By Sidney Secular

August 3, 2022

There’s little doubt that the Historical American Nation is about done. Even without the draconian directives of Big Brother about to crash down upon us, cash has been gradually elbowed out to make the change seem less drastic even as our pocket change dwindles. Cash transactions now only account for 15% of all retail sales in terms of value, and it has been widely speculated and predicted that physical cash and the accompanying pocket change would become redundant by just examining the trends. Personal check usage in retail outlets has virtually been checked although it remains a major means of sending payments via the “post.”

One of the objectives of the pandemic pandemonium was to make contactless payments the preferred – and eventually the only way to exchange currency for services and products. Future lockdowns accompanying the next big virus bugaboo will permanently lock in contactless payments as well. The current availability of physical cash, although diminishing in use, allows the effects of the system’s staged gradual collapse to be less noticeable and therefore less frightening much as is the case with our gradual loss of freedoms! These are not causing any revolutions because the losses have been done in stages just as the frog in the pot of water adjusts to the gradually heating of that water before it reaches a boil and kills him. It all boils down to the fact that conservatives will have very little left to conserve by that time and what is left will hardly seem worth the effort by then.

Increasingly, consumers and customers carry credit cards vice cash as it is more convenient, safe, and just feels like less of a loss. All kinds of inducements are offered for use of the cards such as cash and travel “rewards”, special insurance coverage, and the ability to better dispute fraudulent charges. Some businesses resist use of the cards for payment because of the service charges they thus incur, but the trend is to accept these charges as a cost of doing business, and pass the additional costs on to customers by charging higher prices. All the problems associated with the digital dysphoria such as the reality of cyber hack attacks, “phishing” and all manner of identity theft and scams are accepted as just one of those things one is supposed to accept as an accepted reality with advancing technology. All of this presents no worry to the controllers who are wont to make us feel the squeeze of unease and worry in order to better squeeze us into the small-minded paradigm boxes they have prepared for us. All credit card transactions are traceable within the banking system, but using cash allows for discreet donations to the charities and causes dear to our patriotic/nationalist hearts, so restricting use of cash will put a big damper on our support of, and philanthropy towards our favored groups and causes.

All of this is only the beginning of the woes associated with the woeful system presaged by the Biblical sages. The new system will be accompanied by a control of all money transactions by the GovMint as all your accounts will be consolidated into one big account whereby all your politically incorrect or questionable transactions that run afoul of phony “community standards” or politically correct viewpoints will be rejected as if you used an incorrect password to access your account. You may also be denied access if your “social credit” score is too low. Such scores will replace the current purely financially oriented current scores presently extant. You will be forced to use mobile or cell phones to function under the new system, whether you like it or not, or you may wind up in a cell or some other form of social purgatory. That will be a prerequisite to get to first base under the new system.

Currencies will become “digital currencies” and this transition is already in the process of occurring in various stages in the West. It has been fully adopted in China –  a communist tyranny that the rest of the world is becoming tethered to economically – so it will be soon be universal.  The digital yuan was introduced in China last February during the Winter Olympics. They required patrons to pay  for meals, hotels, transportation, etc. using funny looking square “QR” codes on their mobile phones that linked to their digital yuan accounts. Nine countries have already launched systems in line with this lunacy.  A digital euro is being tested right now. The US has been lagging but with the Chinese now in control – at least unofficially! – we are catching up fast. The Fed is presently studying implementation of this system and though the dollar will remain the dollar, it will not exist in its present physical form. It will become digital and ownership will be recorded on a ledger maintained by a central bank.

Banks and credit card companies as well as Pay Pal and similar payment systems will be phased out. The result of all of this “advancement?” The GovMint will have control of your money and will have the ability to place you under constant surveillance.  Under the NWO, the GovMint will know every purchase you make, every transaction you conduct, and even your physical whereabouts at the point of purchase. It is a short step from there to “negative” interest rates, account freezes, tax withholdings from your account and the ability to place you under government investigation if you vote for the wrong candidate or give donations to the wrong political party – always assuming that any such will remain in our Brave New World. If that sounds like a stretch, be advised that it is not. The system will be used to deny travel and educational opportunities to political dissidents. Canada seized the bank accounts and even the crypto accounts of the non-violent trucker protestors last winter. This kind of oppression will be easy to conduct once the new system is fully in place.

There will be only two ways to counter this tyranny short of a revolution. There is only one non-digital, non-traceable, non-hackable form of money you will be able to use and that is physical gold and probably silver. However, for these to work, there has to be an “underground economy” that will support its use. At present, these can be purchased in a certain manner to avoid this tyranny. Throughout recorded history, precious metals have always been the form of money of last resort that have been universally accepted in the toughest of times. But remember, FDR confiscated Americans’ gold reserves with the blessings of our “democracy.” In the assumption that first, an underground economy does exist and second, Americans are able to obtain and keep such “precious metals, the form called “junk silver” is the easiest modality to use in such situations, especially in everyday small transactions. Junk silver are US dimes, quarters, and half-dollars minted before 1965 when these coins actually contained 90% real silver.  They are sold in bags of $1,000 face value. Such bags are currently worth over $20,000 and their value will further skyrocket as conditions deteriorate! If this is the way you are going to go, it is imperative that you get started on a program to accumulate these assets right away if you have no program of “hard” money accumulation now.  It might pay to take some money you have in the bank or under your mattress and accumulate some junk silver with it now. More details on this strategy will be explored in future editions of the Freedom Movement Action Newsletter in articles labelled “Prepperism”. We have already posted two articles on prepperism in past issues of this newsletter.

The other option to survive in the coming cashless society will be to create local currencies enabled by a local trading system a/k/a: LETS – as in let’s do it! This type of system was used and was very popular in Canada at one time. LETS allows members to obtain goods and services through their local currency which is accepted by local retailers who are enrolled in the system. Members who provide goods and services are able to earn credits in the local currency which are expended within the local system. This type of system could not replace the conventional economy in its entirety, of course, but it would make living under the dictatorship bearable especially for those in more rural areas. This system is not to be confused with barter systems which are much more limited in applicability. This type of system is one that patriots should have been employing for generations now to help form viable and strong local communities based on shared values or important commonalities such as race, religion or ethnic group, such as what the Mennonites and Mormons employ to some extent now.  The potential for the state to break up or proscribe such groups is a real challenge but its efforts would be greatly lessened by the cohesiveness of such groups. However, the other day, it was reported that an Amish farmer has been fined many thousands of dollars as a result of his efforts to sell his produce. Never put anything mean, rotten, criminal and downright despicable as being beyond our political and social “leaders.”

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