By Lee Duigon

The political science discovery of the century has got to be this, originally brought to us by King COVID:

If there’s a mean and nasty trick that the government is not allowed to do because it would be illegal… they can always find some goons in the private sector to do it for them. You know—like forcing people to take experimental drugs against their will.

Have you ever heard of “Targeted Dream Incubation”? It’s the latest thing!.

Rogue scientists—maybe I should put quotes around “scientists”—employed by Coors Breweries are working on techniques to slip advertising messages into your dreams, so that when you wake up, you’ll have a hankering to buy their product.

What? We aren’t safe from them even in our dreams? Well, that’s the general idea.

The Federal Trade Commission, of course, could ban this practice, just like they banned subliminal ads in movies. But how would you ever know they really did? The dirty work is done while you’re sleeping.

And how many of us already have those little “Alexa” units in our bedrooms—where they can switch themselves on at 2:30 in the morning and give you the urge to buy, oh, lacy see-through shorts for men? There must be all sorts of ways for them to do this without getting caught.

And what happens to us if the government gets its hot little hands on this technology? And you wake up thinking, as you never thought before, “Y’know, those open borders really do sound like a good idea! Why didn’t I realize this till now?” To say nothing of what they might do to us, come election time.

It may be argued that we’re already as daft as can be and don’t need any help from Alexa. A few months ago, somebody paid $18,000 for an “invisible sculpture” by one Salvatore Garau. Were this buyer’s dreams “targeted,” or did he commit this act of folly all on his own? We have no way of knowing.

But think of what they could do to us, once they slithered past our protective wall of sleep. Suddenly everybody’s all aboard the Transgender Express. Joe Biden goes completely ga-ga and is re-elected anyway. Unanimously. And we’re all wearing quadruple face masks and chanting about how we love Big Brother. No end of mischief might ensue.

The scary part is… the sheeple just might like it! All decisions made for you, by your betters, while you sleep. No more responsibility! It’ll be even better than Communist China’s social credit system. How are you going to guard your freedoms in your sleep?

Best of all, it’s Science! It’s technology. You don’t want people to think you’re against Science, do you? It’ll be the triumph of Manufactured Consent. You won’t even know you’re doing as you’re told. You’ll just wake up and want to do it.

They’re always rebuilding the Tower of Babel, always striving to be as gods. Someone always wants to rule the world—Red China, globalists, George Soros, there’s always somebody on fire to take up the burden of global governance. They used to try to do it with armies, but nowadays they’ve opted for seduction. “It’s gonna be great, you’ll see! No more war, no more inequality, no more disappointment!” And please don‘t look behind the curtain where we’re piling up the dead bodies.

And then, at some point or other, God intervenes because He just can’t stand to listen to it anymore.

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