re working for Satan, either.

But before they can shift any of these schemes into high gear, they have to win the next election—with the unstinting collaboration of Big Tech and the censored social media, the nooze media, Hollywood, the teachers’ unions and the public schools, and madcap academics in their colleges and looniversities—not to leave out the invaluable contribution of the wizards of voter fraud. They’ll need to thrust some socialist wacko into the White House, take over the Senate, keep the House of Representatives, and corrupt the judiciary. With all of that accomplished, they can then let the good times roll. Good for them, not us.

And we can kiss our liberties goodbye.

You can help them do it! Sit out the next election, waiting for The Righteous Candidate who doesn’t exist. Sit it out waiting for the Rapture. Or simply throw your vote away on some third-party Don Quixote whose chances of winning approach a pure statistical zero.

Springing as it does from Original Sin and inborn human folly, Far Left Crazy will never go away.

But voting the Democrat Party out of business will at least set it back some years.

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