The Revolutionary Communist Party of America launched an advertising campaign at the University of California in Los Angeles in early May by chalking and distributing signage on concrete sidewalks and elsewhere in an effort to recruit college students to subscribe to their communist ideology.  Even after being asked by staff and housing officials to stop their activities, the group distributed a Manifesto condemning Capitalism (meaning competitive Free Enterprise Capitalism.) Monopoly Capitalism is Fascism, “The merger of corporate and state power,  Mussolini.” said Robert D. Gorgogllione, Sr.

The Communists remained in the campus dorm, known as “The Hill” for several hours before leaving displaying a white board which bore the message, REVOLUTION IS THE ONLY SOLUTION. Regulations forbid using housing space without permission, chalking and signing on The Hill without UCLA approval…but there exists no process for sanctioning non-resident violations.  Robert inquires why Communism should not be permanently expelled from the University Campus?  He asks, if we could not and cannot tolerate Nazism, why do we tolerate Communism which has murdered at least 150 million human beings since the October “Bolshevik” Communist Russian Revolution of 1917!

I have the same questions. One of my first articles for News With Views in October 2003 was entitled, “Is Communism Dead?” But rather the MSM doing some investigating on the subject, they chose instead to smear long time Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy who claimed college campuses were a hotbed of communist professors who indoctrinate and turn out journalists who continue to hide the truth about communism while defaming McCarthy.


My May 20, 2019 New American magazine arrived and along with ten pages on The Age of Artificial intelligence which is here,  a lady in one whole page describes how her Al Alexa plans her day from awakening until bed that included her shower, coffee and a driver to work and when she got to work her Al  assistant’s voice came from the speaker on the computer terminal in front of her that said  “Please turn in your ID and exit the building, your services are no longer required.” Must I say more?  Alex Trevek on Jeopardy is close to retirement and he introduced his Alexa a few shows ago that will ask the contestant’s questions. [Link]

“And the Lord spoke all these words: I am the Lord thy God, who brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. Thou shalt not have strange gods before me. Thou shall not make to thyself a graven thing, nor the likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or in the earth beneath, nor of those things that are in the waters under the earth. Thou shalt not adore them, nor serve them: I am the Lord thy God, mighty, jealous, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, unto the third and fourth generations of them that hate me.”

Some have suggested we are more than one full year into that Biblical Seven Year Tribulation and we should flee but there is no place to hide. In addition, humans are already being kept from understanding how ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE is working, how can we hope to understand, much less control, the increasingly intelligent AI of the near future? Or is it already too late? Get the magazine. It’s well worth the $3.95 for one copy plus postage. Phone 920-749-3784 [Link] Our only option: REPENT! John 3:16


God said in Genesis 1:3 as He was creating the world, “Let there be light” and so it was. President Reagan said, “Take down this wall” to the communist and miraculously, the Berlin Wall, which stood for 28 years, the ultimate symbol of humanity of communism, came tumbling down like Humpty Dumpty or at least we thought only to learn years later it was just another lie.  President Obama in 2009 and the administration knew the lies behind all this but could care less because they also know most Americans are too busy to care.  We are too busy to research real science and find out this total fraud…UNTIL OUR OX IS GORED. [Link]

But meanwhile, back in the REGRESSIVE TOTALITARIAN MARXIST STATE OF OREGON the totally out numbered Republican Party in the legislature are fighting to stop the many Marxist Democrat bills that include a 40% property tax increase on homeowners if lawmakers remove the Measure 5 property tax cap. Then there are the SIN TAXES – $800 million beer, wine, tobacco & soda and a proposed 15-cent gas tax increase. The $600 million carbon tax (HB 2020) is expected to raise gas taxes by 15 cents – that’s on top of the 12-cent tax increase two years ago.. To add insult to injury, the Taxpayer Association of Oregon says the politicians refuse to call a tax a tax. Instead they are calling it a ‘CARBON CAP AND INVEST’ BILL AND A ‘GREEN JOBS BILL’…THAT MAGICALLY RAISES $700 MILLION! The Carbon Tax is also projected to raise natural gas prices by 11%.

And then they want to steal our $336 kicker tax refund. The Constitution requires over-collected tax revenue to be returned to taxpayers. Right now, the Oregon Legislature is sitting on a pile of $686 million dollars of over-collected tax revenue (SJR 3). Oregonians have rejected a sales tax nine times but now this 2019 legislature as decided simply to hide the next sales tax – by charging business on their sales behind the scenes, instead of on the receipt where customers can see it.

The forcible vaccination bill drew crowds at the Capitol (HB 3063) regarding exemptions. Oregon became the first state to allow dentists to vaccinate children when Governor Kate Brown signed a bill on May 11th.

Then there are bills right now that would increase the tax rate of small businesses so that they would pay higher tax rates than large big corporations in Oregon (HB 2155, SB 211) and last but never least, since the 2019 Janus U.S. Supreme Court decision which gave government workers the right to choose to pay union dues or not, HB 2643 transfers responsibility to pay basic union dues for government workers to the government agencies where they are employed–taxpayer’s get the shaft again. And thanks to the FREEDOM FOUNDATION located at PO Box 552, Olympia, Washington 98507-9855 and in Oregon: PO Box 18146, Salem, Oregon 97305, thousands of state workers are opting out.

In Washington, D.C. our phone calls make a difference. Legislators consider one call to represent 10,000 people (who did not call) so keep both the rascals in D.C. and your own state elected officials on speed dial.


So, the GOP resorted to Walking Away to deny a quorum for the Democrats for four days in the middle of May hoping to get some concessions from Democrat Senate leader, Peter Courtney, a former lawyer, elected to Salem City Council 1974-1981andafter losing a bid for Congress in 1984, he landed an Administrative Position at Western Oregon State College where he was paid $30,000. He’s been in the Oregon legislature since 1981- all the more reason for Term Limits. He retired from Western Oregon University where he was an adjunct professor and assistant to President Mark D. Wiess.  When he first ran for the legislature, he ran as Peter Rabbit with a bunny suit and got elected. He’ll be collecting from his unconstitutional Public Employee Retirement System for his six years as a Salem Councilman, his administrative job at WOSC and now the Oregon legislature. (Check out the Bill of Rights, Section 20. Every home should have a current Oregon Blue Book on the library shelf from the Secretary of State. 503-986-1523. $20+ postage.)  It was noted in 1994 when lobbyists doled out a plethora of perks Courtney turned down most of the gifts and meal offers but lately he’s never felt shy of voting for tax increases and padding his own pockets with the bankrupt Ponsi PERS. [Link]


Now I’ve said all of the above to bring you to a man by the name of Ron Vrooman who calls himself a “spear carrier” but I call him a Pit Bull when he’s discovered something wrong in government, he tries to correct it.  And so it is. He claims we have color of law, a legal fiction on Oregon. It has been that way since Nov. 8, 1910. Article VII Amended our Oregon Constitution and was placed into our Constitution without one vote being counted in any county. It was done by Governor Frank W. Benson. He was Secretary of State at the same time – a Constitutional impossibility.  Ron says a number of years ago a fellow named Milt went to every county and got a signed document from the Election Clerks of each county. Ron says there are at least 3100 counties in America and people living in all of them. Those people need to do some research into their own county history to find out the actual status of their county government. Most likely, State of State franchises simply “moved in” after the Civil war and have operated like cuckoo birds in a robin’s nest ever since.

Ron then says the executive, legislative and judicial branch of the lawful government switched to color of law from rule of law. They have been that way since 1910. Their oaths are with the bogus amendment wording and he has pulled the oaths of all Washington County judges and has formed an Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly and Common Law Grand Jury.  In the meantime, the State of Oregon’s legislature, judiciary and executive refuse to self correct so they are Constitutional nullities. The facts are clear and the records are clear. It’s all published – misprision of felony – perjury of an Oath.

It should be noted that the Administrative Procedure Act of 1946 (Public Law 79-404) passed by Congress put the lawmaking bureaucracy into business called a democracy. When a state receives federal assistance, it yields that portion of federally-funded state activity to Federal rules and regulations – the federal control we distrust. The rise of the administrative state – the alphabet soup of federal regulatory agencies exercising unconstitutional power was planned and instituted by FDR and was modeled after plans by Mussolini and Stalin. [Link]

The Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly which he has so diligently managed to form with some other patriots nearly as dedicated has brought all of this to the attention of each sheriff and notified Governor Kate Brown, Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum and our recently appointed Secretary of State, Beverly Clarno since the death of Dennis Richardson. Republican Bev Clarno was House Speaker in 1995. Additionally, several State of Oregon Senators and Representatives, Cops, Clerks, DAs, etc. have also been notified and know the intention of Ron’s group.


He believes the only, allegedly, legitimate elected authority in Oregon are our Sheriffs so how do we get them to abide by their oaths? Under our current corrupt system, each one is an oath breaker and we encourage them to self correct or resign, he says as they are without honor if they can’t keep their oath. On behalf of the Oregon Statewide Jural  Assembly he says we look forward to a resolution to our unlawful corporate governance and a return to a Constitutional Republican form of government at the same time the Democrat Communist Party about to collapse has been attempting since the Trump election to over throw our government. John Brennan voted Communist in 1976, then entered CIA in 1980.

Ron is 80 years old, and claims to be neither an atheist nor a Christian, Jew or any known religion, but is thankful for the many great positive encounters he has experienced in his work to “clean the bastards out and re-constitute our Constitutional Republic form of government on our state.” He said he was LDS baptized at age 13 and when he told his grandpa, he said “that’s ok, it will wear off.” He attended a Lutheran college. It was in 2014 he began to find the truth and found the documents and read them several times. He said he was really smart when he joined the Navy in 1956 and was offered a Mensa membership. The VA tested him in April and found him still to be superior. His mother was Lt. Army Air Corps WWII.

I first met Ron on the Internet after my article about Salem Radio jock Jeff Kropf’s interview with the widow of Arizona rancher LaVoy Finicum when she came to Salem to file a wrongful death suit.  Jeff has been a six term Oregon legislator (1999-2007) and well versed in legislative back door tactics.

According to a February 22, 2016 New American magazine headline:  LaVoy Finicum SHOT, KILLED.  LaVoy was a spokesman for the armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife in eastern Oregon in January 2016 protesting among other things the unlawful imprisonment of Dwight Hammond, 76, and his son Steven Hammond, 49, who were convicted in a 2012 after a prescribed burn on their land spread to nearby public lands in 2001.


Finicum was shot dead at a roadblock by troopers of the Oregon State Police. He was driving a pickup truck with four passengers, including two women, all of whom were arrested and taken into custody. One of Finicum’s passengers, Ryan Bundy, a son of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, was wounded, reportedly in the shoulder, during the arrest.  Ammon Bundy, another son of Cliven Bundy and a leader of the occupation, was arrested, along with an additional passenger and driver of a second vehicle.  Two witnesses claimed LaVoy was shot with his arms in the air at the roadblock on U.S. 395 outside of Burns, Oregon. They were traveling with Finicum from the wildlife refuge to the town of John Day, Oregon, where the occupiers intending to meet with the Grant County sheriff and local ranchers. Oregon’s CEO, Governor Kate Brown gave the order that culminated in the murder of Robert Lavoy Finicum. Then she passed a statute exonerating the killers of any wrong doing and so went the legislature and the judiciary, “Repugnant,” says Ron.

When a people lose their moral compass – their fixed standards of right and wrong, wrote David Whitney in his article regarding the federal land grab, a terrible plague descends upon the land.  It is heartening when Truth and Justice win out and such was the case.  U.S.  District Judge Gloria M. Navarro cited multiple egregious abuses by federal authorities in her declaration of a mistrial on December 20, 2017 but left open the possibility of another retrial. Later the president pardoned the Hammonds.  In the meantime, Arin Marcus, an Oregon city resident has launched another effort to recall Governor Kate Brown who he blames for Robert Lavoy Finicum’s death in 2016. For more information contact him at SAFER OREGON POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE.  He has about 100 email subscribers plus FACEBOOK

On May 30 at the Archives Bldg in Salem people will be attending a public records demand. Was there a citizen ballot initiative to place Article VII amended on the ballot Nov. 8, 1910?  If yes, provide the details. If not, then it must have come from the legislature through the governor to the Secretary of State. The State of Oregon, the corporate governance in Salem, needs to provide its bona fides. How and when did Oregon lose its sovereign entity and become a corporation and deprive us of our Constitutional Republican form of Government? Contact Ron Vrooman at if you want to join his group in the records search on May 30.

In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man and brave, hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot /S/ Mark Twain.

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