By Lex Greene

February 4, 2022

In case you don’t know, a group I work with ( called for a national trucker strike and protest in the USA back on September 1, 2021, in a detailed mission paper issued by the group over five months ago. It started a brief firestorm of chatter on the subject, but as has become a fatal norm in the USA, nobody could agree on when to do it, different groups issuing a dozen different dates until none of the dates happened. Five months later, USA truckers still don’t have it quite together yet.

The Canadians simply decided enough is enough and rolled out on short notice, gathering participants and steam as they rolled from the west coast of Canada to Ottawa. Even better, this is day 6 for truckers, farmers and citizens in Ottawa and they don’t seem to be at all interested in leaving until they accomplish what they set out to do.

These Canadians have the true spirit of our Founders in 1776. They understand that they can only accomplish their goal of freedom and liberty by united action. They also seem to understand that massive peaceful action is more effective than threats of violence and nonsense about Civil War.

Once Canadians hit that all-important “enough is enough” stage, the truckers rolled and everyone else joined. If you want people to follow, someone has to lead. Meanwhile in the USA, DC convoy organizers are talking about a March 1 roll date. While I certainly support this effort, they are giving the Biden administration yet another month to erect counter-measures before the trucks start rolling, which may prove to be a critical error.

The world has looked at the USA as a paper tiger for decades…Big on talk, short on action. The world sees USA citizens as the world’s most pampered and spoiled citizens on earth. They are not wrong about that!

Citizens of the USA have enjoyed the finest of everything life has to offer for more than 200-years. The early generations made that possible, but that was long ago. More recent generations have never had to sacrifice anything for anything, beyond paying their own bills. The freedom handed to them by those who paid the price with their blood and treasure, has been taken for granted for a very long time in the USA, and most simply assume that the kinds of tyranny we have endured the past two years, could never happen in the USA.

Many like myself have often asked “what will it take for Americans to act like Americans again?” How bad do things need to get before Americans will stand up together and put down the greatest threat to USA freedom, liberty, peace and tranquility, our own criminally corrupt power-drunk government run amok?

If you had told me in 2019 that more than half of the USA would be frightened into self-imposed home arrest over some corona virus, conned into wearing useless masks, and coerced into lethal injections without even knowing what’s in those fatal jabs, I would have laughed, believing that my fellow Americans would never surrender to such insanity.

History has since proven me wrong, more than half of Americans are that ignorant and cowardly, which is why Canadians, and frankly, citizens all over the globe that have been in the streets for months now, are better Americans than most Americans today. It’s shameful!

The world once looked to the USA to step up when called, to protect freedom and liberty for people held hostage under the boot of socialism and communism elsewhere. But now, Americans may be the last to make a stand for freedom and liberty, even in their own country. Many are still scared to leave the house without a totally useless mask on…

If you want to know the single largest reason for this shameful behavior, I can tell you what it is…in a word, MONEY!

The world has also accused citizens of the USA of being mere prostitutes, willing to do anything for the once mighty dollar, including sell their freedom and liberty, and that of their children and grandchildren, for a pittance, a paycheck, or a so-called stimulus check. The world is right about this too.

Most who have taken the Gates and Fauci jab, didn’t do it for better health. They did it to keep a paycheck, or to keep peace with people social-shaming them into it. They took the jab, not because they were following any science, but because they were simply following a blatantly insane herd.

Even though they now know the masks do nothing to prevent the spread of any virus, they still have their mask on and try to shame others into the same. Even though they now know that none of the so-called “vaccines” work to prevent infection, transmission, illness, or death, they still keep taking the jabs and try to force everyone else to take them too.

Citizens of the USA are demonstrating that they no longer have what it takes to be a sovereign nation of free people. As people all over the world rise up against their tyrannical socialist governments, my fellow citizens sit whining about everything they have lost without ever getting up to stop the very visible demise of our once great nation.

In the past, USA liberals used to run to Canada to escape a military draft, or get socialized medicine, or some other government handout. But in the future, it may be USA conservatives moving to Canada where freedom and liberty may soon reign as a result of actions Canadians are taking right now.

If USA citizens continue to sit on the sidelines, waiting for the right moment to confront this evil, or waiting for someone else to do it, that will cause the end of the greatest free people ever known to mankind. Thankfully, maybe those of us who love freedom and liberty and would give all to preserve it for our kids and grandkids, may be able to find a new home in Canada, once the USA is gone.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, COVID19 has done nothing to destroy the USA. Unlawful and unconstitutional abuses of power under the guise of COVID19 have done a great deal to destroy the USA, beginning with the stolen elections of 2020 and every evil policy put in motion by Obama’s Biden regime since January 20, 2021.

Is enough enough yet for USA citizens? If not, when will it be?

The fact is, if just one trucker hit the road today in California, headed for DC, by the time he arrived in DC, there would be a hundred thousand truckers, farmers, and citizens right behind him. This is what leadership looks like.

Do we need some Canadians to come down to start our fight for freedom?

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