On June 8, 2017, former FBI Director James Comey will once again testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee, somewhat of a contradiction in terms itself. The swamps massive PSYOP to remove President Trump from office by any means necessary, takes center stage again in Senate hearings.

At the start of this circus, Obama CIA Director Brennen has been identified as the person who created the Russia-Trump narrative. Brennen gave that PSYOP file to Sen. John McCain who in turn, gave the file to James Comey at the FBI.

The anti-American “fake news” media is promoting the upcoming Comey testimony as if it were the political super bowl of all time, complete with their “guide how to watch,” yet another PSYOP effort to prepare the jury (you) ahead of the big show by planting in your mind, “what Comey will say” in advance. How do they already know what Comey will say? Who told them? Did they violate laws or “taint the jury” by publicly disclosing testimony not yet given?

All of the “fake news” reports have been launched by The Washington Post (WaPo), which is owned by Jeffrey Bezos of Amazon.com, where Clinton campaign manager John Podesta also resides. Meet the real WaPo, fake news ground zero. Keep in mind that Bezos was also awarded a $600 million contract with the CIA via Brennen, to build and host a CIA “cloud.” Also remember that over 90% of all Federal employee campaign donations went to Hillary Clinton in 2016.

The so-called investigation now seems to revolve around recent statements that Trump tried to stop the Russia investigation in a private meeting with Comey, an event that Comey allegedly notated in his person files after that meeting. Although it has been widely reported by the leftist media, no one has actually seen that note-to-self, if it exists at all, when it was written or whether or not any such request by Trump was ever made.

However, Comey has a problem in this effort to “get Trump” – In his sworn testimony of May 3, 2017, Comey unequivocally stated that “no one ever tried to stop the Russia investigation.” When asked, Comey stated that “Trump never asked him to alter the investigation.”

Then you have the statements of Senators Grassley and Feinstein, both of whom are on record stating three critical facts per Comey, Trump is not under investigation, no one asked the FBI to impede any investigations and there is no evidence of any Trump campaign collusion in Russia election hacking.

Further, the firing of James Comey while he was three-thousand miles away speaking at a FBI recruitment event in California, allowed the Department of Justice to seize all of Comey’s files and computers back at FBI HQ. Comey had been playing political gate-keeper of truth and justice on behalf of Obama and the Clinton’s for many years. All of it is now in the hands of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, all of it…

The media frenzy over Comey’s upcoming testimony clearly indicates that the NeverTrumpers think they can smell blood in the water. They are circling Trump like a school of great whites that hadn’t had a meal in months. But is there really any blood in the water?

If Comey is entering the hearing with revenge in mind, Comey could hang himself in the end. Clearly, someone has been lying…

The potential for Comey to be caught in a perjury trap, or disclosing classified information in a televised hearing, is huge. He will have to choose every word very carefully. When the lights, camera, action come up… and the show begins, Comey will sit in the spotlight with eyes around the world looking on.

The anti-Trump media will be looking for anything they can spin into a justification for impeachment. Pro-Trump viewers will be glued to their TVs hoping to see Comey lynch himself. It’s high drama, the likes of which even Hollywood could never create.

In the end, what are we likely to learn?

Once again, we are likely to learn that James Comey should have never been trusted at the helm of the FBI to begin with, and should have been fired the minute Trump was sworn into office. We might also learn just what kind of swamp creature Comey really is…

As for the so-called investigation – we are not likely to learn anything new, unless Comey decides to contradict his prior testimony in a vengeful act, in which case, we will see if the Senate Intelligence Committee will hold Comey accountable for perjuring himself in a coordinated effort to “get Trump.”

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