by Lee Duigon

Those “Met galas” in New York always give me the creeps. The one this year charged $30,000 a ticket. That’s what assorted high-end leftists paid to show off their overpriced threads—there are always photographers handy.

This year the star of the show was socialist Congresswoman Alexandria O’Crazy-O Cortez and her, ahem, “couture gown”. Click the link to the New York Post article to see pictures of this monstrosity. Someone took a bucket of barn paint and slapped on the slogan, “Tax the Rich.” At a $30,000-a-ticket potlatch. We are not told exactly how much the gown cost, but most of the costumes worn to this wingding cost more than $25,000: some of them a lot more.

So we’re talking, oh, $50,000 to $60,000 (at least) to get the bartender-turned-national-oracle into the gala with the other swells. None of the biggies wore masks like they tell us we had better do, or else. All the servers had to, though.

Why does this make me think of the French Revolution? Betcha there were some pretty snazzy parties at Versailles before the plebs started chopping heads off. Or maybe, more appropriately, a little number by Edgar Allen Poe, “The Masque of the Red Death.” Everybody’s safe in the castle, partying all day and night… until the Red Death gets in and kills them. It’s a disease, sorta like COVID.

O’Crazy-O asserted that her gown was a groovy gown because it was created by An Immigrant Female of Color. I guess anything An Immigrant Female of Color creates has got to be good. We have a condescending left-wing fat-head’s word for it.

She sees no incongruity at all in herself and all her cronies swanning around in $30,000 gowns, some of which look like Halloween costumes, all trying to outdo each other in conspicuous consumption… all the while she and others like her babble “Tax the rich!” and propose to transform America into a socialist paradise like Venezuela. Where they kill and eat the zoo animals because the economy’s shot and groceries are hard to come by. But even in Venezuela, that suburb of Hell, you’ve got a rich-as-Croesus ruling class partying while the common people starve. Something about that scenario has always caused leftist hearts to flutter.

And to top it all off, they fancy they’re making a “revolution”! Living proof that ignorance is bliss. Robespierre’s crew in Paris started off sending “the oppressors” to the guillotine and wound up sending Robespierre, too—and as many of their colleagues as they could get their hands on. Stalin shot all the old Bolsheviks who’d made the Russian Revolution. And in China it turned out there was no room for anybody in the limelight but Mao Tse-tung.

It always turns out Morlocks and Eloi. Always. Except for the American Revolution—only that was just to protect slavery, according to the AOC contingent. America, boo, hiss.

We are told some of the bigwigs at the gala worried about “the optics”—that is, what would this blast look like to ordinary normal people who don’t have $30,000 in mad money to spend on a gown? I believe I can put their minds at rest: Dudes, the optics were terrible! If you were purposely trying to alienate and exasperate people, you could hardly have done a more thorough job of it.

How in heaven’s name did we ever wind up being governed by the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? What does that say about our political system? I mean, is it broken? Has it got a virus that makes it crazy? To say nothing of a senile so-called “president,” generals who worry about “white supremacy” and have members of the Chinese Communist Party on speed-dial, former presidents who babble about Jan. 6 being comparable to World War II… Our ruling class is garbage. How did we wind up being ruled by garbage?

God must be awfully mad at us. And who can blame Him?

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