by Sidney Secular

November 19, 2021

Something is going to have to give soon, because patriotic and sensible Americans are finally discovering their backbones and are obstinately pushing back against the increasingly dictatorial rulings, demands, and mandates of the COVID despots. Of course, the characterization of these ordinary Americans by the FedGov and petty tyrants at all levels of government as well as the “boorocrats” and bullies in the medical establishment and private industry is that of “domestic terrorist!” This constitutes a spectacular example of that old adage about “the pot calling the kettle black” though, of course, in this case only “the pot” actually is black in both its intentions and motives.

However, at last a timely combination of outrages and the eruption of long suppressed truths about this issue is generating enough critical mass to cause outbreaks of resistance among both individual human beings and freedom-oriented groups across the fruited plain and even in the bi-coastal commie “blue enclaves.” Indeed, the mood is “catching on” around the world, to the point at which even members of the Pope’s Swiss Guards have resigned to avoid getting vaxxed.

Ordinary people in the US have had to endure stolen elections, the ongoing travail over a non-virus – COVID has never been isolated and thus cannot be said to actually exist! – and the attempt by New World Order elites and their commissar helots to “vaxx” everyone as a means of taking away their freedom and even their lives. We have also suffered from unimpeded riots from minority “youth” and the perpetually immature and ignorant, as well as the economic disasters of lost jobs and businesses.

Then there is the government identification of parents as terrorists for objecting to Critical Race Theory and other leftist propaganda that schools are teaching to their children along with such “agitprop” as the 1619 project and a host of other leftist horrors arising from the minds and pens of the enemies of the West including the ignorant, misled, crazed gender bender believers and raunchy rainbow marchers. And this does not even touch our border crisis in which we find illegals given money, housing and jobs that should be reserved for Americans along with the benefits of “affirmative action” and other American “social justice” programs despite the fact that these “recipients” have never lived here.

Then further add to this list of horrors a demoralizing and militarily senseless flight from “Afgonerstan” that has resulted in the US receiving as “refugees,” backward Muslim Afghans prone to actions promoted by their “religion of peace” such as raping non-Muslim women and joining other leftist goons committing anti-police crimes and the destruction of cultural icons such as monuments. As a result, you have the formula for stirring Americans into political action before our “demented duo” blackening the White House with a treasonous and dictatorial agenda combines to wash over and drown us.

A comprehensive rundown, state by state, of citizens’ actions to thwart the Covid vaxx impositions are found in the October 2021 issue of Whistleblower magazine, a publication of World Net Daily. (WND). A snippet therefrom by the peppy patriotic polemicist Michelle Malkin encapsulates the mindless situation in a nutshell. There are about 7,500 illegals with kidney failure in the US at the present so there’s now a Covid-era push to provide them not only with emergency room dialysis (at an estimated cost of $400,000 per illegal per year) but also outpatient dialysis under Medicaid.

Conveniently, The United Network for Organ Sharing and Organ Procurement and Transplantation does not document the immigration status of transplantees so there is no reliable estimate as to how many illegals have received organ transplants in the US though some years ago, it was recorded that an illegal from Central America received two free liver transplants, making those organs unavailable to Americans in need of same.

Keep this GovMint-backed generosity in mind as I relate to you the plight of one Lelani Lutali, a law abiding American citizen and Colorado Springs executive recruiter diagnosed with Stage 4 kidney disease. She went to UCHealth in Denver to begin discussions on receiving an organ transplant. Blessed with a close-knit network of friends, Lelani found a living donor in Jaimee Fougner, a former Air Force medic, triathelete, and medical assistant who has spent over 20 years in the health care field. Everything was moving along smoothly until Jaimee’s donor coordinator at UCHealth asked about her vaccination status. Jaimee is unvaccinated having won a religious exemption from her employer’s jabor- job mandate. She had already had Covid-19 and recently tested positive for antibodies.

Both Jaimee and Lelani have religious objections to the vaxx manufacturer’s use of aborted fetal cells. But that did not matter. It was “comply or die” and “trust the science”. Lelani was told flat out there would be no exemptions even though UCHealth allows its own staff to apply for medical and religious waivers! Lelani asked for a negative Covid test as an alternative but it was a “no go.” She has been placed on the “inactive list” which is itself a virtual death sentence. UCHealth officials are wrongly comparing the choice to “ax the vaxx” to medically irresponsible behavior such as smoking or drinking before or after an organ transplant.

Where does this deadly bureaucratic atrocity end? If life-saving transplants to the unvaxxed are denied, are unvaxxed cancer patients next? Yes, my fellow citizens we have now arrived at the insane point at which unlawful immigration status – even when the illegal is himself unvaccinated! – provides more protection than is available to the “indigenous” faithful, unvaxxed pro-life Christian who stands up against medical tyranny! These morally minus medical midgets have made it abundantly clear that an unvaccinated status for the citizen removes his rights even to death while healthcare is taxpayer subsidized for unvaxxed indigent illegals. You may not want to be a poster child, but you should become a voice for those who have been deprived of their right to choose, a right once considered all important when it involved abortion. Decent people everywhere must speak up for those who have been condemned to death like Lelani!

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