Communism is not love.  Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy.  —Mao Zedong, Founding Father of The People’s Republic of China

It was time for his nation to transform itself into ‘a mighty force’ that could lead the entire world on political, economic, military and environmental issues. —China’s President Xi Jinping

It is a doctrine of war not to assume the enemy will not come, but rather to rely on one’s readiness to meet him; not to presume that he will not attack, but rather to make one’s self invincible. —Sun Tzu

President Trump is waging what the socialist main stream media is calling a “Trade War” with Communist Red China, who was given “Most Favored Nation” trade status, a requirement by members of the World Trade Organization.  Our President is the first to understand what China is actually up to, and how American tax dollars are building the Dragon into the dominant world power.  We must support him in this battle.

During the 2019 Phyllis Schlafly Gathering of Eagles, President Ed Martin told us about a meeting President Trump held regarding China.  A friend of Asia expert Brett Decker was at this meeting.  Decker is the author of Bowing to Beijing, a book I’ve read and written about. President Trump asked Decker’s friend why he wasn’t present and he was told that Brett had been banned from the White House.  The President slammed his fist on the table and said, “Get him here.”  I would hope President Trump immediately asked his staff for a list of people who are banned from the White House by the enemies of freedom who surround him.

The war President Trump is waging is not only with Red China, but with America’s globalist elite.

The Goals of Red China

Forty years ago, at a meeting of top Communist Party officials in Beijing, Deng Xiaoping began the process of turning China into a market-driven economy. That landmark moment changed the economic course of the world and created what has been called the largest wealth creation in history. Millions of farmers became factory workers and entrepreneurs, building a manufacturing powerhouse that lifted some 700 million people out of poverty. But in the process, they created monumental problems that plague the country today — terrible pollution, huge debt and ultimately a clash with the economic powers of the West.

China’s rise has been so rapid yet gentle in tone that it’s easy to miss how fast Beijing has expanded its ability to project power. The mesmerizing go-slow style of the pre-Xi years, summarized in the Chinese slogan “hide and bide,” has been replaced by what U.S. analysts now see as an open power play.

Panama Canal

Fifty-two years ago, in August of 1967, Phyllis Schlafly wrote Giveaway of our Panama Canal.   In this comprehensive overview, she explained that the Johnson Administration was planning to give away our Panama Canal via three treaties with Panama which were presented in a closed session of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on June 29, 1967.  The three treaties were not ratified, but laid the groundwork for the Carter administration to move ahead with the giveaway.  On September 7, 1977, President Jimmy Carter signed the Panama Canal Treaty and Neutrality Treaty promising to give control of the canal to the Panamanians by the year 2000.

Ultimately, the Carter treaty surrendered U.S. control over a maritime thoroughfare which Americans built over eight years, from 1906 to 1914, and which was essential to the U.S. militarily and commercially.

On October 20, 1999, Phyllis Schlafly wrote, “Jimmy Carter never would have been able to ram through his two treaties giving away our Panama Canal if the Senate in 1978 could have looked into the future and known that, when the U.S. Flag is lowered on December 31, 1999, Red China would become its gatekeeper.  Communist China wined, dined and bribed its way to unfair ownership of prime property at both ends of the canal. China gained military and economic supremacy over the canal directly from Panama’s Law No. 5 that passed on Jan. 16, 1997.”

The People’s Republic of China is the second most frequent user of the waterway. In May 2017, The Chinese Company- Landbridge Group signed a $900 million-dollar deal to control the Margarita Island Port, Panama’s largest port.

On June 16, 1998 Admiral Thomas H. Moorer, USN (RTD) gave testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  He said that on July 16, 1997, Senator Fred Thompson was quoted by the South China Morning Post as stating that China Resources, who owns a portion of Panama Ports Company was, “an agent of espionage – economic, military and political – for China.”

Panama was just the beginning of Beijing’s goals.

Owning the World

China is urging its companies to invest in infrastructure overseas as part of Beijing’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative to improve global trade links.  It consists of two parts: The “Belt,” which recreates an old Silk Road land route, and the “Road,” which is not actually a road, but a route through various oceans.  It is a development strategy adopted by the Red Chinese government involving infrastructure development and investments in countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.  In a 2017 speech, China President Xi Jinping said, “It was time for his nation to transform itself into ‘a mighty force’ that could lead the entire world on political, economic, military and environmental issues.”

The planned completion date is 2049.

Communist China is the greatest national security threat to America today and in the foreseeable future. At a major meeting in Beijing in 1994, China designated the United States as its primary global rival. China’s trade surplus with the United States, which is at the center of the tariff tussle, has widened to a record monthly high of $28.97 billion by selling their slave-labor products to Americans. With our money, they are building a modern war machine, buying up the world’s land and ports and America’s businesses.  Today New York’s Waldorf Astoria, JW Marriott Essex House and the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington, D.C. are now controlled by Beijing.

Red China Owned Ports

All Roads Lead to China is a report by Liz Uihlein of ULINE Plastics regarding the many ports owned by Chinese companies…and the rebirth of an ancient network of trade routes that connected the East and West.  China’s Silk Road was central to cultural interaction between the regions for many centuries. The Chinese took great interest in the safety of their trade products and extended the Great Wall of China to ensure the protection of the trade route.  In a bid to bolster its position as a maritime powerhouse, secure key supply chains, enhance its international trade capacities, and build up geo-economic leverage, China has been buying up the development and operational rights to a chain of ports that stretch from the southern realms of Asia to the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and even South America.

Uihlein’s report was shocking.

Darwin is a tropical port city in Australia’s Northern Territory.  Most of Australia’s natural resource exports such as oil, gas and gold ship from there.  Seventy-five percent of Australia’s exports now go to China.  In 2015, China signed a 99-year lease to control the port.  Not many Americans are aware of this.

The Port of Darwin is just one of dozens of ports Chinese companies control in over 30 countries.  They also control ports in Oman, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Cambodia.  It is part of their $1 trillion Belt and Road Initiative – an enormous network of land and sea routes connecting China to Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa.

Why does this matter? Because if you control the trade routes, you control the trade.  When these projects are done in 2025, China’s system of ports, railroads, pipelines and factories will cover more than 60 countries and touch 25 percent of all goods and services sent around the world.

In addition, China has built seven man-made islands in the South China Sea.  They have installed air and naval bases on them.  This aggressive move by China is getting a lot of countries riled up.

It seems as if it is now almost daily news to hear about how a Chinese state-owned shipping firm has purchased a seaport or won the rights to develop a new ocean or land terminal in another country. McConnell and Chao are reaping Communist Red China profits via Chao’s father, who owns China shipping company, Foremost Maritime Corporation.  China’s growing portfolio of international port holdings, which now spans the world with terminals in Greece, Myanmar, Israel, Djibouti, Morocco, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt, and around a dozen or so other countries. Americans need to know about these important Communist Chinese global affairs.

Chinese government-owned companies control terminals in the Port of Los Angeles and other West Coast ports including Long Beach, California.

Chinese Owned American Companies

Chinese investors and firm’s own a majority of 2,400 US companies employing 114,000 people, about the same number as the combined U.S. staffs of Google, Facebook and Tesla, according to data from Macro Polo.  Legislation needs to be passed to restrict China from buying American businesses.  Senator John Cornyn and Rep. Robert Pittenger are promoting this needed legislation.

China is now the largest group of foreign investors in U.S. real estate. Link  They are even buying up college campuses.

They are buying up the world, and China is investing heavily in Europe, in Latin America, and in Africa.

America Allowed Communist China’s Growth

The Pentagon put Korean War battle deaths at 33,652 and “other deaths” meaning deaths in the war zone from illness, accidents and other non-battle causes at 3,262. That yields a total of 36,914 American soldiers who died.

Truman had ordered MacArthur to Yalu, which is the river running between the border of China and N Korea.  But, in November and December 1950, hundreds of thousands of Chinese troops crossed into North Korea, they had been waiting in hiding.  The field commander captured a few of them and thought there was little resistance.  However, on 27 November 1950, the Chinese 9th Army surprised the US X Corps commanded by Major General Edward Almond at the Chosin Reservoir area. A brutal 17-day battle in freezing weather soon followed.

The Chinese flung themselves against the American lines, driving the U.S. troops back into South Korea. MacArthur said the Chinese attacked and should be rebuffed, but the Joint Chiefs of Staff said that would be getting us into WWIII. Had Democrat President Truman had a spine of steel, he would have deployed troops to destroy the Chinese who surprised and murdered so many American soldiers.  We are still paying today for Truman’s denial of MacArthur’s request.

National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger flew on secret diplomatic missions to Beijing in 1971, where he met with Premier Zhou Enlai. On July 15, 1971, President Nixon shocked the world by announcing on live television that he would visit the People’s Republic of China the following year.  Nixon dubbed his visit “the week that changed the world”, a descriptor that continues to echo in the political lexicon and reverberate in China’s growing dominance today.


Within the past several years, China has rapidly advanced its strategy to weaken the American dollar, destabilize our economy, and replace the United States as the dominant economic world power. The increasing Chinese ownership of American industry is actively weakening our country while diminishing our national security and self-reliance.

One area of concern for the Trump administration is the pace at which countries are breaking off diplomatic ties with Taiwan and normalizing relations with China.  Beijing refuses to maintain diplomatic ties with countries that recognize Taiwan, a self-ruling island of 23 million people off the mainland’s southeastern coast that the Chinese regime considers to be a renegade province. Taiwan has had longstanding diplomatic and economic ties in Latin America, but the trend is shifting in favor of Beijing.

President Trump has taken a strong stance on China, addressing the trade deficit and the country’s theft of American intellectual property. If Americans wish to curb Chinese influence on American commerce and our economic strength, we must follow President Trump’s lead.

We know China aims to subvert our world power and economic dominance. We must not let them.  Support our President in this endeavor!

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