By Lee Duigon

I’m not the only Christian blogger who’s seen his viewer numbers take a nosedive this year. It seems to have happened to most of us.

Why should that be? There are many of us, we all have different things to say—we can’t all have turned off our audience at the same time. My blog’s viewership has grown steadily over ten years; and suddenly in 2021, pop goes the weasel. But again, this is anything but rare.

There are Big Tech bad guys out there trying to suppress everybody’s opinion but their own, making the world safe for Far Left Crazy. They can’t just out-and-out ban us all. That might force Congress to take action. Much better, much safer, just to whittle us down by playing with the search engine rankings, or whatever it is they do, to make it harder for readers to find and read our posts. That’s how so many of us have wound up with only half the views we were getting just seven months ago.

But how can we go up against mindless algorithms employed by multi-billion-dollar oligarchies?

The same way David went up against Goliath.

There are many of us. And we’re the little guys. Some of us are downright microscopic. Why should Big Tech ever be afraid of us? Let the robots gag us.

But when you put a lot of little guys together, you get an army. An ant is a small thing, but army ants will scare anybody.

What if the world’s Christian bloggers came together to support each other? To set an example, I’ve been posting links to the work of other Christian bloggers—posting the links on my blog, , so that my readers, who wouldn’t ordinarily see these pieces by other Christian bloggers, will now be able to access them through my page. It costs nothing but a few minutes of my time, and it’s so easy to do, even I can do it.

What if you posted something and five different Christian bloggers picked it up and either reblogged it or linked to it? I hardly dare hope for ten, although it’s certainly possible. And if your post got just five more views on each of those other bloggers’ pages, you’d have 25 more views that you wouldn’t have gotten ordinarily. And if 25, why not 50? Last year I was getting 50 to 80 views of posts reblogged from other Christian sites. I think my colleagues were mighty pleased to get those extra views!

(It’s not as complicated as it sounds. If I can do it, you can do it, too.)

Why should we let these Big Tech bad guys suppress us? All we need is to come together in an informal network of mutual support. We only have to be successful enough to still be here by the time Christian-friendly, free-speech-friendly platforms become firmly established, and then we can go there.

This will be a revolution, and we need it: we can’t afford to let Silicon Valley leftids dictate the terms of our national discourse. Today’s redcoats work for Google and Facebook; and each of us must take up the work of Paul Revere. When they slap one of us down, let two pop up. Confront them with a Whack-a-Mole game that they can’t win.

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