by Rev. Austin Mile

AMHERST, MA. —This writer has always looked at New England as an area peopled with well read, well spoken, educated, talented folk. They know their history and who they are. One can have an intelligent conversation with anyone you meet there. Yet, Amherst, Massachusetts is the first to be cajoled into giving black folk what is called, “reparations.” That means a “debt” owed them due to, what is charged against all whites, the mistreatment of blacks hundreds of years ago. What??

What does this have to do with present day Amherst? Absolutely nothing. Yet, people today are said to be guilty of the perceived crimes of those in the past. No one has, or even presently, have relatives who participated in slavery from those early years of history. Indeed those relatives we have today were not even around during that time.

The blacks are using slavery as a device to pull this off and profit by it without having to go to work. Slavery took place in America more than two hundred years ago even though the world itself had slaves to do their work from the beginning of civilization but slavery is nowhere today except in Muslim countries. The Muslims, captured other blacks, sold them to greedy businessmen to take to England and the United States. So blacks betrayed fellow blacks to make a buck. Thus began slavery in the U.S.

Yet Americans are notified that all whites owe all blacks “reparations” due to an event that nobody had anything to do with during this day and age. Indeed most who are here today did not even have family that was involved in slavery. The blacks have been pushing this for several years, while at the same time staging riots, mass destruction of property and businesses, setting homes and businesses on fire and causing overall chaos, beating up and injuring masses of people. This is total savagery.

It is time to bring this up. How about blacks, such as BLM and Antifa gather some of their fortune and give reparations to the white people who have experienced destruction of their properties and businesses by blacks. This would be only fair. What was stolen by forceful looting alone could get everyone back on their feet.

And what about looting? Blacks create their own stereotype, indeed all of us do. If we were to ask who is known for looting during disasters and emergencies, what would it be, Irishmen or black folk? With no hesitation, the answer would be ‘black folk.’

It is too bad that black people have contributed to their own stereotypes with their lawlessness. They lost my support early on by their own conduct. I was the one who got black people placed in TV commercials. They never would have been used had it not been for me. They can never expect to get support when their conduct is so very uncivilized toward whites or anyone else.

And it is to be noted that it is the Communists who have fanned the flames between blacks and whites. They had in mind to take over the United States and put us all under the Red. Flag under Communist dominion. They divided the blacks and whites, with the mantra, “To Divide is to Conquer. ” In this case, turning the people against one another based on race worked out perfectly and has worked well for the enemy for centuries and weakened our country.

The Communist Party intends to take over our country. That has been their goal from the beginning. The only country standing in the way of the ONE WORLD ORDER, was the United States, since the reds know the power of the church and they know that a Christian mind cannot be enslaved. This is why there has been so much attacks upon the Christian Churches in America. The church is considered a threat to the entire Communist Party.

Canada has gone from socialist to downright Communist, and churches are being raided during services and pastors dragged out, under arrest, by the Nazi Gestapo.

It is interesting to note that both BLM (black lives matter) and Antifa are both Communist organizations which will answer several questions. Also, BLM and Antifa are very wealthy.

Blacks want to get by as easy as possible. I once called a black man who I had trained in a ministry class and asked if he would go out into the field with me on a certain day. He said, “Why yes”! I told him to meet me at 7:30 the next morning at a pancake house. He tightened up and said, “Seven Thirty?” “Yes, 7;30.” “Ahhhh…NO….that’s too much like going to work.” And that’s the story.

So I found a white minister who was more than happy to spend a day in ministry with me. Now remember, it was the actual black slaves who did the work during those early days here. The ones today demanding “reparations”, which is an outrage, had no part in slavery or the forced work involved. But they want to be paid for it anyway as though they did. They actually feel that white people OWE all blacks everything they have and will have.

This writer can all but guarantee that when this reparation insanity continues, they will keep asking for more and more money to soothe their past ‘suffering.’

I started this column with my admiration for the intellect and well read people in New England. I need to do some editing of that first part of the story.

The town council of Amherst voted unanimously that this ‘reparation’ money be put in a special account to give each black person, again, $210.000 each. This is considered, ‘reparations’ to it’s black residents.’ This is not a one time idiotic decision. This is the official beginning of it.

However, Amherst’s town finance officials, agreed to put $210,000 for each black into an account later this year. This means that spending priorities, like local police will put hardship on the department as they will have to cut police officers to a bare minimum. And remember, this is only the beginning. And frankly it is outrageous. Then enters every criminal to the area to loot and destroy with no police force to stop them.

The Communists are making certain that all American History should be erased from public examination. That is another part of taking over a country. Destroy their history. The statues of prominent confederate army officers must be torn down and taken out of sight. Doesn’t matter what side the military was on, Those men’s statues affirm the history of this nation. Can’t even the worst imbecile understand this? Meanwhile the Communists who intend to run this country love us since we do everything they want us to do.

Now, back to the top: My opening paragraph states: “This writer has always looked at New England as an area peopled with well read, well spoken, educated talented folk. They know their history and who they are.” I respectfully request that, that opening statement be stricken from the record.

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