By Lex Greene

April 16, 2022

This is the message being echoed by drones throughout Shanghai China today in yet another massive total city lockdown of over 26-million Chinese citizens. Thousands are screaming from their balconies as others leap from their balconies to their death. They are being starved to death.

If you have not seen what is happening in Shanghai right now, watch this video and many others like it. This is how 2020 started under the COVID19 bioweapon attack on humanity all over the globe. It only took days for similar anti-freedom policies to reach the United States, ahead of the 2020 elections.

We can’t afford to make the same mistakes that most Americans made in COVID 2020. Those lockdowns started in China as well and very quickly spread all around the world and across the United States. People all over the world were immediately stripped of all freedoms and liberties, along with their ability to work and earn, or even protect their own family members.

Millions of Americans accepted tyrannical COVID restrictions and orders that lasted for over 18-months in the USA, and millions are still accepting lethal injections (called vaccines and boosters) as a tide of unexplained deaths rises in all age groups.

If you “go-along to get-along” this time, it will be the end of everything you ever knew or dreamed of for your future. What’s happening in Shanghai right now will rapidly spread to the USA and around the globe, just in time for the next fraudulent elections this November.

It’s no secret that the current U.S. Government has the lowest approval rating in decades and that in any legitimate election, leftist democrats would be slaughtered in the upcoming mid-terms. That’s why something even worse than COVID 2020 must happen, in order to make it possible for leftist democrats to maintain power.

There’s no more time to sugar coat anything, or waste time trying to educate those who will refuse to be educated until there is nothing left. I will put a very fine point on our problem here, the reason why nothing is being addressed or fixed in the USA right now, and what must happen to change that dynamic.


Of course, there are a number of reasons, such as about 30% of Americans believing that global Marxism is better than USA Freedom and Liberty. But that’s a minority of American Citizens and in time, they can be brain-flushed to the truth about the Marxism and Communism that they were dog-whistle trained in government controlled education, news, and entertainment.

It’s the other 70% that are the real problem, and this is why…

More than 80% of Americans make all decisions strictly on the basis of how each decision will affect their personal financial status. Very few make decisions on the basis of what’s right, moral, ethical or in the best interest of freedom and liberty. Money isn’t the root of all evil. “The love of money is the root of all evil” – when you put money above everything else, including freedom and liberty.

If you think this isn’t you…then you are not being honest with yourself. Very few Americans locked down, wore a mask, or took a so-called vaccine in the best interest of their health, freedom, or liberty. Almost all who followed these unconstitutional fatal commands did so to protect their financial interests, keeping their jobs, their friends…going-along to get-along.

None of the COVID protocols ever made scientific or medical sense…it was all backwards to known science and medicine. People didn’t follow their orders to “follow the science.” They followed those orders despite all known science, to protect their financial interests…temporarily!

None of the events of the past several years have been about securing your health or freedom. All of it has been designed to convince you or force you to “Control Your Soul’s Desire for Freedom.”

As of this writing, the CDC is still reporting COVID cases in the USA at 82,119,222. But the CDC long ago admitted in public that over 80% of all COVID testing resulting in “false positives,” which means the real number of cases is approximately 16.4 million Americans, not 82.1 million Americans.

According to the CDC today, 1,012,796 Americans have died of COVID19. But the CDC has also admitted publicly that 94% of these deaths were due to other causes, with only 6% having actually died “of COVID,” 60,767 instead of more than a million being reported.

Meanwhile, the CDC has been hiding the fact that far more Americans have died within seven days after taking a “vaccine or booster,” many more dying beyond the seven day mark.

So, although COVID19 itself turned out to be no more a risk to American lives than the average flu season, and the so-called “vaccines” have proven to be far more dangerous than the original illness, the COVID19 event has indeed served the great global Marxist cause of getting Americans to “Control Your Soul’s Desire for Freedom.”

The simple fact is, this has been allowed to happen and continue because unlike our Founders who were proud to put everything they had, treasure and lives, on the line for our freedom, most modern Americans won’t even give up a happy meal, a pack of cigarettes or a six pack of beer for their freedom or liberty.

Of course, if we can’t even afford to go to war, we can never afford to win that war. It takes resources to fight any war, much less win it. It’s also critical to not waste any resources, on things that are not real viable solutions.

The following are in fact, very dangerous FAKE SOLUTIONS

  • Amending the Constitution or Bill of Rights
  • Another fraudulent election
  • Secession from the Constitution and Bill of Rights
  • Leaving Party control to anti-American criminals
  • Hoping someone else will do something
  • Praying as though you have no personal responsibility
  • Pretending as though freedom ever existed without a fight
  • Thinking we can win without the resources to fight
  • Thinking you can survive alone in a collapsed nation
  • Putting money before freedom

In case you have not figured it out yet, no matter how much money you have, how many guns, or how much ammo and stored food you have in your prepper fox hole, when the USA is no more, you too, will have nothing. When freedom is gone, tyranny is all that’s left.

The inescapable fact is a massive global cabal is intent upon destroying every nation and every citizen on earth via their maniacal COVID19 GLOBAL RESET agenda. Citizens of the USA are the only possible solution on earth, for freedom and liberty, anywhere on earth.

If you believe in the USA, freedom, liberty, prosperity, sovereignty, and security as a free society, then you will have to make these things an immediate priority in your life. If we don’t, fast, all of it will soon be gone.

Don’t mistake me for some doomsday negative fearmonger. If I thought it wasn’t still possible for the American people to overcome the many threats we face today, I wouldn’t still be talking to you. If we have the will, there is a way.

But we must turn the possible into the certain.

We can only do this together and only if we have the resources to win and put every horse at the front of our cart, no longer pulling in opposite directions on a laundry list of already failed fake solutions.

We have the power, but we are not yet united, organized, and committed to making our future even brighter than our past.

Something bigger (and worse) than what has happened so far is on the horizon. The global left will not retreat without being forced to retreat. The timeline is between now and our November elections. So, we don’t have much time.

If you are intent upon being part of the solution, I encourage you to write me now.

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