Last year the government and church in Poland, for everyone to see, formally consecrated Jesus Christ as King of Poland, whose right it is to be king over all nations. Among the prayers offered up, during the ceremony in Krakow, was a plea to our Lord “to rule over our universities.”

Can you imagine the reaction, if such a prayer were offered here? Hillary Clinton would levitate. Barack Obama would sprout another head, with a horn in it. We would soon find out who rules over America’s universities—and it’s not Jesus Christ.

Evergreen State College is in the news again. The Washington State Legislature has not been able to pass a bill to de-fund the place, after Evergreen got famous for its “No whites allowed on campus” day, complete with threats of violence that a lot of folks found very credible. That was for “diversity,” in case you couldn’t guess.

Well, now it’s summertime, and time to give out grades for the last semester. With that in mind, the acting provost at Evergreen has asked the professors to go easy on the, er, students who didn’t do their classwork, or made a shambles of it, because they were too busy rioting—or, as the provost put it, “diverting time and energy from their academic work to promote institutional change and social justice”.

[Two-minute laugh and raspberry break]

Hot dog! Why don’t they start a Social Justice degree program? It could feature lots of hands-on courses: Keying Racists’ Cars 101, Setting Stuff on Fire, Busting Things Up, Throwing Rocks and Bricks at People and Property, A Mixologist’s Guide to Molotov Cocktails… Who said crime and vandalism aren’t intellectual pursuits?

At Evergreen they don’t seem to be the least bit worried about their college being de-funded. Either they’re dumber than they look, or they know their state legislature is full of hot air and nothing else. Besides, no Democrat politician would ever vote to put down campus riots. It would be against his religion.

But maybe they should be afraid, maybe they should worry. Maybe the party won’t last forever, after all.

Dr. Walter Williams last week, in a column for, put the lion’s share of the blame for this right where it belongs, pinning the tail squarely on the donkey’s butt:

“The primary blame for the incivility and downright stupidity in our universities lies with the universities’ trustees… they are little more than yes men for the university’s president and provost.”

He couldn’t be more right. The trustees control the universities’ finances. If they were to decide not to fund the stupidity anymore, and to stop paying the salaries of deans, professors, provosts, and presidents who foster it, the barbarism would be stopped in its tracks.

But they don’t. These, Dr. Williams explains, are business and civil bigwigs who are mostly busy getting rich, or richer, and are just “not interested” in the goings-on at their respective colleges. As long as they can have buildings named after them, with or without men’s rooms complete with tampon dispensers, they’ll just sit around and purr.

They are doing, by doing nothing but sign checks, a vast disservice to their country. They are starkly, boisterously derelict in their duty, and their country suffers for it. Really, they haven’t even begun to think about what is to become of these angry, feckless, pampered, ignorant “students,” once they’re too old to be in college anymore.

But these are the men and women with the power to put a stop to all this shameful and destructive nonsense.

Let us pray they use it.

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