“The Muslim Brotherhood’s infiltration of the Washington establishment is remarkable by any standard. Former FBI Special Agent John Guandolo noted in October 2011: “What we’re seeing not just inside the White House, but inside the government entities, the national security entities, the State Department – is a strong push by the Muslim Brotherhood to get their people not just into operational positions, but policy positions – deeper, long term, bureaucratic positions.” —Robert Spencer, Muslim Brotherhood in America

“Barbarism will bring you no glory, evil will bring you no dignity. If you choose the path of terror, your life will be empty, your life will be brief, and your soul will be condemned… Heroes don’t kill innocents, they save them.” —President Donald J. Trump

Violent jihad is easy to identify and obvious in the danger it presents, we’ve seen it time and time again in Orlando, at Ft. Hood, the Boston Marathon, Chattanooga, San Bernardino, etc., all of which occurred while Obama was President.

And the democrat appointed leftist judges on our federal courts don’t want us to stop importing these barbaric savages who kill innocents in the name of their false god.  Even with the alleged vetting of refugee immigrants, we end up with the likes of Tun Lon Sein who is in custody and facing federal charges after he caused a nasty incident in Charlotte, NC.  But the stealth of civilization jihad is far more dangerous and it has already made vast inroads.

Please check out Devvy Kidd’s latest article regarding George Washington’s vision, her insight is brilliant.

What is Civilization Jihad

Civilization jihad is by its nature and design a subtler, but truly more dangerous threat in the long run. It aims to transform a society from within so it can eventually be brought under Islamic law.

Since the goal is the overthrow of the society and its existing government and laws, civilization jihad can be a “pre-violent” preparation for violent jihad or if successful enough, it may well achieve the desired end on its own.

The term “civilization jihad” is our enemy’s own name for efforts to subvert our society from within using the very freedoms they will then take away.

We’ve all seen it, the attempts to subvert government officials and to prevent Americans from speaking about Islam and violent jihad.  We’ve seen courts actually approve the spreading of Sharia law where it’s becoming normalized and accepted, and now we’re even seeing Islamic female mutilation being demanded in America.

Muslim leaders and organizations are seeking to transform how the intelligence community, Defense Department, police, schools, universities, etc. speak about jihadist threats to America’s liberties.

And Obama has helped them by expanding the Muslim population in America, as we’re a targeted country.  They do not assimilate in communities.  Civilization jihadists will use political correctness, lawsuits and damage to careers of American officials who do not tow the Islamic line.

For those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, it is everywhere in our society.

Civilization Jihad Exposed in 2008 Trial

In the 2008 terrorism trial United States v. Holy Land Foundation, a document written by senior Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood leader, Mohammad Akram, was entered into evidence.  It was called, An Explanatory Memorandum: On the General Strategic Goal for the Group

It states that the purpose of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America is “a Civilization-Jihadist Process.”  They are conducting a “grand jihad in eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within, and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believer so that it is eliminated.”

There you have it, and that is the inside plan for destruction of America, and yet we have fools in our judiciary, and throughout politics, who wish to stop our President from protecting American citizens against these savages who wish to overtake and control us with their political ideology.  Islam is not a religion, but it masquerades as one in order to overthrow and overtake all nations of the world.  Peace is not ever possible with Islam.

Muslim Congressmen

We already have two Muslim Congressmen as representatives, Keith Ellison elected in 2006 from Minnesota’s fifth district, and Andre Carson, elected in 2008 from Indiana’s seventh district.  Check the Ellison link, and then remember the Democrats almost made him chair of the DNC.

One has to ask just how ignorant of Islam the electorate in these districts has to be to put these kinds of infiltrating destroyers into our government, and of course, both are Democrats.  Carson is on our House Committee on Intelligence, and with his history of racist family ties, this does not bode well for American citizenry.

Grover Norquist

Grover Norquist is not only a long-time member of the Council on Foreign Relations, but he is also a member of the rightwing Council for National Policy and sits on the board of the NRA, who tried unsuccessfully to unseat him.  He is responsible for introducing the Muslim Brotherhood to President George W. Bush after 9/11.  He is also married to a Muslim woman and has allegedly converted to Islam.  He is the head of Americans for Tax Reform (ATR).

Norquist supported Obama’s amnesty for illegal aliens and has been a facilitator of Islamist infiltration of the right. Even fellow CNP member Joe Farah of World Net Daily wants to dump Grover from the so-called “Conservative Movement.” Norquist was staunchly against Arizona’s immigration law and totally supported the 13 story Ground Zero Mosque, and Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf.

He is also on the advisory board of GOProud, an organization of conservative gay Republicans, and the boards of the Hispanic Leadership Fund, the Indian-American Republican Caucus, and Michael Farris’s ParentalRights.org, an organization that wishes to add a Parental Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution via a Constitutional Convention.

For a full overview of Norquist’s Islamic activities, go here and here.  This is inside infiltration by one who claims to be “conservative.”

Tillerson’s State Dept.

A trusted Obama aide who once worked for an alleged Iranian regime lobbying group is one of the individuals in charge of Iran policy planning at the State Department under Secretary Rex Tillerson.

Sahar Nowrouzzadeh, the Iran director for Obama’s National Security Council (NSC), is now in charge of Iran and the Persian Gulf region on the policy planning staff at the State Department.  One of Nowrouzzadeh’s primary duties under President Obama was to promote initiatives that pushed the Iran deal.  With other high ranking staff, she helped to craft false narratives on the Iran deal to sell to the American public.

Nowrouzzadeh is a former employee of the National Iranian-American Council (NIAC), a non-profit that is accused of being a lobbying group for the Iranian regime. NIAC’s current president, Trita Parsi, has long held close relationships with top officials in the Tehran dictatorship. In February, a group of over 100 prominent Iranian dissidents called for Congress to investigate NIAC’s ties to the Iranian regime.

Why Secretary Tillerson has decided to keep on a chief Obama policy official remains unclear.  Does our President know?

Generals Mattis and McMaster

 When Mattis tried to get Democrat Michele Flournoy, a former appointee under both Clinton and Obama, that was outrageous enough, and Flournoy would have been Hillary Clinton’s Secretary of Defense. She was an Obama/Hillary hack. Having her as Deputy Secretary of State in an administration trying to move on from those failed policies was wildly wrong. But Mattis nearly quit because Team Trump wouldn’t let him have her.  Then came an even worse choice by Mattis.

He chose Anne Patterson, an Islamist shill who had to be removed from Egypt after widespread public outrageThis is why.

Patterson demanded that Egypt’s recently appointed Supreme Commander of the Egyptian Armed Forces, General Abdul Fatah al-Sisi, release all Muslim Brotherhood members currently being held for questioning.  She even asked the lawyer for the Copts to tell them not to participate” in the demonstrations against Morsi and the Brotherhood.  Link  Trump pushed back, and Mattis withdrew her name.

Remember that both Sec. of Defense Mattis and NSA Chief McMaster abhor the words, “radical Islamic terrorism.” McMaster actually tried to stop our President from using these words in his speech to the joint session of Congress, but Trump spoke them loudly and clearly.

NSA General H. R. McMaster, may be a commendable warrior but one who is lodged firmly in the Bush/Obama see-no-Islam mindset, which is at odds with Trump’s oft-stated determination to recognize the connection between Islam and terrorism. McMaster, like Obama, has also stated that the Islamic state is not Islamic.

The Pentagon

The Pentagon has agreed to formally review an anti-terror training program taught to special forces by a private contractor for material deemed offensive to Islam and Muslims, even though the Muslim group that lodged a complaint against the allegedly “Islamophobic” program has been accused by the Justice Department of supporting terrorism and is currently banned from outreach activities by the FBI.  Link  They’re being told by the very terrorist enemy we’re fighting that they cannot describe truthfully what and who is responsible for terrorism!

We also now have Muslim Chaplains in our military, some of them with deep ties to radical Islamic terrorism, such as Rafael Lantigua.  Air Force brass recently learned of his radical associations, apparently for the first time.  There are now 10 Muslim military chaplains, 5 of whom are in the Army.  How do they lead and counsel Christians or Jews?

Remember Nidal Malik Hasan, 46, an American-born Muslim of Palestinian heritage? He is the former Army Medical Corps psychiatrist and jihadist who fatally shot 13 people and injured more than 30 others in the Fort Hood mass shooting on November 5, 2009, for which he was convicted in a court martial and sentenced to death.

American Education Promotes Islam

Iowa State University actually gave International Studies students an assignment to write a paper that gives an historical account of 911 from the perspective of the terrorist network. [Link]

A Detroit-area school system has branded itself a “safe haven” for refugees and immigrants.[Link] Hamtramck Public Schools will provide “community resources” and “access to legal services” for any families negatively impacted by President Trump’s policies, according to a statement published in a Detroit newspaper.  “All Hamtramck schools are safe havens with a commitment to help all immigrant families connect with the needed resources to avoid deportation,” Superintendent Thomas Niczay told the Detroit News.  This city was once populated by Polish, but has been fully transformed, like so many other American towns and cities.

In Texas, Liberty High School’s prayer room, which is reportedly dedicated to students who practice Islam, allows the students to pray at the school on Fridays instead of leaving to say their required prayers. The letter cites the school’s own news site, which focused on the prayer room.  The prayer room is not available to other faiths, only to Islamists.  The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that, “One religious denomination cannot be officially preferred over another.”

In Lumberton, Texas, high school girls were made to wear burqas as part of a rotten CSCOPE study of Islam.  One student quoted the teacher as saying, “We are going to work to change your perception of Islam.”  The teacher in the burqa lesson, according to a student, also said, “I do not necessarily agree with this, but I am supposed to teach you that we are not to call these people terrorists anymore, but freedom fighters.” [Link]

In a Chatham, New Jersey middle school, they were using a cartoon video to teach the Five Pillars of Islam to seventh-grade students.  Seventh graders in this school are taught: “May God help us all find the true faith, Islam.”  Also taught in the video is the Shahada, which is the Muslim prayer of conversion, “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.”  The parents say no other religion is taught nearly to this level of detail in the “world cultures and geography” class.

The parents wanted to know who picked the curriculum, who picked the video and the accompanying PowerPoint. None of their concerns have been addressed by the school board or the superintendent.  Thomas More Law Center is representing the parents. [Link]

Teacher Michael DeNobile in Oswego County, New York, gave his students an assignment asking students to argue in favor of exterminating Jews.  It sounds incomprehensible, but New York education commissioner, Mary Ellen Elia, speaking in Syracuse, NY, defended the teacher’s assignment asking students to argue in favor of exterminating Jews. [Link]

Stealth Jihadists

Jihad includes ideological, cultural, demographic, diplomatic, psychological and economic warfare, and above all disinformation to confuse infidels about the threat they face.  Legal endeavors, civil rights initiatives, media campaigns – all these and more are the weapons of the stealth jihadists, chosen precisely because without other pieces of the puzzle, they don’t appear to be weapons at all, or part of any cumulative effort.  I’ve touched on just the very tip of this huge iceberg.

It is why our President seeks to limit incoming refugees and to thoroughly vet those who enter, and we must demand that Congress help him.  Robert Spencer’s book, Stealth Jihad, is a must read for every American concerned about our culture, freedom, and safety.

P.S.  George Soros’s money has had a lasting effect on America.  Think of Ferguson and Baltimore, not to mention the 2016 Presidential campaign, where he spent millions to pay those who rioted.  Certainly there are some true conservatives with cash in their pockets to help the David’s fight the Goliaths, but instead we subsist on small donations from our readers who truly love America.  We thank and bless our readers for any and all donations, knowing that every penny is helping us to bring the truth into your mailbox every morning.  You can send any donations here.

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