“Something called ‘the Oklahoma Standard’ became known throughout the world. It means resilience in the face of adversity. It means a strength and compassion that will not be defeated.” —Brad Henry

“When somebody challenges you, fight back. Be brutal, be tough.” —Donald Trump

Eagle Forum is a conservative organization founded by Phyllis Schlafly in 1972. They claim 80,000 members. In my previous articles, here and here, I explained how Eagle Forum was being torn apart by Cruz supporters within the organization. 

Anne Cori and the Attempted Takeover

Phyllis Schlafly endorsed Trump, upon which her daughter, Anne Cori, launched a Board coup to take over Eagle Forum, and seize the bank accounts in the 501(c)4. This is where the money lies, and money that can be given to candidates. A 501(c)4 allows endorsements of candidates. The following court case was brought by Phyllis’s daughter, Anne Cori, against Phyllis and Eagle Forum.

On April 26th, Phyllis went to court in Madison County, IL. Here is the press release sent out by President Ed Martin:

Phyllis Schlafly To Defend Herself, Eagle Forum, from Takeover Attempt

Lawsuit by Six Individuals Seeks to Remove Schlafly from Bank Accounts and Operations

St. Louis – In response to a lawsuit filed by six individuals against Eagle Forum and its officers, Phyllis Schlafly will be in Madison County, Illinois court today to defend the organization that she founded.

The lawsuit is part of a continuing coordinated effort by the six individual plaintiffs to take control from Phyllis. Their lawsuit seeks emergency orders against Phyllis and Eagle Forum specifically to remove Phyllis from bank accounts and to manage other aspects of her organization.

In addition, Eagle Forum is in the midst of an election by its members of an at-large director of the Eagle Forum board according to its by-laws. The lawsuit by these individuals seeks judicial intervention to stop this election by the members of the private association.

The case is captioned Cori, et al. v. Eagle Forum, et al. and may be found at 16-MR-011. 

This case will not succeed because the coup does not have the two-thirds majority needed to make structural changes to EF. There are six coup members on the11 member board. Since 54% is not two-thirds, the coup does not prevail. I’m not sure what all is being litigated beyond the by-law percentages.


Donna Hearne and the Constitutional Coalition

The Missouri Constitutional Coalition is backing Cruz and is involved in the coup. Donna Hearne is the executive director of the Constitutional Coalition, and is a top player at Bott Radio. According to sources, Hearne killed Phyllis’s national radio show and deleted all references to Phyllis and her archives from Bott Radio. The Constitutional Coalitions’ website is currently down, however, here is their FB page, as well as documentation on Donna Hearne’s control of the Constitutional Coalition. According to an inside source, Hearne has been paying herself an awfully big salary for a small non-profit organization, as reflected in the Form 990 for 2014 (the most recent one publicly available). 

Donna Hearne brought an “Anti-Trump Cruz Slate” to Creve Coeur township, which had a Trump slate. Phyllis lives in this township and was on the Trump slate. She could not make it to the caucus because she was dealing with the coup. Hearne got a number of Cruz bots to show up at the township meeting, and the Cruz slate won by a few votes.

What many people are not aware of is that Donna Hearne has sponsored many of the Reconstructionist/Dominionist professors and pundits for years at her conferences. This likely plays into the reason she is a Cruz supporter. Cruz, his father, and many of his supporters, are Dominionists/Reconstructionists. These include David Barton, Flip Benham, Kevin Swanson, Tony Perkins, (president of the Family Research Council), would-be reality TV stars the Benham brothers, and anti-gay Houston activist and Dominionist, Dave Welch. Perkins is also a United Nations Non-Governmental Organization member. And, Senator Ted Cruz, isn’t backing away from the endorsement of Mike Bickle, a controversial Dominionist pastor who once characterized Hitler as “a hunter” sent by God to go after Jews who don’t to convert to Christianity. [Link]

Remember, Ted Cruz believes he is anointed to bring the spoils of war to the priests. 

Schlafly a Stalwart Against Con-Con

The anachronism here is stunning: How can the Constitutional Coalition support Ted Cruz, who fully intends to make globalist changes to the Constitution via a Con-Con?

Phyllis had warned the Constitutional Coalition about the impact of Con-Con at a conference speech, but the coalition insists it is not a problem. So, we have another instance of the Christian Right serving the purposes of the globalist establishment. 

The Cruz’s are economic globalists. Adding Fiorina totally seals the assessment. The majority of the politically-active Christian Right Elite have sold out to the economic globalists. However, the grassroots little guys are not buying it. So, this adds to the great dislike of both the Republican Party and the Christian Right – who appear to be committing mass suicide in this election. It is now obvious to those who have eyes to see, and ear to hear, that the GOP establishment is in on the same agenda as the left. Some, of course, still have scales on their eyes.

Cruz Wants a Constitutional Convention

Cruz has called for a number of constitutional amendments. In reality, he wants a Constitutional Convention (Con-Con). Why? Because he knows that in order to pass the North American Community which would give us a North American Union, he needs the Con-Con

In a conversation with Bob Menges, the South Carolina director for the Convention of States (COS) Project, Cruz reiterated his support for the movement. Ted Cruz is unequaled in his hypocrisy and treachery. He knows perfectly well that we will need a new Constitution to change our status from a sovereign nation to a member State in the North American Union. Remember, Ted’s wife, Heidi, was on the CFR Task Force to write up the plan for the North American Community. He absolutely knows about the Parliament which the Plan sets up over Canada, the United States, and Mexico! The Parliament will consist of fifteen members (5 from each nation) to rule over the NAU. The North American Union would be yet another collective regional government, a new North American Soviet, that would clearly be the enemy of United States sovereignty.

Cruz’s close friends and supporters are also on the bandwagon for a Con-Con, Glenn Beck, David Barton, Mark Levin, and others.


Up to 20 women were involved in this EF coup, and several of them were for a Constitutional Convention. Phyllis Schlafly has always been an absolute warrior in battling against a Con-Con. This is another huge reason she endorsed Donald J. Trump, because Trump is adamantly against a Constitutional Convention.

The enemies of EF and Mrs. Schlafly are spreading the lies that she is senile, and this even appeared in an article in the leftist Daily Kos in 2015. However, Phyllis’s public endorsement of Donald Trump in March of 2016, in St. Louis, Missouri, made it clear she still has all her faculties and is sharp as a tack. Not only that, but she recently released a video regarding this attempted takeover which showed the strength and spine this woman still has at the age of 91. See videos here.

Cruz plays fast and dirty, he’ll do anything for an endorsement and money. He changes his tune depending upon to whom he’s reaching out for more campaign cash. These women, including Phyllis’s daughter, Anne Cori, who attained their positions in Eagle Forum because of their founder, Phyllis Schlafly, have turned their backs on her for the likes of a man with low ethical standards, a man who has no problem lying about his opponents and himself. Ted Cruz is the man who hired the dirtiest and lowest campaign manager available, Jeff Roe, and that’s why we have seen so many rotten campaign tricks.

As Phyllis has said, everyone has a right to vote for whomever they wish. But when a group of people within an organization pull a traitorous coup against the leader who put them in these powerful positions, just because they didn’t like Phyllis’s endorsement of Donald Trump, then it’s time for them to be purged.

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