By Lex Greene

At the moment, I still believe you have the best of intentions for America. But some of your ongoing actions and public positions are causing me to have some doubts. Help me out here…

#1 – Righting the American ship at this point is impossible via 2022,2024 or any future elections.

STOP being sucked into this insane discussion about running for office again, at the hands of useless TV talking heads, when you already WON in 2020 and should be sitting in OUR Oval Office right now! If you can’t or won’t right the wrongs of 2020, then it’s a total waste of time to pretend to be interested in losing again via an even more massive fraud (new norm) in the future.

#2 – I know that you like taking credit for things you “accomplish.”

However, in the case of these COVID vaccines produced under your “warp speed” initiative, you need to immediately distance yourself from all of it. As of July 2nd, the CDC and VAERShave reported that “between Dec. 14, 2020, and June 25, 2021, a total of 411,931 adverse events were reported to VAERS, including 6,985 deaths — an increase of 872 deaths over the previous week. There were also 34,065 serious injury reports, up 2,825 compared with last week.” (More critical facts here)

The following have also been confirmed as “facts”

  1. Only 6% (36,000) of the reported “six-hundred-thousand American COVID deaths” actually died from COVID. The rest died of pre-existing conditions, 87% of them at the end of life age and condition prior to COVID.
  2. None of the masks mandated for 18-months are designed to or capable of blocking the spread of any virus.
  3. A number of therapeutics like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin are proven to be HIGHLY effective in treating all forms of Corona Virus, including COVID19 (SARS2). The people forcing lethal inoculations today, blocked the use of these effective drugs throughout the so-called pandemic.
  4. As a growing number of new COVID19 positives are among “vaccinated” patients, these inoculations are proving to be totally ineffective against the virus.
  5. Social distancing and the complete lockdown of the U.S. (and world) economy did nothing to stop the so-called pandemic. But they are planning to lock everyone down again shortly.
  6. The CDC has been unable to deliver a single sample of an isolated COVID19 strain. But they claim to now see many emerging variants of a virus they still can’t isolate.
  7. While the government experts fear-mongered the entire world out of all of their inalienable Natural Rights, they are now openly threatening to use the full force of the U.S. Military to force citizens into compliance with all of their Marxist agenda items, door-to-door now.

Are YOU responsible for all of this, all of the adverse effects, deaths and loss of freedoms associated with your “warp speed” vaccines? Or were you just duped by the global Marxist scientists responsible for creating the virus and the vaccines before you were even in office? (Like the rest of us)

Unless you want all of these deaths and adverse effects wrapped around your neck like a noose, you need to come clean with the American people on this matter and give Americans proper advice. It’s going to get much worse! You don’t want to claim credit for this one! STOP PROMOTING THESE LETHAL INJECTIONS!

#3 – You are now paying a heavy price for trusting people you never should have trusted.

I supported you entering the Washington D.C. sewer to “drain the swamp.” But you didn’t drain the swamp. Instead, you were eaten alive by the swamp every moment of every day you were in office and every moment since.

Because you didn’t “drain the swamp” while you were in power, you are no longer in power. Yes, massive fraud stole the election from you. We all know it. Adequate evidence of that fraud has existed in the public domain since the night of the elections when we all watched millions of Biden votes dumped in after dark in numerous locations. We all saw vote tallies taken from you and given to Biden in real-time on live TV.

The swamp still has to be drained and we are fast running out of time and opportunity to do it!

#4 – You are the ONLY American in the position to lead 80 million loyalists.

If you continue to squander this power by not leading the people to right this ship by exposing and overturning the 2020 elections, then you will have left your loyalists without any peaceful means of saving our Constitutional Representative Republic… and by the way, the United States is NOT a Marxist “democracy” or at least, it’s not supposed to be.

You either lead 80+ million Americans to STOP the global Marxist takeover of our country currently underway, and do it now, or the people were wrong to have ever placed their faith in you, myself included.

Like I said at the start of this open letter, as of this moment, I still believe that you have the best of intentions for America. But as long as the above issues remain a serious problem in your current stance, that faith in you will not endure for much longer.

If you really do have America’s best interests at heart, NOW is the time to prove it and act on it. Soon, this critical window of opportunity will pass. I plead with you to be the American we all thought, hoped, and prayed you were.

This is YOUR time Mr. President… don’t shrink from it! Don’t be conned out of your destiny by D.C. criminals, so-called legal experts, or TV talking heads.

Godspeed Mr. President!

© 2021 Lex Greene – All Rights Reserved

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