Creepy little people that you’ve never heard of, hiding in the shadows, reaching out to shape the kind of world you live in, and screwing up your life and millions of others—not a comforting thing to think about.

I read a Vanity Fair article, a few days ago, that was—unintentionally—at least as spooky as anything that H.P. Lovecraft ever wrote: “Inside Facebook’s War on Hate Speech.”

Click the link and look at the picture. This is Facebook’s “shadow government.” They look like a Far Left Crazy version of Rembrandt’s famous “Dutch Masters” (“Syndics of the Cloth Guild,” to give the painting its actual title), peering out of the shadows at the sunlit world—and up to no good. They’re the ones who decide what constitutes “hate speech” and who and what gets censored by Facebook. Led by a former federal prosecutor, which does seem appropriate, they are described as “Obama-administration refugees [in their 30s and early 40s] eager to maintain some semblance of the pragmatism—“ what?—“that has lost favor in Washington.” We wonder what “pragmatism” that was. Nothing you’ll find in any dictionary. Words take on some rather strange meanings when leftists use them.

The article describes the presuppositions which guide the shadow government’s deliberations. It’s those presuppositions that make them so scary—that, and the fact that they are not accountable to anyone but Facebook. Let’s look at some of those.

They firmly believe that they have the authority and wisdom to decide what can or can’t be said by more than 2 billion people using Facebook. “Back in the U.S.S.R.” somehow springs to mind.

They believe “rights” are defined and granted by government, that government has the authority to sort people into groups and rank those groups according to some weird standard of “justice” known only to those who do the ranking, and that government must “balance” the rights of all these groups from day to day to see which group’s rights gets to be queen for a day—until they decide it’s time for a change. For “government,” read “Facebook.”

They believe there’s such a thing as “hate speech,” which must be silenced, by them—‘cause if they do that, don’t you know, there won’t be any hate. They seem to be the only ones who know from day to day what “hate speech” is.

Oh—and all those “genders” that the left has invented: they’re all real, and anybody who thinks it’s only “male and female” is a Hater who must be stifled. By them.

Look at the picture again and tell me you’re not scared.

Meanwhile, who’s the world’s best teacher? Another little bunch you don’t know from an ashtray, the Varkey Foundation. They decide, and give a million-dollar prize to whoever they think deserves it. Like, for instance, a “gay” activist who created a curriculum of LGBT-promoting lessons for grade school kids in England, and touched off massive protests by parents in Birmingham. He had to resign his last position for doing the same thing. If you’ve ever wondered where all that “gay” stuff in your local public school comes from—well, people like this guy put it there. Without asking you first. But then they never ask you first.

You can visit the Varkey Foundation website, but all you’ll learn about them there is that they have a headquarters in London, lots and lots of money, and they really like “education.” That’s another word that doesn’t quite mean the same thing it does when we use it.

No, they never ask; they just do. They have anointed themselves as change agents for your world. If you don’t like the changes, they don’t care. What do you know, anyway? These are philosopher-kings. They don’t have to ask your permission.

Go ahead and tell me you’re not scared.

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