The establishment families controlling our government are traitors who know they are guilty of all manner of crimes against the people and our Constitution. These elites are well aware that America’s founders gave us guns to defend ourselves against them and a rogue government. They are petrified of being shot dead as the people learn of their corruption and treason. I don’t advocate violence, but as the Rule of Law no longer exists in Washington DC, and increasing numbers of people learn the truth, history teaches that violence and revolution cannot be far behind.

The corrupt and unconstitutional establishment families control major corporations, banks, educational institutions, tax free foundations, judges, elected democrat and republican officials, appointed bureaucrats and officials, many high ranking military officers, other fellow travelers, et al. Many establishment families with unlimited wealth and power existing today, were the major cause and financial beneficiaries of our Civil War, which except for some propaganda late in the war, had not a damn thing to do with slavery. These establishment families have also initiated and benefited from every other military action by this country. The aristocracy and their fellow travelors swim in the blood and sweat of our people.

Even a cursory examination of our history from before the Civil War to the present will show anyone with an open mind how the American People have lost their lives, freedom, and property to enrich the criminal elite and their fellow travelers in the establishment families.

Just look at one year…1913, when the Private Federal Reserve Bank, income tax, direct election of senators, and tax-free foundations were created. These actions caused the Great Depression, unconstitutional money, and protected the wealthy from paying taxes, or losing control.

This is how a continuing aristocracy was founded, maintained and funded in America.  Without these actions, a hard working family here more than 100 years should have been in good financial shape, but most were robbed of their savings and constitutional rights in a number of ways by the establishment families during the Great Depression, and continuing to this very day.

Every single problem in our country can be eliminated by following the United States Constitution. Continued Failure to obey the Constitution, word for word, as written, will result in civil war, drugs, death, hunger, poverty and much suffering. The only bonus would be the people’s reaction, ending the blood sucking establishment traitors and their minions.

A large percentage of Americans are brain washed people in both parties, who have been effectively duped by communists (read democrats) and deadbeat criminals. People who have been indoctrinated by schools and misled by fake news media are useless idiots. Our constitution is not compatible with communism, socialism, or Islam. Our constitution is the greatest document ever written, second only to the Holy Bible.

It is impossible for our best writers to convince most of their own family members, much less the poor living in our communist cities of the truth.  Those who have been indoctrinated as communists by media and schools, are on a path to death and destruction. Communism and socialism have NEVER worked starting with the Mayflower Compact of the pilgrims at Cape Cod in 1620.

Kelleigh Nelson, a noted writer, told me that “A woman’s heart should be so hidden in God, that a man has to seek Him just to find her.” Communism by its own words, does not, and cannot, tolerate family life based upon loving marriages between men and women as detailed in the Bible and our founding documents.  Communist, socialist, and democrat followers of the establishment promote a hedonistic “hook up” culture that results in tax funded chaos contrary to our constitution.

Like most men I was born with a God given attraction to women and an appreciation of beautiful women. But, unlike many in communist cities, I was also taught to respect women.

Greedy females have used their sex appeal for thousands of years to get what they want from men. All of God’s and man’s laws on common prostitution apply to both participants in the recent sex scandals. It is prostitution, when would be adult actresses and news readers, who are not threatened with force or loss of employment, give sexual favors to powerful men (Johns) in return for the opportunity to earn great wealth.

I find it difficult to accept that many Hollywood and media stars traded sexual favors for unfair advantage over other more principled women. Then, years later they sue the John when their star fades in public. Women who use their bodies to gain advantage over decent women are whores and cowards, certainly not role models for young girls and families.

Decent women, who have been directly denied the opportunity for wealth and fame by the actions of whores and Johns, now have the information to sue both parties. Woman  appreciate polite comments from men. They used to respond to unwanted disrespect by slapping the man hard, or giving him a knee to the groin. Contrary to popular opinion, women are competitive, and dress mostly for effect on other women.

Poor people living in our communist cities without the benefit of honest media, church teaching, decent schools, jobs, and families consisting of a husband and wife are doomed. This society is ruled by the dictum, “that if a girl is old enough to bleed, she is old enough to breed.” Fifteen-year-old or younger single mothers are little benefit to anyone.

MOST government departments are unconstitutional, and ALL OF THEM function contrary to the constitution using an unconstitutional concept called “ THE ADMINISTRATIVE STATE.” Elected officials, appointed bureaucrats, and judges who allow this lawlessness are certainly traitors.

The information that follows is taken from “What is the Administrative State?” by Prof. Paul A. Rahe dated September 9, 2010.

Our Republic is based upon the doctrine of the separation of powers.  It is based on a functional division of governmental powers between the legislature which makes laws, the executive, which enforces them and the judiciary, which judges particular cases.

At the heart of the doctrine underpinning our Constitution is the principle that powers cannot be delegated—that the legislature cannot execute the laws or judge particular cases, that the executive cannot make laws or judge particular cases, and the judiciary cannot make or execute laws.

When I suggest that the administrative state be eliminated, I mean that we should return to constitutional government and the separation of powers…..

The Rahe article I just quoted above, is only one and one-half pages in length, and I strongly recommend that you read it. I can guarantee that no one can take legitimate exception to a single word written by Dr. Rahe.

Based upon the absolute truth of Dr. Rahe’s article alone, it is unquestionable fact that the officials of all three branches of government ( except for President Donald J. Trump and his team) are functioning unconstitutionally as traitors, and subverting our constitution for personal wealth and power.

Put another way, everything department officials do is done under the guise of the administrative state which is unconstitutional, making everyone in government a damn traitor. It is no consolation to the American people that they are being screwed unlawfully by officials who are establishment communist traitors and are above the law.

Government must obey every detail of the constitution if we wish to save our country, prosperity, and even our lives. Every single violation of our constitution by the criminal establishment brings us closer to destruction and civil war.

Democrats want illegal’s for low class voters, republicans want illegal’s for cheap labor resulting in lower wages, murders, drug deaths, and major increases in crime, et al.

Taxing the hell out of those who work to give to those who could work but don’t is not proper, nor is it viable long term.

Federal government handouts are so large that most recipients will not accept private employment, which causes real hardship for employers.

Judges who ignore the constitution and think they make the law must be terminated (otherwise they will be taken out by the revolt they helped to cause).

The FBI is corrupt, does not enforce the rule of law, and must be replaced with the militia of the several states as stipulated in our constitution ( Failure to terminate the FBI would be the major cause of a revolution).

End the income tax and IRS. Replace the lost revenue with tariffs as used so successfully in the past and by our founders.

Do not allow government to screw the people with digital money, bail-ins, confiscation of 401k’s, IRA’s, and bank deposits. End unjustified unlawful asset seisures.

Terminate the private Federal Reserve Bank and fiat currency, replace with real money as stipulated in our constitution.

Terminate unconstitutional use of the administrative state governance in all departments of government.

Terminate all unconstitutional departments of the federal government.

Many Muslims are decent people, but they must repudiate the evil parts of the Qur’an that are contrary to our constitution, as well as their call for Sharia Law, death to infidels, et al.  Until they join Americans in supporting our constitution, many will not trust them.

End all immigration for 25 years, deport all illegal’s, and end all government benefits for illegal’s. Our people will no longer tolerate the crimes and hardships caused by these criminals, who benefit both parties of the establishment.

I live my life in accordance with the rule of law, our constitution, and God’s laws. I have never advocated the use of force against the government or anyone else. But I do fear for my life if any of the really corrupt members of government perceive my writing to be a threat to their power.

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