FBI Director James (“Captain Courageless”) Comey, fired by President Donald Trump, sought his revenge on President Trump in testimony before the Senate investigating committee on June 8, 2017, resulting in wall-to-wall television and a tsunami of liberal media and political “spin.”

Comey’s anticipated “bomb shell” testimony to destroy President Donald Trump — prayed for by liberal media, which even had a “count down” of the time before broadcast of Comey’s testimony as if as important as “Watergate” —  simply fizzled. 

If anything, Comey vindicated President Trump (discussed below), while exposing himself and the nature of the federal government bureaucracy. 

Thus, the  most valuable thing about fired FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before the Senate investigating committee on June 8  was not that he exposed Donald Trump — he didn’t. It  was that Comey  exposed before the entire nation the integrity-corrupting impact of living life and making a career in governmental bureaucracy. 

That is, for anyone who needed proof, Comey exposed, and proved beyond a reasonable doubt what really matters to bureaucrats in the government bureaucracy: It is first and foremost, “CYA” to protect your government position and power, no matter the cost to integrity.

This is why Comey would rush to write “memos-to-self” after meetings or phone conversations with President Trump.  This is a bureaucracy-wide tactic by which bureaucrats protect themselves in the event that they face later adverse employment circumstances or threats thereof. 

I do not write this on speculation: As a workers rights attorney, I have represented thousands of rank-and-file government employees in “blue collar class” positions against abuses of managerial bureaucrats for decades, and know the bureaucracy for its true corrupting nature. 
Most public sector employees enter government service with a sincere desire to “help people,” as they will all tell you. However, the nature of the bureaucracy itself soon causes them to adapt CYA as a way of survival and to get ahead in the bureaucracy. Bureaucrats have long memories and sharp knives, and are obsequious to superiors and tyrants to subordinates. It is not long before “public service” in the government becomes personal advancement in the bureaucracy, CYA is a rule of survival, and integrity is diminished if not destroyed, as exemplified by Comey, who would end as a venomous, reptilian “leaker” to the media to benefit himself, only after he was fired.

It has been said that security makes cowards of us all. That is absolutely true of those, like Comey, who live their lives and make their careers in the government bureaucracy. Most prefer the security of government employment in the wealth-consuming public sector, rather than the risks of success in the wealth-producing private sector, often referred to as the “real world.”  

In short, the nature of the bureaucracy is corrupting. Period. Comey’s testimony is evidence of that enduring truth.

Indeed, Comey, in his nationally televised testimony, with angelic choir-boy innocent countenance, delivered himself before the nation and the world  of a long, pouty, self-serving bureaucrat whine that revealed Comey’s own lack of integrity, his admitted cowardice when faced with ethical choice, his vengeful “leak” to the N.Y. Times evidence of corrupted integrity.

 Comey exposed himself as a poseur of personal and governmental rectitude. He provided proof positive that he was and is in reality a slippery, slithering bureaucrat who made his way in the federal bureaucracy with reptilian skill, so without integrity that he would end by becoming a “leaker” himself to the N.Y. Times through a third party “friend,”  — although Comey, himself, as head of the FBI, had been charged with the duty of investigating  the “leakers” in the bureaucratic “deep state” who in violation of the law had used their federal positions to attack the Trump Administration to which they are politically opposed.

What an irony that a Bernie Sanders supporting leftist Democrat employed in the federal bureaucracy — a left over, like Comey, from the progressive liberal  regime of Barack Hussein Obama — is being prosecuted for leaking to the media after investigation by the FBI.  Yet James  Comey leaks the content of a memo written by Comey, in the course and scope of his employment as bureaucrat  heading the FBI, on a government-issued device, concerning a communication with the President of the United States. Comey’s assertion that document somehow became his private property because he was fired is an utter absurdity, and cannot excuse “leaking” it surreptitiously to the N.Y. Times. 

It is no wonder that the American public distrusts government, especially the distant Federal Government in which bureaucrats like Comey have established themselves in effect as a “National Government” over the States instead of a limited government of federated sovereign States. 

Here is Comey, a public servant who admits his “cowardice” in taking  no action whatsoever against what he now says in Senate testimony that he thought to be wrongful conduct by President Trump in expressing a “hope” that an investigation of Michael Flynn would be “let go,” an investigation at that time which was only about Trump firing Flynn for not being truthful in reporting to Vice President Pence about his contact to the Russian Ambassador.

Further, Comey casually testified that Obama-appointed AG Loretta Lynch ordered him not to call his “investigation” of Democrat Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton an “investigation,” but, rather a “matter,” which is what Hillary Clinton’s campaign called it. Comey testified that he questioned Lynch’s directive, thought it was a lie, because the FBI was in fact conducting an “investigation.” Nowithstanding, he   cowardly, wilted and followed Lynch’s order to call the “investigation” a “matter,” thereby deceiving the American public.

It has to be asked—will the media and Democrats in Congress now be an investigation of former AG Loretta Lynch, the “First Black Woman To Be Attorney General? Will Comey be investigated for carrying out her order to lie to the American people?

Further, throughout his testimony, Comey, a bureaucratic knife-fighter of the first order, testified with choir-boy innocence of so often being “confused,” or “concerned,” or intimidated in the presence of President Trump or on the phone with him, even admitting he was not “strong” enough to do the right thing, so “confused” that just saying “no” or otherwise objecting to President Trump or AG Lynch  “never came to my [his] mind.”

Consider: Comey is the man who was supposed to stand up as FBI Director to protect the American people from: Islamist terrorists. Gangsters. Heinous murderers, rapists, and other criminals. Wealthy, politically-connected “white collar” criminals with ties to such things as the Clinton Foundation, or former Nazi collaborator George Soros and his multi-headed “Open Society” pouring billions into creating a Socialist America. Or corruption in government. Or “leakers.”   This is the man who with Boy Scout  persona held himself out as the only person in Washington of such high integrity he could be trusted?

In conclusion, Comey did not expose President Trump of wrongdoing. Instead, he exposed himself, and the bureaucracy itself.

As to President Trump, and to Comey, himself, consider the following points in which Comey  confirmed. unequivocally that:    

First, Comes confirmed that President Trump was telling the truth when Trump said Comey had informed Trump three times that Trump was not under investigation in the Russian-Election Collusion Matter. Trump, himself never was under investigation, Comey testified. This destroys all of the Democrat Party/News Media defamatory rumor mongering attempting to convince Americans that Trump was under investigation and was attempting to impede or terminate that investigation.  

Second, Comey testified that in fact Trump not only did not attempt to interfere in the investigation into Russia’s acts to influence the election but that Trump actually told Comey it would “be good” if the investigation resulted in findings that one of “my [Trump’s] satellites” colluded with the Russians. This should end all of the daily claims that Trump colluded with “Putin” and the Russians–But will it?

Third, Comey testified that while FBI investigation showed that Russia attempted to interfere in the U.S. elections, the investigation did not find evidence that a single vote was changed because of Russia’s acts.   

Fourth, Comey  testified that Trump only stated to him, one time, early on, shortly after Trump fired Michael Flynn for not truthfully reporting to Vice President Pence, that “I [Trump] hope” that Comey would let go of that because Flynn was a “good guy.” That’s it. Nothing more than that has been the basis of all the media and Democrat Party preoccupation. Comey’s only reply was, he testified,  that ,yes, he, too, believed Flynn was a good guy.

Fifth, notwithstanding, Comey testified now that he thought that Trump’s expression of a “hope” was in fact a “directive” from Trump to drop the investigation , and was wrong. It was so wrong that he rushed out to memorialize it in a memo-to-self on his government provided device in case Trump later would “lie” about it. But, as noted above, all that Comey said to Trump in fact was to agree that Flynn was “a good guy.” He didn’t question Trump as to his meaning. He didn’t tell Trump he interpreted “hope” as a directive and seek objection or object to what Trump was said. Where was Comey’s integrity not to in any manner object to Trump if he thought what Trump said was objectionable? 
Further, on questioning, Comey testified that Trump did not use any words actually in the nature of directing or ordering him to terminate any investigation of Flynn. 
Moreover, Comey testified that Trump never again raised any issue with Comey about Flynn, at any time, in any circumstance. Nor did Comey ever after express to President Trump that Comey objected to Trump’s expression of “hope” as improper or objectionable, or even express that Comey felt uncomfortable with that statement.  
Comey also admitted, when questioned, that he knew of no case, ever, in which anyone was prosecuted for “obstruction of justice” for expressing a “hope” that one thing or another might happen.

Sixth, It must be emphasized: 
First, if Comey believed at any time that President Trump had acted to obstruct justice, by expressing a “hope” or otherwise, Comey had a legal duty at that time to report that to the Department of Justice. He didn’t. If he really believed the President had issued a directive obstructing justice and Comey didn’t report it, Comey  should be prosecuted. Period.
Second, Comey testified that he gathered together all the top leaders of the  FBI and told them what President Trump had said. If any one of them, or all of them, believed what President Trump said was an obstruction of justice, each had the same duty as Comey—a duty to report it. No one did. Each or all, the entire group of them, therefore, should be prosecuted.
Third, remarkably, notwithstanding that he testified he believed he interpreted Trump’s statement of a “hope” as a “directive” to drop the investigation not a mere “hope,” Comey testified flatly, without condition or equivocation, that had Trump not fired him, Comey would have stayed on as FBI director. Got that? This  alone is dispositive evidence of the absence of integrity, and credibility, of James Comey

Seventh, finally, Comey destroyed any credibility he may have had when he testified he surreptitiously “leaked” through a third-party to the N.Y. Times information obtained in the course and scope of his official duty involving privileged communication with the President. He should be investigated by a Special Prosecutor, and prosecuted, like any other leaker. The information was on and from a government document. The fact that Comey kept it after he fired did not convert it from a government to a private document.

Finally, June 10, 2017,  on the day after Comey’s testimony, President Donald Trump met with and held a press conference with the Secretaries of Transportation and the Interior. President Trump announced an innovative dynamic and dramatic change in the way Washington will do business regarding issuing permits by bureaucrats to citizens in order to facilitate a great construction boom on the nation’a infrastructure. 

President Trump also held meetings and a press conference with the President of Rumania strengthening relations between the two nations, including particularly economic matters, fighting terrorism, and funding and strengthening NATO. 

In short, President Trump concentrated on matters important to the nation, and carrying out the duties he was elected to carry out to improve America.

Meanwhile, the media, at the press conferences, and in their written and broadcast journalism, concentrated  on the testimony of Comey, the admitted “leaker,”even though he testified that so many of their news reports that President Trump was under investigation, or that the investigation had found collusion with Russia in the election, were “wrong,” including “totally wrong.”

© 2017 Rees Lloyd – All Rights Reserved

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