[Note: I write this with the Las Vegas mass shooting in its early stages of news coverage, too early for me to comment on it. You can expect to hear some pretty wild things, the next few days, from others less cautious.]

Five hundred years ago, the only Europeans allowed to do business in Japan were a few Dutch traders, the Tokugawa government having chosen to isolate their country from the world. Above all, they wished to keep out Christianity.

One of the conditions the traders had to meet, before getting down to business, was a requirement that they trample on a crucifix, satisfying the authorities that they weren’t Christian missionaries. This went on until the U.S. Navy invited itself into Japan and brought about the fall of the government and Japan’s belated entry into the modern world.

We have no Tokugawas in the United States Senate, but we do have Democrats—and they seem to be trying to make the renouncing of one’s Christian faith a precondition to holding any kind of public office. Leading the charge are avowed socialist Bernie Sanders—currently the odds-on favorite to be the God-Booing Party’s next presidential candidate—and Diane Feinstein from the coven on San Francisco Bay. They haven’t yet demanded that any of President Trump’s prospective appointees trample on the cross, for all to see: but give them time, they’re working their way to it.

In this secular inquisition, the technique is to get the witness to admit that he or she’s a Christian and then go on to proclaim, in Bernie’s words, that basic Christian theology is “indefensible” and “hateful” and “Islamophobic,” etc., and therefore the nominee is all those things and doesn’t belong in public office in America.

Unless, of course, he’s willing to confess that the ordinary tenets of the Christian religion are fundamentally untrue and he doesn’t really believe in them anyway.

If we may be permitted to inject a note of logic here, not generally allowed in a Senate confirmation hearing, all religions, including Christianity, make exclusive truth claims. There really is no point in being a Christian if you’re going to agree that all these other religions, which contradict it, are just as true as Christianity.

Even less welcome than logic, in this debate, is Article VI of the Constitution, which bars the imposition of any kind of “religious test” as a prerequisite to holding public office. But we know what Democrats think of the Constitution.

Bernie and Co. are trying to impose just such a test. Unless the nominee confesses belief in the Democrat religion of secular humanism—with its Deluxe Fun-Pack of Islamophilia and open borders, and the embrace of its secular sacraments of abortion, public sodomy, transgenderism, and Bible-bashing—the nominee must be rejected.

Feel the love, baby.

Meanwhile, in Australia, the “No to Gay Marriage” campaign has been barred from airing an ad displaying the kind of abusive language, including threats of violence, that they have to put up with from the “Yes” campaign. It’s okay for the Yessies to abuse the No’s, but not okay for the No’s to report it to the voters. And I’m so glad I’ve cleared that up for you.

Throughout what is now laughingly called “the Free World,” coercion’s on the march. Religious tests are all the rage, and theirs, the leftids’, is the only creed allowed. Anyone who doesn’t obediently jump aboard the bandwagon is going to be in for a very hard time.

Believe them when they say it—because they really mean it.

These people cannot be appeased.

With God’s help, they must be utterly defeated. That, or lose our liberty.

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