Even during recessions and depressions, America has traditionally been the best country for economic opportunity. Thus, it has been and is a magnet for some of the best in the world and increasingly over time, some of the worst in the world. From being fussy and strict about which foreigners were allowed in here during colonial and early national times, over time and in cycles we have been swamped by the world’s undesirables. This unhealthy invasion spiked with the Immigration Reform Act of 1965 and has not relented since then. Concomitant with this inflow has been an increase in the scope of the welfare benefits provided to the new arrivals. Our welfare apparatus is more liberal than that of any of the European democracies. Its reached the point that the rights and privileges accorded to citizens, illegal aliens and legal immigrants are nearly the same, and citizenship has become nearly meaningless. If the Democrats have their way, ICE and borders would be eliminated which would result in unlimited immigration and the ruining of America beyond redemption.

It should be mentioned for the record that “settler” and “immigrant” are two different concepts. “Settler” is one who relocates within a country or colony but remains a citizen or established denizen of the realm, whereas an immigrant is a foreigner who enters a country, illegally or legally, without any of the rights and privileges normally accorded to its residents and citizens. The settlers of colonial days were already Englishmen who were accepted as equals with the other residents of the colonies and did not have to go through the same procedures as immigrants would.

In these materialistic days, it may be hard to imagine that in colonial days, most of the aforesaid settlers came here for reasons other than profit. Freedom back then was a major motive for settlement, whether freedom from tyranny, freedom of religion, or freedom to begin life anew in a friendlier environment. In any event, immigration in colonial days was handled by the particular colony involved and was inconsequential in numbers and tightly controlled to prevent the entry of paupers, criminals, the diseased, the mentally deranged, the morally challenged, and other undesirables.

After the US was established, and contrary to the myths perpetrated and perpetuated by politicians and journalists, during most periods of our American history, up until recently, America carefully restricted immigration, and being we were populated by English settlers, we certainly are not a nation primarily composed of immigrants. There are still many of us descended from the colonists/settlers. Our founders fully expected the nation in the future to be stocked with the original founding stock without resort to other races or even other ethnies since the colonists were a fecund lot who it was felt would easily carry forth the principles upon which the nation was founded, preserving its blessings for the Founders’ “posterity”. By the time of the American Revolution, the idea was firmly ingrained that only a few immigrants would be admitted who had special skills that were in short supply within the nation, and so served the national interest.  This was George Washington’s stated position.

It is nor surprising that our Founders were fervent immigration restrictionists. After all, they had just fought a bloody, protracted and expensive war to establish a nation built upon a new paradigm. They were determined to protect what they had achieved from the influence of foreign populations with different political systems and cultural practices.

In 1790, nearly two centuries after the first settlers arrived, just 0.3% of the population were identified as other than descendants of Northern European peoples, aside from the African slaves. Becoming a citizen in the early days was quite difficult. A person had to reside in the US for 14 years and declare their intent 5 years prior to applying for naturalization. This strict attitude began breaking down immediately upon the advent of western expansion since there were few limits on immigration into the new territories created by that expansion. Standards were beginning to be relaxed to allow importation of foreign workers to fuel the new industries that were developing as a result of the Industrial Revolution, especially in the North.

Barely fifteen years after the Mexican War ended, the tragic four-year invasion and deliberate despoliation of the Southland by the Yankee Government resulted in the laying waste to the then most productive and affluent region of America, largely erasing its culture, economy, ruling class, and political influence. Lincoln supposedly wanted to force the “rebel” states back into the Union to take advantage of the revenues collected from the South’s highly productive and lucrative agricultural system to fund his “internal Improvements”, i.e., federal boondoggles, instead ordered the destruction of the means of production for that system,  thus killing the goose that was producing the golden eggs(tax and tariff revenue) he was so covetous of.  Go figure. Nevertheless, an immigration invasion, unacknowledged by the court historians and so passed over with nary a mention in history books, was largely responsible for the capitulation of the South. The continuing flood of books diagnosing the cause of the Southern defeat, even those from pro-Southern authors, do not acknowledge this factor.

Lincoln’s War was waged in order to use force to keep sovereign states from leaving the Union, as they entered the Union with the proviso that they could leave it just as well. As result of the forced re-entry of the Southern states back into the Union and to avoid a recurrence of any future secessions, the nature of the Union had to be changed so that it became “one nation indivisible” as a practical matter. This meant that the form of national governance was transformed from a strict constitutional republic to that of a nearly completely centralized unitary state. That transformation was most acutely felt in the South since it’s society was based largely on state and local governance, more so than the remainder of the nation.

Immigration and the utilization of recently arrived foreigners in Yankee efforts at Southern subjugation were very important factors in the success of the Northern war effort.

A new wave of German immigrants of a socialist bent arrived in the US following the failed revolutionary 1848 uprisings in Europe. These “forty-eighters” were very different.in culture, political inclination, and outlook from the mostly Lutheran Germans who had been arriving in orderly fashion since colonial days. Political analysis shows that Indiana, Iowa, and Illinois would have given their electoral votes to Stephen Douglas, the Democrat candidate in the presidential election of 1860, but for the loyal support of the newly arrived Germans and other foreigners, giving the election victory to Lincoln. These voters were the least knowledgeable of American history and its institutions. The new Irish immigrants were immediately recruited for the Union armies before they understood what the fighting was all about. In all, 150,000 immigrants were recruited into the Union army early in the War. A majority of the 80,000 union seamen were aliens. These are huge numbers. Southerners were actually under the impression that an immigrant army had been sent against them to destroy them.

Uniformed Yankee immigrants were used to thwart the secession of Missouri and frequently launched attacks on settlements that were sympathetic to the Southern cause. William Quantrill, a leader of the forces attempting to thwart the Yankee depredations is invariably trotted out as a kind of murderous outlaw whereas he was involved mainly in defensive activities and his attacks paled in comparison in damage and deaths to the Yankee depredations he was reacting against.

Several books could be written on the detrimental affects that the onslaught that the immigrant and now also the refugee invasions are having upon our country. Periods of heavy invasion alternated with periods of light invasion and assimilation following the Civil War, as policies varied from time to time, but overall the gradual displacement of the founding peoples of the nation was leading to the undermining of what the nation stood for culturally and  politically. There was a significant respite form the deleterious affects of the invasion during the period 1921 to 1965, when immigration numbers and the ethnic composition of the immigrants reverted to 1890 standards. In 1965 with The Great Society ideas of President Lyndon Baines Johnson in control, the dam broke and immigration since then has been largely unrestrained as to numbers and quality of aliens admitted, with the illegal alien invasion numbers approximately equaling the number of legal immigrants coming in each year–about one million of each every year..

The basically unchecked immigration we are dealing with is slowly transforming our nation into third world status. The disparate groups comprising the immigration inflow are encouraged not to assimilate or even learn English in many instances. These groups have no ties to or interest in the culture, customs and values of the founding peoples and we are losing all the characteristics that made our nation unique or special. We are turning into the collection of squabbling nationalities and hyphenated Americans that President Theodore Roosevelt  warned us against.

To appease the elites and multinational companies in their quest for cheap labor and cheapened citizenship without regard to the plight of our displaced native workforce, we are ruining our natural environment by dropping all opposition to the immigration invasion and the population explosion unfettered immigration entails. It is hard to believe we have the world’s third largest population, right behind China and India. We will soon surpass India in population if there is no change in immigration policies. Think of the Potomac becoming like the Ganges–just the thought of it should spur you to becoming an activist on immigration issues. We are laying the groundwork for a fully totalitarian government to replace our democracy to keep all the competing forces from all quarters in check.”

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