Television’s living fossil, “Saturday Night Live,” recently mocked former Navy SEAL Dan Crenshaw, who lost an eye in the service of his country, fighting in Afghanistan. The public didn’t like it so they had to take it back; but they were astounded by that result. After all, Crenshaw was running for Congress as a Republican, so obviously he and his lost eye deserved to be lampooned. All non-Democrats, according to America’s nooze and “entertainment” media, deserve disrespect.

I don’t have TV at home, but because I’ve had to visit a lot of waiting rooms lately, I’ve been subjected to quite a lot of TV: and it’s all Trump-bashing, Republican-bashing, and America-bashing, all the time. Indeed, they seem to expect us to thank them for it.

But how would it be if the shoe were on the other foot? If Democrats, instead of Republicans, were the media’s daily target? How long would any leading Democrat last—how long would the whole party last—if he or she were lambasted every day and every night by the same kind of full-scale media assault aimed at Republicans?

If it’s morning in the waiting room, “The View” is on TV, right after Rachael Ray. “The View” has managed the seemingly impossible feat of being even more asinine, more bigoted, and more unhinged than SNL. It’s a gaggle of left-wing harpies who devote every broadcast to attacking Donald Trump and anyone else who isn’t them. It makes for a compelling reason to stand in the hall outside the waiting room.

But what if we turned everything around, and “The View” were a team of sharp and witty conservative women leading the media assault on Democrats? What if “The View” team consisted of Anne Coulter, Diamond and Silk, Laura Ingraham, Jeanine Pirro, and Michelle Malkin?

The ratings would be off the charts. Guaranteed.

Oh, the plethora of indefensible targets! Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama. John Kerry. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Nancy Pelosi. Antifa. Our colleges and universities, with all their safe spaces, speech codes, and Play-Doh. You’d run out of days before you ran out of targets. All those swollen gas-bags just waiting to be punctured! All those oh-so-self-enamored stuffed shirts just itching for a shaving-cream pie in the face.

Various polls, for what they’re worth, indicate that Republican voters are mostly resistant to the media’s jihad against their elected leaders. They aren’t deserting Donald Trump in favor of Corey “I’m Spartacus” Booker. Instead of being won over by the media, they’re digging in their heels and loudly cheering Trump when he hits back.

But how would Democrats fare, if the media were after their scalps instead of Republicans’? Can you even imagine Hillary Clinton as the guest of dishonor on the conservative version of “The View”? Nothing left but a quivering mass of protoplasm! And how would Democrat voters react, if every time they turned on their TV sets, someone was laughing at, razzing, mocking, and deconstructing their leaders? Something tells me they would be a great deal more vulnerable to these tactics than Republicans have been.

It’s very hard to imagine the media ever changing their tune; their leftism is carved in stone. Ditto our colleges, teachers’ unions, Hollywood, and all the rest of the fundamental transformation crowd. It would be a waste of time, money, and hard work to try to change them. Much better would be to replace them.

As the self-anointed Smartest People In The World, liberals freak out when regular people fail to pay them the veneration and obedience which they think is their due. As they see it, we ought to be turning cartwheels for joy because these wonderful know-it-alls have volunteered to rule us.

When the day comes when they are universally ignored, that will be a good day for America.

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