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Keep in mind that since the ‘vaccine’ came out they have told us that it is 100% safe. Most reporting says the opposite but when people don’t research anything all they do is believe what MSM is telling them. New VAERS numbers should scare the daylights out of anyone who is considering getting the jab. There have been 701,559 adverse events, 60,741 hospitalizations, 80,393 urgent care, 6,637 heart attacks, 5,765 myocarditis, 1,862 miscarriages, 19,210 disabled, and 14,925 deaths. More people have died from the COVID ‘vaccine’ than all other deaths from all other vaccines combined. Remember that these are just America’s numbers. In my last column, I reported that the European Union has reported 26,041 deaths, 2,448,362 injuries.[1] Why is the government demanding that the whole planet gets the ‘vaccine’? It surely isn’t for our health as it seems we’d be a whole lot healthier NOT taking the jab. You’ll also find out that any mention by MSM about these adverse effects is not allowed. This administration does not want the public to know about them.

It is being reported that in many places that there are high numbers of COOVID patients who are fully vaccinated: Israel: “85-90% of the hospitalizations are in fully vaccinated people”[2]  Scotland: 70% of Covid deaths and 58% of hospitalizations are fully vaccinated.[3] The illegals coming across our southern border are testing up to 20% positive: Over 20 percent of illegal immigrant unaccompanied minors and 18 percent of family units who recently crossed the U.S.-Mexico border have tested positive for COVID-19 prior to being released from U.S. Customs and Border Protection custody over the last several weeks, according to a Department of Homeland Security document prepared for President Joe Biden and reviewed by NBC News Saturday.

The document also said some flights being used to deport illegal immigrants had over 25 percent of the passengers test positive before leaving, forcing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to remove the sick illegal immigrants and place them in quarantine.

“In the last 2-3 weeks, the percent positivity rates among all demographics has increased,” the document says.[4] Biden isn’t requiring them to get the ‘vaccine’ but he’s demanding that the border patrol get it or get fired.  Biden is also shipping the infected illegals to red states with low numbers of cases. Tell me again Biden is demanding people to get the jab for our health’s sake and I’ll have to call you a liar. It’s more proof that the Democrats hate America and will do anything to bring her down.

In an article from the Washington Post, there is a call for anyone traveling from one state to another to show proof of vaccination. Requiring vaccination for travel is hardly radical. The U.S. government has been considering a mandate for people flying into the United States from foreign countries. It’s already required for Americans to fly internationally if they don’t want to quarantine for 10 or more days in Germany, Britain, and other destinations. These policies have allowed international travel to resume. More than a month ago, Canada announced a vaccine mandate for interprovincial travel on all forms of public transport. We should follow our neighbor’s lead.

Such a mandate would be straightforward to create, based on protecting federal employees from the infection risks created by unvaccinated travelers. Transportation Security Administration staff are exposed daily to thousands of unvaccinated people who pass through security checkpoints.

Of course, there will be pushback. But cries of “freedom” and “personal choice” are hollow and politically motivated. Our freedom is not unlimited.[5] This sounds like 1930s Germany with security checkpoints at the border. Notice that they mock our demand for freedoms and personal choice.

Rand Paul questioned Xavier Becerra recently about the science behind the ‘vaccine’ and Paul destroyed Becerra’s defense of demanding everyone get the ‘vaccine’ with common sense but Becerra held to the left’s narrative. Paul even stated that it was obvious that they were just demanding that we comply and ask no questions. The following article, ‘Ignoring the Science’: Sen. Rand Paul Exposes HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra for ‘Lying To People About Natural Immunity’ for COVID-19, was first published on Big League Politics.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) grilled HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra on Thursday for “lying to people about natural immunity” to COVID-19 as well as “ignoring science.”

“Mr. Becerra, are you familiar with an Israeli study that had 2.5 million patients and found that the vaccinated group was actually seven times more likely to get infected with Covid than the people who had gotten Covid naturally?” Paul asked the health bureaucrat during a Senate Health Committee hearing.

“I’m not familiar with that,” Becerra said in response, feigning ignorance with the well-publicized study.

“I think you might want to be if you’re going to travel the country insulting the millions of Americans, including NBA star Jonathan Isaac, who had Covid, recovered, look at a study with 2.5 million people, and say, well, you know what, I should make the decision. Instead, you’ve called Jonathan Isaac and others, myself included, flat earthers,” Paul clapped back. “We find that very insulting… Are you a doctor or a medical doctor?” the liberty-loving senator asked.

“I have worked for over 30 years on health policy,” Becerra said.

This is when Paul went in for the killshot on the paid shill for Big Pharma.

“You’re not a medical doctor. Do you have a science degree? And yet you travel the country, calling people flat earthers, who have had Covid, looked at studies of millions of people, and made their own personal decision that their immunity they naturally acquired is sufficient but you presume somehow to tell over 100 million Americans who survived Covid that we have no right to determine our own medical care,” Paul said.[6]

There is more and more evidence coming out that this is more than a health issue. It’s is obvious that the left is making a power play to get all the power they can. Even the Supreme Court is completely ignoring our constitutional rights and their constitutional obligation.  They ignored their responsibility to review the evidence of voter fraud and on October 1st Sotomayor denies New York school teachers the right to make medical decisions for themselves about their own health. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor has denied a request by a group of New York City teachers to block the city’s vaccine mandate for Department of Education staff.

Sotomayor did not request an additional briefing and also did not refer the request to the full court. 

As the Supreme Court Justice overseeing the Second Circuit, Sotomayor has the discretion to address emergency applications on her own.

Four New York Teachers had claimed in a petition that a vaccine mandate had violated their right to due process and equal protection. 

The roughly 148,000 school employees in New York City had until 5 p.m. Friday to get a least their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination or face suspension without pay when schools open on Monday.[7]

The fourteen days to flatten the curve has turned into almost twenty months with no end in sight, lockdowns, mask mandates, vaccine mandates, and the loss of our right to work and shop unless we take what has been proven to be a very dangerous gene therapy shot not a ‘vaccine’. If we don’t stand now we won’t have that right in a very short time. The Democrats will see to it.

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